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FREE Brawny Paper Towels at Kroger!

2014 8:29 am

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UPDATE: New pritnable coupon is still available Monday morning and sale is still valid if your sale cycle runs through Wednesday or Thursday.

I told you all about the insert coupon you should be receiving in your coupons this morning but I was also really banking on this printable with Red Plum and they did NOT let me down!  You may want to head to your computer as quickly as you can to print this because these Sunday morning new coupons that are HOT, rarely last through the afternoon.



Many of you are also receiving a value of $2/2 Brawny Paper Towels in your insert today, so straight up FREE – no doubles needed!! (thanks Crystal and everyone else who commented)

If you have trouble printing Red Plums and haven't tried any solutions yet, this site worked for me. You can find the steps to follow HERE!

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  1. MaryAnn says:

    Not only did I get this paper towels for free but also score on a great deal on bounty paper towels. These were marked down to $4.74 closeout price-$2 peelies from before, paid $2.74 on each package of the mega rolls 12=18. SCORE!

  2. I have the red plum but the brawny coupon is .55 not 2.00 off 2. What kroger shave the brawny for 10/10…

  3. Courtney says:

    We got our 6 free rolls of paper towels this morning! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I used on the single rolls with no problems. There is no size restriction and as we all know, brawny HAS put size restrictions on their coupons before so i dont see how kroger refuses to accept it?! Seems like every time there is an item for free w coupons, kroger finds some idiotic reason not to accept it. They are not losing money when they redeem the coupons so i dont see what the problem could be?

  5. Today I went to go get mine I was using $2/2 they didn’t let me. They said Kroger got an email saying they couldn’t take those coupons on the single rolls. I pointed out that cpn does not specify but they still refused!!:(

  6. Does anyone know if Walmart carries the single rolls? It might be easier to price match than to beat everyone to the store……

  7. Our sale ended yesterday unless they went on sale again 🙁

  8. I used the $2 off 2 on the single rolls this afternoon, and they scanned beautifully. I walked out with 6 free rolls of paper towels.

  9. Reset worked for me too! Thanks for that! I always have trouble with Red Plum coupons printing.

  10. Thanks Katie, the RP fix worked for me too. Printing was really slow but maybe that is because my printer is wireless from my laptop.

  11. This is my first coupon-venture. I dont quite understand. How do you end up getting them free?

  12. Wanted to let everyone know, be on the lookout for “peelies” on the Brawny 6 count packs! My store had a bunch of $1 off 1 pack coupons AND for those who’s stores still double, 1 pack ends up being $3.99 🙂

  13. hey guys if I’d read better I would have noticed this before I posted before….Under the coupon links there is a if you are have trouble printing click here. I followed the directions & the coupons then printed. Thanks Katie for putting it there 🙂

  14. Thank you Katie! I have never been able to print from RP until today!

  15. Michelle says:

    Yay! I can now print from RP also. Thank you

  16. Keep us posted if anyone tries the printable! My store has a strict “if it beeps, it’s not for the right item” attitude

  17. Sharron says:

    Thank you for giving the information on resetting your computer so redplum will print. It worked for me!

  18. The coupon says a pack….will it be honored on one roll?

    • Hi Char. Since the coupon doesn’t say 2 pack or higher or even 6 pack or higher, this coupon is definitely valid on one pack or single roll.

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