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*EXPIRED* $25 off $50 Kroger Total Purchase Coupon!

2014 12:32 pm


NEWEST UPDATE: While this offer is no longer available, Kroger has said that they WILL honor it if you loaded the coupon to your shopper’s card. 

From the Kroger Facebook page: “The $25 off a $50 purchase coupon was a promotional offer only intended for a select number of individuals – BzzAgents – who were invited to participate in the campaign. The value of the offer led many participants to share it with their social networks, so if you were able to download it while it was available, your local store will honor it. “

UPDATE:  This was successfully shared with me by a reader and I assumed it was a shareable offer as many Bzz Campaigns are.  Unfortunately I did not have the original offer to refer to at the time of this posting but I have since been given this information.

UpdateThe offer may or may not be honored at Kroger.  As I find more information I will be sure to update you!

(thanks Amy & Jessica!)

HOLY CATS!! Stop what you are doing and load this SMOKIN’ HOT $25 off $50 Total Purchase coupon – LIKE NOW!! YAY!  Coupon doesn’t expire until 4/4, but not sure how long it will last so don’t wait to load it up!!



(thanks for sharing Debby – you rock!!)

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  1. There isnt a single kroger within 200 miles of me…but im glad I dont have to deal with whiny b@@ches like this woman claiming a coupon ruined her baby shower…a coupon she had no knowledge she would be getting…im not so sure you have the parenting skills needed to raise a baby if this is the way you act…..are you going to beat your child if she loses or tears one of your coupons? Grow up….you are ridiculous!

  2. There isnt a single kroger within 200 miles of me…but im glad I dont have to deal with whiny bitches like this woman claiming a coupon ruined her baby shower…a coupon she had no knowledge she would be getting…im not so sure you have the parenting skills needed to raise a baby if this is the way you act…..are you going to beat your child if she loses or tears one of your coupons? Grow up….you are ridiculous!

  3. Sorry I meant to say I work outside the home… We all work, whether at home or elsewhere!

  4. Katie, Thanks so much for all you do. I work through the day (by necessity) and most great coupons are posted then and gone when I get home. By the time I get to the store, shelves are often empty of great deals so I make a return trip or not. But, we are all healthy and happy. And the sun comes up for another day! 🙂 Thanks again and have a great week!!

  5. Why do people keep asking how to get the coupon? Did they NOT read the article? Jeesh, greedy people. This kind of behavior is why couponing isn’t what it used to be.

  6. Off topic but I was having a bad day abd this thread made me laugh so hard. It’s a coupon people there will be more deals! I’m too blessed to be stressed! Katie thanks for the deals keep ’em coming. 🙂

  7. I was able to load this coupon only by going into my Kroger acct online. I searched through the coupons until I found it and was able to successfully load it to my card. I tried using the link that Katie provided but I had to keep reloading the page because it would time out.

    I checked my coupons before I went to the store today and it was on my card. I was able to successfully use that coupon at the Mt. Orab, OH store earlier this evening. 🙂

    Thank you Katie for all you do! You are my go to every week when I’m planning my Kroger trip! I truly appreciate it! 🙂 Don’t let the negative people bother you. You are awesome!

  8. This is not the only blogging site that I saw this on yesterday, and Katie updated the post as soon as she found out it was a leaked link.

    To the lady “claiming” this ruined her baby shower. Don’t other people usually throw a baby shower for you? I have never met a soon to be mother that had to throw her own shower. Or, possibly you have to because nobody wants to due to your nasty attitude.

    I for one am very appreciative of every deal Katie posts on here every day. She has saved my family hundreds! Forget the naysayers, Katie keep doing what you are doing!!

  9. how do you plan a shower with something you dont even have? you never had it to begin with so youve lost nothing.

  10. If you can’t afford a baby shower, how can you afford a baby. Did I hear welfare?

  11. Lyla

    You have a growing life inside of you, and you are furious over a $25 digital coupon? Priorities, Priorities. Good grief. Take a deep breath and be grateful for what you have. How $25 could “ruin” a baby shower, is beyond me.

    Don’t stress the small stuff in life!

    Also, how about gratitude for all the great deals we get every single day from this site? People are so quick to post disappointment and anger, but not gratitude.

  12. It was not Katie’s fault at all, Iyla it is not her fault your baby shower was ruined. I logged into my Kroger account and the coupon was there and I loaded it and it was on the Kroger website and I checked this morning and it was still there for me to use this weekend. You don’t plan your baby shower on things like this and you dont need to blame Katie she did not know about it.

