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Attention Columbus/Great Lakes Kroger region-ers! In case you didn’t notice the announcement in the weeky Kroger ad, I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that beginning April 2nd, the Columbus Division that currently runs Mon-Sun will now be on a Wed-Tue cycle.

From Kroger:

“We believe it will allow customers to better plan their weekend shopping trips, as they will have a “heads up” on specials. All customers will still receive ads the same way they did before, and the same day as they have in the past, they simply won’t be effective until Wednesday. With this change, customers can plan ahead for their weekend trip to the store, or shop early (Wed-Fri) to take advantage of that weeks’ sales. Either way, it’s still 7 days of savings. This change also allows our stores to make sure they have the items our customers want when they are shopping. In the past, Sundays were the last day of the ad cycle, and our stores had to prepare to change displays and tags for Monday’s new sales. With Sunday being one of the busiest shopping days of the week, it didn’t make sense to keep it as the last day in the ad cycle. Many of the divisions across the company are making this change.”

What does this mean for Kroger ad Krazy? Well, for one…certain posts like the Weekly Ad Matchup and Must-Do deals will be published on new days.

At the moment, both Cincinnati and Michigan Kroger regions still operate on a Mon-Sun sale cycle but are rumored to change this sometime in May. I have not heard anything about Fred Meyer (which runs Sun-Sat), Jay-C Foods (which runs Thu-Wed) or the Central region (which runs Thu-Wed). Hopefully these regions follow suit in the near future, as that will make things much easier when trying to figure out if the deals I post are current for you or not.

Kroger Family of Stores

:: Kroger Regions

Southwest (Texas, Louisiana)
ad runs Wed-Tue

Delta (Memphis, Arkansas, Mississippi, western Kentucky and southern Missouri)
ad runs Wed-Tue

Atlanta (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and parts of Tennessee)
ad runs Wed-Tue

Mid-Atlantic (North Carolina, Virginia, most of West Virginia, and tiny adjacent slivers of Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio)
ad runs Wed-Tue

Central (Indiana and Illinois, as well as a few stray stores in Missouri, Michigan and Ohio)
ad runs Wed-Tue

Mid-South (aka: Louisville) (Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Southern Illionois)
ad runs Wed-Tue

ad runs Wed-Tues

ad runs Wed-Tues

Columbus/Great Lakes
ad runs Wed-Tues

Not sure what Kroger region you are in?
Follow these steps to find out.


:: Kroger Affiliate Stores

Ralph’s  (California)
ad runs Wed through Tue

King Soopers (Colorado)
ad runs Wed through Tue

Fry’s Food  (Arizona)
ad runs Wed thru Tue

City Market (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming)
ad runs Wed through Tue

Dillons & Gerbes  (Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska)
ad runs Wed through Tue

Baker’s (Iowa, Nebraska)
ad runs Wed through Tue

Smith’s Food and Drug (Arizona, Idaho)
ad runs Wed through Tue

QFC (Quality Food Centers) (Oregon, Washington)
ad runs Wed through Tue

Jay-C Foods (Indiana)
ad runs Wed-Tue

Fred Meyer (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska)
ad runs Sun through Sat

Food 4 Less (California, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada)
Operates in some areas as Food Co. 
ad runs Wed through Tue

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sharon bugar

February 1, 201612:44 pm

I live in East Tennesse so I am not sure if I am in Atlanta or mid atlantic region.


May 26, 201408:18 am

smiths is in utah as well

Mary Haley

April 10, 201402:37 pm

So the deals you post on Sundays now are for the deals that start Monday in Michigan...correct? Also the advertised/unadvertised deals you post on Thursday/Fridays are only going to be good for 2 days for us Michiganders as well? Just trying to make sure I understand!


March 26, 201405:58 pm

I would like to see us in Michigan go to a Wednesday-Tuesday cycle for shopping so we can get enough stuff on sale


March 26, 201412:37 pm

Love this change!!


March 26, 201408:21 am

I do agree having the extra days to prepare for the sales was great. This will work even better. Plus Kroger has a preview ad on Tuesdays online which is a big help also. I am wondering if all Kroger sale cycles will change to wed-tues. Thank you Katie for the heads up and keep it coming!!! Do you think they may have occasional double coupon day?


March 25, 201410:49 pm

Awe. I liked that your sale cycle was ahead of ours as I had a couple extra days to see the deals before they hit AZ and could plan accordingly. Lol. Bummer.


March 26, 201412:06 am

I agree! I love how on top of things Katie is, and I enjoyed the extra few days to prepare for the upcoming sale. Either way, thanks for all your work, Katie!!


March 25, 201409:33 pm

I'm in the mid Atlantic region and we don't get the sale ad at all now unless we go to the store to pick one up. :(

Roselyn C. Robertson

January 28, 201510:50 am

I know it, but you can look at their ads on-line!


March 25, 201409:20 pm

Love it!!! I live in Texas and am used to this sale cycle.


March 25, 201407:31 pm

Wow! Welcome to Wed-Tue Katie!