kroger must do deals

week of 3/16/14

Here are this week’s MUST-DO Kroger deals – Advertised and UNadvertised! The list is longer this week than usual because I just couldn’t stop myself!! Sooo many amazing deals with the Mega Event, plus “other great deals”.

  • Sale dates are based on a Sun-Sat sale cycle, so if yours runs differently then you’ll want to add in those extras days. For example, if your ad cycle runs Wednesday-Tuesday, you’ll want to keep in mind that you have a couple more days to take advantage of the deals I have listed as ending on Saturday.
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Helpful Videos:

Buy 5, Save $5 MEGA EVENT Deals (price reflects extra $1 off each item assuming you purchase 5 participating items) 2 WEEK SALE, dates run with your sale cycle

**I don’t include meat and local produce deals in this list because they vary so much by region. Be sure to check your local ad for those must-do deals!

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March 22, 201411:04 pm

What zip code is used to find the kraft mayo? It takes me to the page but goes straight to 77477 and it's not there nor do I know what zip to change it to. Thanks in advance for any help.


March 22, 201412:42 pm

Hey guys The right gaurd xtreme clear 2/2 coupon makes it .89 at my kroger but what I was wondering will these be part of the SS 5/15 hinkle producks???? products not ducks lol hahahaha need more coffee :) thganks to anyone who can help Have a great weekend krazies

kelli collingswort

March 21, 201410:26 pm

I bought 2 of the large Huggies Snug and Dry 50f2f and the Catalina didn't print. Is there something that I did wrong? The were unmarked but rang up 1.00 less with mega sale but no cat :(


March 20, 201406:48 pm

I now have 10 boxes of cereal to eat thanks to this great sale. Someone pass the milk? :) The 99 cent almond milk, of course ;)


March 20, 201403:07 pm

Btw ..what is the "ibotta deposit"? I've never heard of it ..I don't think so anyways lol


March 20, 201403:01 pm

@go above..I'm assuming Erica did several transactions since the 10 for $10 is still the same price even if she buys just 1 at a time ..or 4 at a time.At my Krogers, their registers will not allow any more qs than the q limit allows ..wether it's the coupon or Krogers policy. Between using the sales & qs..I bought over $300 in groceries for $ of my most successful trips ever!! :)


March 20, 201406:07 am

The heluva good dip was not part of the 5 for 5 deal in Roanoke VA

Amy S.

March 19, 201411:30 pm

Will the $1 Shopmium rebate work with the Smuckers? I hope orange marmalade is on the mega, but it's doubtful. Still, I'll get some grape if nothing else.


March 19, 201411:01 pm

do you send coupons to emails so you don't have to print them?


March 19, 201410:57 pm

The Lady Speed Stick demo at my Kroger is 10 for $10 right now, so I got 15 deodorants for FREE instead of .09 cents each!!! :)


March 20, 201410:39 am

did you read your coupon? they limit 4. if you bought 15 in one transaction you committed coupon fraud..


March 19, 201410:28 pm

Im very new at this. Can I have a short run down. These prices on the deals are not my local stores? They sre different by district? ? The blue links are the coupons?? Um what else?? Im thinking...... I wanna understand. Also, doubling? ? Is it consisting of two of the same coupons? ? I would appreciate any help :)


March 20, 201410:16 am

Hi Heather. This link should help you. It can also be found in the top right hand corner of this site. It will answer all of your questions.

Alaina KY

March 19, 201411:03 pm

heather- quick run down, but you should probably refer to the "couponing for beinners" tab at the top for general couponing info. the prices listed here are the prices in the Columbus/Great Lakes region. Yo prices may vary slightly, but the ads across all Kroger's are the same week to week, sale to sale--The only thing that you need to learn is when YOUR sale cycle starts. Some regions start on Sunday, some Monday, and some Wednesday. You can find this out by looking at the bottom of your Kroger sale ads. it will say the dates of the sale, and then you will know the sale cycle. the blue links are to printable coupons. the coupons listed in black are ones from newspaper, or other paper sources. doubling-Some regions double, some do not. this is a question to ask of your store manager. I HIGHLY suggest you looking at the Mega Sale post from Katie and watching her video about how to shop Mega Sales. hope this helps.

Lori sias

March 19, 201409:52 pm

When is Joplin getting it's kroger store back?


March 19, 201411:31 am

no Catalina for the Magnum ice cream bars after all?


March 19, 201412:29 pm

I bought 2 boxes of the Magnum bars that were mega sale priced at $2.99 each yesterday and used 2-.75 coupons that doubled but no catalina printed for me. Still an awesome price for that brand.


March 19, 201411:17 am

Hi, Katie. I went to my Kroger Marketplace to pick up some Huggies. The 2 2 coupons that I printed off the pdf "Pick Up The Values" did not scan at all. The cashier was kind enough to manually deduct the $.50, which I was extremely appreciative for (didnt think they were allowed to do that). Has anyone had this issue? I only printed (2).....good expiration date...neither one scanned. Any ideas?


March 21, 201410:45 am

Sometimes the printer will blur the lines just enough to not scan. I had a printer that became misaligned and printed over 100 coupons that were trash bc not a single one would scan.


March 19, 201412:15 pm

I used 2 coupons for this, this morning without an issue.


March 19, 201411:00 am

For those of us who have coupons from the Kelloggs Save $15 promotion, there was a coupon for Smuckers. I hope it matches up.


March 19, 201401:21 pm

They matched the sale at my Kroger which made them free! I had 4 coupons:)


March 20, 201410:17 am

Thanks for the heads up Elizabeth. I have 2 of these emails as well! :-)

Patricia Brock

March 19, 201410:50 am

Do u send coupons to emails if so can u send me some