  13. just so you know i’ve followed the coupon blogging trail and it leads right back to you. This offer was NOT supposed to be shared! every other blog posted where they got the offer from and your the one who didnt so i can only assume you are the one who has ruined this campaign. The coupons were gone so fast i didnt have a chance to get mine. As a result I cannot afford to have my baby shower they way I planned. You may be claiming that you didnt know but i dont buy it and I’m furious! thanks for ruining this campaign and my baby shower!

    • Seriously Lyla? It’s no ones fault but your own that you can’t afford your baby shower. Most showers are planned ahead of time, before you would have even known about this offer. Take your pity party somewhere else.

    • In case you didn’t read the 100 comments before yours, Kroger’s website had the coupon available. I went straight to, clicked on digital coupons, sorted by value and the coupon was available to load. Again it was on http://WWW.KROGER.COM…not a link from somewhere.

    • Why is everyone being so mean to this woman? You all sound like a bunch of b*tches. Money is tight for everyone right now. She is one of the ones that were actually supposed to get the promotional coupon. She has the right to be upset that she is not getting a $25 off $50 purchase coupon.

      Stay classy, internet heathens…

  14. I saw this on another site. Went to and it was right there. I downloaded it to my card no problem.

    Now the question is use. Does the $50.00 amount count before or after paper coupons. So if the total is $75.00 and my coupons bring it down to $40.00 will Kroger still take $25.00 off. Or do I need to meet the $50.00 requirement AFTER coupons.

    Thanks for the help.

  15. I was on Krogers earlier today loading my usual digital coupons and the $25 off $50 was an option to load to my card. I’m just now seeing this. I clicked no special link to get to my Kroger site just the usual I just figured it was part of the digital coupon sale they’ve been running. Are we sure Kroger didn’t accidentally make a mistake? That is if in fact it was only intended for certain people.

  16. People like to point fingers when things don’t go their way. When they are unhappy, they like to belittle you to make themselves feel better. I learn to ignore ignorant people. They need to learn how to appreciate the things other people do for them and stop being a baby. Stop being selfish. I know people like this and I’m so tired of the negativity

    Katie-Thank you for all of your posts that save us lots of money every week. I love your comment because I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  17. Katie u r just all around awesome!!! Thanks for all the hard work you do!!! You take time out of ur day to work so hard to help those that need it!!! You are a blessing to so many families! 🙂

  18. The deal worked great for me. Thank you Katie for all of your hard work with informing Kroger fans about the best deals! Katie has helped me save a lot of money and I appreciate all of her time and effort! I love krogerkrazy

  19. Hi katie,
    Can u post some deal idea for this coupon plzz?

  20. I am always logged on to my Kroger account and I get the text updates from Katie daily. When this posted I immediately clicked on the link. It says it loaded to my card, but when I searched my Kroger coupons list, I couldn’t find it. I am in the Memphis TN region… I will definitely use today or tomorrow. If it works GREAT! If not, no big deal. Nothing lost. I commend all the ladies that put their time and energy into researching out all these awesome deals that save us tons of money everyday. I don’t have the time or energy to do on my own. Your my heroes! Keep up the awesome work Katie and team, words can’t say how much your appreciated!!!

  21. BAM well said Katie!!

  22. Thank you to everyone for your nice comments and support. And no worries. I am learning to deal with the negativity. In fact my new mantra is: Am I going to expend energy playing defense against the 1% or building awesome for the other 99%? 🙂 Thanks to the amazing 99%.

    • thanks for all you do… you are 100% awesome, and mere words do not even come close to how grateful i am for all you do to help us all save 🙂 hope you are doing ok after your surgery, and have a great evening, no worries 🙂

    • Katie, a month ago I came across your website and you have said my family hundreds of dollars. I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you do, and you made my way of shopping change for life. Your new mantra sounds like a good one and well said. Thanks for all you do! 🙂

    • Good attitude, Katie! Don’t let those rude trolls get to you. I appreciate you so much! You have helped me save so much money, and taught me so much about how to have a successful blog/website. You inspire me in so many ways! Rock on!

  23. Does it work on household and cleaning products and health and beauty?

  24. I actually won this from bzzagent. but because of the “glitch” I lost out. I just went to download mine, that was actually emailed to me, and it’s no longer available 🙁 Disappointed because I was actually picked to receive it 🙁

    • Same! I have been a member of BzzAgent for over 10 years and just got my Bzz kit for this Kroger study last week. It annoys me that something intended only for those in the bzz campaign leaked out and it sounds like more people not involved with BzzAgent took the coupon vs people it was actually intended for. I know it’s not this blogger’s fault if Kroger made it available to people when they logged in so no need to be negative toward her. But I still can’t help being irritated about it when people share things they aren’t supposed to and it gets exploited because it makes stores and these sites less likely to offer such nice things in the future.

