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Kroger General Mills Catalina Promo = Smokin’ Deals, including FREE Items! (full inclusion printable list)

2012 3:04 pm

As I mentioned in my weekly Kroger matchups, we have an AWESOME General Mills Catalina promo happening this week! There are a few free items plus several super cheap items to pick up!

  • You CAN purchase multiples in one shopping trip and receive multiple Catalinas (this is usually not the case, but is working this time). However, as of 10/17 it looks like they may be limiting these to 4 rewards per transaction, so take that into account when organizing your transactions.
  • The OYNO Catalina expires in ONE WEEK from purchase
  • You can “roll” the Catalina – meaning you can take the Catalina that you just EARNED and turn around and use it to pay for a duplicate order and still receive another Catalina
    (I did not test this as you can see in the above image, but Kroger Catalinas ALWAYS roll so there was no need)
  • There is no limit on how many Catalinas you can redeem on your subsequent order(s).
  • Rice A Roni is NOT included in the promo in all regions, so look for signage and/or check your local ad
  • The receipt will note if your item is included in the Catalina promo with a “<C”, so if you’re unsure that you’ve counted correctly or if an item is included, just have your cashier count all of those before you pay. If they are in multiples of 5, you’re good to go.

Buy (5) Participating Items below = $5.00 OYNO Catalina

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  1. Our ads run Sunday to Saturday

  2. Christina says:

    Is the Catalina still printing this week?

  3. So I messed up counting wrong while using self check out and missed out on a $5 catalina by leaving 2 of the 5 in my “normal” grocery stuff. Can I go back and have them re-ring those 2 with the other 3 on my other transaction?

    • Amanda, I have done that with mega sales and I just grab the missing items and take them to the service desk. They should be able to issue you a gift card then.

  4. I love these sales but get really upset because My Kroger Doubles to a $1 but they only take 2 coupons per manufacturer per order and you cannot divide transactions at the check out. How do I use 5 GM coupons to maximize my savings and still get the catalina ? any suggestions

  5. Does this catalina end this week or will it continue on thru next week also?

  6. Mandy Stucke says:

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. 5 x $5cats per trans & 5cat per trans rolling. Limit (at my store) is 5 cats per trans . Tested 30 item tran and only 5 cats printed. Texas

  8. I was able to get 5 $5 cats in one transaction and then use all 5 on the next transaction, central KY. I’m sorry that others have had issues…

  9. and by limiting 4, i meant 4 rewards, total $20 back, 20 items

  10. i was told that they reserve the right to limit and that the limit is being set at 4 at our store, not sure if it is computer limiting or just the cashier will tell you the limit, haven’t done more than 10 items at one time, myself. and they have the right to limit it because it is a store produced coupon, not a manufacturer coupon, even if it is not stated in the ad for this particular promo, they have it written somewhere that they reserve the right to limit quantities. just thought i’d share(southern ohio store), you could just separate the transaction, i would think, but would still have to abide by the coupon policy amount for like items per day per person, i guess.and i have not tried the rice a roni but yes, the tags say cartbuster sale here, but they are a part of the $5 off 5 sale, it was in our ad and they were supposed to have fixed that glitch at my store and honor it, like katarina said above.

  11. I went yesterday and did a bunch in the same transaction and it only printed out 3 catalinas when it should have printed out 6. I didn’t even buy rice a roni. When customer service talked to the manager, they were told that the limit was three but they had to honor the six since it wasn’t posted in the add.

  12. To answer my own question, yes the deal is working in the Cincinnati, oh area even if is there in the ad. Thank goodness for this blog or else I would not have known about it and saved around $100 this morning, spent $15 incl halloween candy and other non deal stuff. Thank you.

  13. Thank you so much for such a thorough list of participating items! My Kroger here in Michigan also doubles up to $1 coupons, and most of the items were with your lower listed price, so I was able to get tons of stuff for better than free this week! I appreciate your work and am very thankful for the money you have helped our family save!

  14. I went last night and the rice a roni was 10/10.00. It didn’t have the blue buy 5 get five back. Did yours have the blue tag or was it priced at 10/10?

    • Joni, the ones on the shelf did not have the buy 5, save $5 signage but they had a special display at the end of that aisle. Also, it was in my ad…so they have to honor that.

  15. Thank you Maureen! I looked at a couple items and didnt see anything but will definitely go back and look again.

  16. yes, jack, you will receive5-$5 catalinas if you bought 25 of any of these items in any combination and you can buy them all in one transaction, and the coupon expires one week from purchased date. only thing i am unclear of is if you can turn around and use all of them toward one subsequent transaction, because they wouldn’t at the store i go to today(they would only allow one, if you were lucky enought to have had one or more print), but i’m not so sure they were correct and the computers were not spitting out the catalinas like they should have been on some items advertised in the promotion(rice a roni, and pasta roni are in our ad in southern ohio and they were having issues that are supposed to be resolved with that.)hopefully all the bugs will be worked out by tomorrow i would hope…great deals, yay for kroger!!

  17. Thank you! But sadly, this did not work for me here in Indiana at Kroger tonight (Monday 10/15). Perhaps it will begin on Thursday when the new ad cycle begins for us.

  18. So to be clear, if I buy 25 of any of these items listed in any combination, I will receive 5 -$5 catalinas?

  19. are the boxed potatoes potato buds?

  20. They allowed me to pay with multiple catalinas.

  21. I did not see it in the Cincinnati ads either. However, I went to Kroger’s today and they do have it. Double check by looking for the $5 off 5 labels on the shelves. I got some great deals today 🙂

  22. Can you redeem more than one catalina in a transaction? That would awesome if we could!!

  23. Im so sad usually Cincinnati has the same deals but I cant find any information about this in our ads or stores anywhere 🙁 Such a good sale!

  24. When I used the Kraft catalina it only let me use one coupon per transaction, is that the case for these too?

  25. Am I blind or is the GM catalina deal regional? I dont see it in the Cincinnati, OH ads.

  26. so i can buy 10 n get $10? or i should just buy 5 n get $5? i saw a post in KCL. i cant comment thats why im commenting here. thanks!

  27. Ours started today in Richmond area. They rolled, rice a roni was not included. The catelina didn’t print out but the lady checking me out was very patient (7 transactions) and just subtracted $5 from each. The last transaction she gave me a $5 gift card.

  28. My store started today, and yes they rolled. But the rice a Roni wasn’t included in the deal.

  29. it would be sweet if it rolls…I hope we get these deals at King Soopers!~

  30. When does the general mills catalina start?

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