  25. Both my Sisters, my Mom and myself all found the offer on the Krogers site and used it today! I saved 50% on my grocery bill after my coupons and digitals. Worked perfect for all of us. Thanks Katie for all the great information you share with us all.

  26. I didn’t get it on my card. I used to get the book of coupons w/a free item but don’t anymore. I used to get $5 off $50 a lot in the mail also. But what I know for sure is that Katie’s site has save me WAY more than $25, $5, or a one toothpaste. Thanks for all you do! You are appreciated!

  27. (To those having a cow right about now)

    Coupons appear and disappear all the time. Sometimes I am slow to act but I do not go complaining and bashing the people who HELP us save. They provide great services and tips for FREE. If you do not get a coupon this time, well maybe next time. I appreciate All the hard work Katie does. The fact that this coupon expired so quickly is not her fault. Get over it.

  28. Katie, you are the bomb…don’t listen to these Negative Nancy’s and their terribly rude comments!!! I happen to know that every coupon blogger on FB(and I have quite a few on my feed) posted this offer as well…the site probably overloaded in 4.5 seconds and they had to take it down…I hope that the ones that were able to get the offer are able to use it and those of us who didn’t will keep trying!!! Thanks Katie for all that you do to help us save money everyday!!!

  29. Nancy you are RUDE..everybody makes mistakes:(((( I don’t know anything about buzz agent and I loaded it to my card and have already redeemed it.

  30. I thought added this to my card but it didn’t work and everyone at KS said it was a scam because they never heard of it. I’m just frazzled and lost

  31. Thanks for all of your hard work!! I was able to use the coupon at 3pm!

  32. Ok people, there was absolutely NOTHING fraudulent about loading that coupon. I didn’t follow a link from anyone. I went directly to the Kroger official site and loaded digital coupons to my account. The $25 off a $50 purchase was right when I logged on and I was able to click on it. The site was overloaded and I wasn’t able to verify that it had in fact loaded. I then called Kroger customer service where I was able to verify that yes in fact it was loaded to my account and legit.

    • sandy, were you able to log on the website directly or did you get there thru a link provided to you by a blog or an email…or are you a bzz agent that got the invite to a campaign just curious.

  33. I got the coupon to download. Even if it doesn’t work I appreciate the information that is provided on this site.

  34. I called Kroger also, they told me it went viral and they took it down.
    They are working on putting it back up so other customers get she told me
    they don’t know when to just keep checking back and to watch your email for it.
    I don’t know how true this is just relaying the information that i got from them.

  35. I have the coupon clipped and was wondering if anyone knows for sure if they are going to honor it…. I don’t have a lot of money and I cannot afford to load up on stuff only to not be able to use it.

  36. Just got over $60 worth of stuff for $4!!! I used paper Q’s with it!!! So excited right now!!!

  37. Thank you Katie for all of your hard work with informing Kroger fans about the best deals!

  38. How can anyone get so upset over a coupon?!!?

    There are real problems in the world. Get a grip.

    This site is the best, always.

  39. Man oh man… There are so many perfect people on here who must never make mistakes…wow! ….if you’re not pickin’ up what I’m laying down, it’s called sarcasm. In my opinion, this is the best blog out there for Kroger deals. Thanks Katie. I’m embarrassed at how some people have acted today 🙁

  40. I am more thankful for katie than the coupon 😉 Thank you for all your great deals and stories!!

  41. I got the coupon but after so many people got it the offer expired. Some people are being ridiculous on here by bashing the person who does the hard work with all your Kroger couponing. Don’t bash her. Bash yourself for both ing so mean. How disrespectful. Find another site that’s going to give you all these amazing updates on awesome deals at kroger. Smh


    • The headline of the post says the coupon is expired. This coupon went live for a few minutes, and since other blogs were posting about this too, Kroger’s website went into overload mode and got jammed. You gotta be quick sometimes with these coupons, and sometimes the manufacture doesn’t want them to be out that long for a ton of people to get, unfortunately. It’s not Katie’s fault.

    • You should check your spelling before you post it. FYI, Katie did check it before she posted it, because it worked. Notice that she said you had to act quickly. I acted quickly and cleaned house today. Got tons of stuff for $21 after a few coupons on top of it. Thanks Katie! You are the best!

    • Nancy, you are seriously out of line.

  43. I got it as apart of the bzz agent Campaign and It work fine for me with other coupons

  44. your site sucks, put stuff on here and cant get it fraud site.

    • WOW! Katie helps sooo many people save. This was something that someone sent her she thought was ok to post. This site doesn’t suck nor is it a FRAUD site. People make mistakes, it’s ok.

      Katie bring on the savings for Kroger :)….

    • Then leave the site nancy! How rude of you! Mistakes happen all the time, just because you weren’t able to load it to your card doesn’t mean you should be rude and nasty!

    • If you don’t like the site stay off it and leave the rest of us alone as we save money ever day. Most people do make mistakes even if you don’t.

    • I’m sorry you weren’t able to take advantage of the deal before the mistake was caught. But please understand there is absolutely NOTHING fraudulent about this site and your comments were harsh and uncalled for. This instance was an anomaly rather than the norm. This site has helped me save a TON of money already and I’m brand-spankin-new to couponing. Give it some time and you’ll get in on some great deals, too.

      Thanks to Katie and all who contribute to this site. I appreciate you more than you know!!! 🙂

    • OMG how rude!! You do not deserve all the awesome deals that Katie posts. The deals will come and go. Relax! And by no means is it fraud when she APOLOGIZES and discloses all the information like she did above.

    • It was available directly on the website. I believe someone once said that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

      • Amen! I think it was Thumper from Bambi LOL. I love that saying too 🙂 Katie I value every single deal you post. Thanks sista:) I’m just glad someone got that awesome coupon!

    • Amy Howard says:

      Really Nancy??? People that go out of their way to be unkind blow my mind. She was unaware that it was not meant to be shared. Katie is one of the most ethical bloggers I’ve seen. Also had this been a legit deal… It would have gone fast. Meaning not everyone would have been able to get it.

    • Oh wow Nancy! Really??? It must not suck enough because you’re on here, aren’t you???

    • Katie has helped me save a lot of money and I appreciate all of her time and effort! I love love love krogerkrazy and the only thing that sucks around here is people’s negative attitudes! No need to leave nasty comments!

  45. I just used the coupon and it worked!!!

  46. I just used the coupon and it worked!

  47. nothing there, been trying for 30m mins. and nothing, why put this on the site if you cant get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Nothing in my account. No way to access link. Called krogers -digital coupon division-no help there. Looks like I missed out

  49. If someone is going to use this today or tomorrow, will you please report back if they were able to use this with no problems? With all the BzzAgent campaign stuff, it makes me worried that Kroger will not accept this now, even though it was in some of our accounts.

    And let us know if coupons worked flawlessly too!!

    • I downloaded the coupon at 1:30 this afternoon and redeemed it at 3pm in Ohio, before I knew that we were not suppose to use it. My original total was around $75, the $25 came off first then the cashier scanned all my coupons and my balance was $16.90 after all coupons. 🙁 Sorry everyone, I didn’t know we were not suppose to use it, but it worked just fine.

  50. I am showing a 5.00 off a 50 purchase available. At least it’s something :/

  51. Is this coupon still available to use

  52. I believe the coupon is GONE as of 2:49 pm

  53. I am not part of BzzAgent but the coupon appears to have loaded on my card. And this was after my computer froze and I got the “having technical difficulties” message on the Kroger website (I closed out and went back in).
    I plan on going shopping this evening so I hope it works. Good luck to all of you, too! 🙂

  54. How do you get this coupon?. I’m confused what am I doing wrong? lol help please

  55. All it says is check back for new offer-no coupon to load. Does anyone have an actual link?

  56. Hey Ladies,
    What link do I click on to download this onto my card? Thanks!

  57. This coupon was on my Kroger site right along with all my other digital Kroger coupons. So I’m going to assume rightly that this was put out by the Kroger company since I received nothing from Bzz Agent & I receive offers from them.

  58. How do you load the coupon?

  59. I received this from BzzAgent as well. I was accepted into the campaign and the coupon went live this morning. It says on the link for the coupon, that it is a unique link not to be shared with anyone. For everyone’s sake who is not apart of the BA campaign, I hope you can use it, otherwise there will be a lot of angry shoppers and cashiers/store managers. Good luck to everyone, but I hope that sharing the link doesn’t ruin it for everyone, especially those of us who received the Kroger Deal from BA.

  60. Where are you all finding this coupon? I am also in the Louisville region and I can’t seem to find it in the digital coupons.

  61. I’ve been trying for 20 min and there were technical difficulties – it looks like the offer was taken down. So I created a Kroger account for nothing. I guess that’s what they wanted us to do.

  62. I have this on my account too. Are we allowed to use other coupons with it?

  63. The kroger site is really jammed right now but the offer is on Kroger’s website so I would assume it is legit. I checked and it has downloaded onto my coupon app.

  64. BzzAgent is a site that you can set up an account on and fill out surveys and then you are selected to try items and give your review on them. Apparently, BzzAgent sent this Kroger campaign out to certain agents who met the criteria. Some of the agents have contacted BzzAgent complaining about the fact that now everyone has access to the coupon. BzzAgent has replied to the inquiries by saying that they are aware that the coupon was shared with coupon blogging sites and that any agent caught sharing will lose their agent privileges. I’m a BzzAgent but I did NOT get this campaign. I logged into my Kroger account and clicked on Digital Coupons and was able to load it to my card though. The Kroger site is now having technical issues.

  65. I received this offer from BzzAgent as well. BzzAgent is a program where you complete surveys and get to be apart of campaigns where you test products and give reviews. The link given this morning, as the coupon was live today, said it is a personal link to a coupon and not to be shared. I think Ashley was concerned that whoever shared the link, may jeopardize everyone else who was apart of the campaign, to lose the coupon. I’d be curious to know if sharing the link has overloaded the website as it doesn’t seem to be working for anyone, as well as curious to know if the shared link will work for anyone/everyone who used it. As a cashier, I hope that any customers who are unable to use the coupon don’t take it out on the their cashier.

    Kroger has a campaign/promotion running through BzzAgent, if you were approved for this campaign you were provided a unique link with this $25/$50 coupon, yes the link takes you to because you can’t load a Kroger eCoupon to your card unless you are on the Kroger website. I was approved and my link is different than the link here. I imagine someone will be banned from BzzAgent since their link is unique & trackable. I also doubt we will see anymore awesome promos like this from Kroger 🙁 I just hope I get a chance to use mine before they kill the coupon all together :/

  67. Katie can you confirm if this is an offer from Kroger and not BzzAgent.

  68. I was able to download this coupon as well. I checked my Kroger card and sure enough it is there, thanks for sharing!

  69. Worked perfectly for me. I’m in southern IL in the Louisville region.

  70. Well Ashley, I happened to find it on the KROGER website… so it can’t be that “secret”… it looked to me like anyone who found it was “invited” to use it.

    • But that’s the thing… there was no “click this link for a 25 dollar off coupon” button anywhere on the site- the link as directly FROM BzzAgent, and was ONLY accessible if you had that link… which was shared to you. It’s not like you “found” it by clicking through the kroger website.

      • Umm, it was not only accessible if you only had the link! The very minute I went to it was plain as day right there in front of me telling me to load to card. If it wasn’t meant for everyone it would not have been on the main page.

      • I heard about the coupon through this site, but I went directly to the Kroger website, not through the link, logged in and it was available to me so if I had just been checking available coupons during that time, I would’ve just “found” it.

  71. I was able to download it as well. It posted to my account but now I can’t even access the Kroger site. So, is it not legitimate?

  72. I got this but is from BzzAgent. You needed to accept this offer if you were offered it from them. I hope a lot of people got it.

    • I don’t know what Bzzagent is, but when I logged into my Kroger account, the coupon was there, available for me to load to my card. Does that mean I was invited? Doesn’t matter anyway I guess, since I was able to load it.

  73. This should NOT have been posted. This coupon was sent out as part of a Bzzagent campaign and if people use and abuse it then the site wont sent out stuff like this anymore. It was an invitation only deal and you have to be selected. you might want to take this link down.

    • I’m confused. It’s available to everyone. I was able to load it. What is Bzzagent? If it was invitation only then they should have made it only available to invitees. No need to be ugly about it.

      • ^^agreed! No need to be ugly.

        • Actually, she wasn’t being ugly. She was telling the truth and she did so without coming across as rude at all. Thank you Jennifer for sharing that information.

      • marie miller says:

        i agree what is Bzzagent?? and it looked like it was from krogers so i was able to download it. how would you abuse it?? it is only available to use once not as many times as you want?

      • I agree as well. Never heard of Bzzagent. I got the offer on my Kroger account as well

        • i am a bzzagent and i wasn’t available to load my coupon for all those people who load this coupon and they are not bzzagents, bzzagent receive invitations like this to try and after that we have to give our opinion about it, we have to do reports , reviews, but sadly things like this happens, now how i report activities w/out coupon 🙁

  74. Does the coupon work at Fred Meyer stores?

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