New Kroger shoppers or those of you who just enjoy friendly reminders…here are your TOP 10 ways to save at Kroger!!

  1. Get a Kroger Plus Loyalty Card
    (sign up at customer service desk or on
  2. Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards Visa Card
    Learn more about this Visa
    Please note that the 1-2-3 Rewards Visa no longer offers the $25 sign up bonus.
  3. Shop the Mega Events
    How to Shop at Kroger Mega Event
  4. Closeouts
    View the latest Kroger Closeouts
  5. Manager’s Specials
    Learn more about Manager’s Specials
  6. Coupons (duh!)
    New to coupons? Check out my Couponing for Beginners Series
  7. Kroger Digital Coupons
    Digital Coupon guidelines
  8. Fuel Rewards
    Learn more about Fuel Rewards
  9. Catalinas
    Master list of current Kroger Catalinas
    Kroger Catalinas FAQ’s
  10. Follow my blog!! 🙂

What other ways do YOU save at Kroger?


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Iris Wilkins

August 14, 201812:40 pm

I found this very helpful. Thank you so much for all the good information.


April 10, 201805:38 pm

Kroger offers a senior discount. It is a great way to save 10% on all Kroger branded items (their toilet paper is better than Charmin INMHO). Thanks for the Kraziness, and keep on Krogering! Bryan in Glen Rose, Texas


March 19, 202104:51 am

I have never got the 10 percent discount you have to ask for it ? Or are they give it automatic to you

Janice crews

January 22, 201705:10 pm

I have been a follower for awhile. Love love love. And appreciate all the work you do. I look forward to my nightly emails from you. But recently I have not gotten any for several nights. Try to resign up and I am already in the system. Any suggestions as to why this is happening of late


September 5, 201605:24 pm

Hi Ms. Katie your page is awesome! I'm starting to buy with coupons, but a have a question today went to Kroger to buy in the mega event and I used my Kroger digital coupons and a have a manufacturer coupons too.Can I use both at the same time? thank you for all your help in your page!


September 6, 201612:26 pm

Hi Mayra, no you can't as they are both considered manufacturer coupons.

Helen Bright

June 25, 201611:45 am

Sorry I meant Kroger Krazy.I have brain damage this morning.

Helen Bright

June 25, 201611:42 am

Just wanted to say your website is the 1st mail I go to in the morning.I love all the deals that are on it.It"s the best. Thanks

Living Frugal NOW

December 21, 201510:28 pm

Hi! Thank you so much for the information. I am also finding Kroger is the place to shop to save a lot these days. My site shows what to look for, for even greater saving. Try what I mention in my site for your next shopping. I am sure these tips/tricks will help you save over $30 fairly easily on your next shopping. Feedback welcome! Thanks again!!

Timothy Dundorf

November 9, 201510:47 am

If you are looking for a rewards card that gives you a little more bang for your buck I have a few suggestions, and I already did the math for you. For those of you who spend more than $208.33 look into the Blue Cash Preferred card. The card gives you 6% CB at grocery stores, 3% at gas stations, and 1% everywhere else. The fee is $75 annually but that is covered if you spend $104.17 on groceries per month and you start saving more than a free 3% card when you spend more than $208.33. Please note that all your saving dreams don't come true with this card as superstores (Walmart, Target, etc) and warehouse stores (Costco, Sam's Club, etc). It is still the best cash back I have found.

Betty Winslow

July 2, 201504:49 pm

I shop on Wed. and get 5% because I have a Golden Buckeye card. If you're from Ohio and have one, you can get a discount, too, but check with your store to find out what day they offer this.


January 22, 201503:01 pm

Is Kroger still divided into regions for their sales flyer? I was following the Mid-Altantic area sales, I live in beautiful VA. Wondering if that had changed, where you may have something on sale in OH, my area does not? Before I make my weekly shopping list, I wanted to check and see. Also my area just changed their sale week, from Sun-Sat to Wed-Tues. So that is throwing me off on your posted sale dates as well. Are you a week ahead or behind or just different? Please direct....thx

Sue K.

November 4, 201402:47 pm

Hello Can someone tell how to get Kroger coupons!


November 5, 201401:49 pm

you can download the kroger app on your phone and get digital coupons that way or you can also go to and download coupons. you can also redeem coupons at kroger that say available at walmart on them kroger accepts those as well.

Sue K.

October 14, 201412:02 pm

Hi Where can I go to get Kroger name brand coupons. Kroger was sending in the mail. But I don't know why I'm not getting in mail no more. I still do all my shopping at Kroger.


November 5, 201401:51 pm

i stopped getting them also but went to the website and made sure all of my information was updated and i just started getting them again or you can also contact customer service from the kroger site.

Linda B

September 11, 201402:52 pm

Katie: Thanks so much for the volumes of valuable info on my Kroger! Is there anyway to tell if the Catalina promotions are different by region? A couple of times, I have made the purchases as noted on your page, but haven't received the coupon (and the cashier assured me the green lite meant the machine was working!). Fortunately, the customer service desk values its customers, and they actually gave me cash because I showed them a screen print off your website. But I would like to be more prepared. Any suggestions?


June 11, 201411:30 am

I live in Louisiana. found out recently that at the age 50 you get 10 % off ALL KROGER BRANDS.that really adds up. go to service desk to sign up!!

Melissa in MI

April 23, 201409:23 am

Do you know how the Cellfire digital coupons work in hierarchy with physical coupons at the store? If I load a coupon to my Kroger Plus Card through Cellfire and I buy that product at Kroger with a physical copy coupon, will it take both or just the Cellfire coupon? Thanks!


April 17, 201405:07 pm

ty so much for this video im new to this as of last week and i have been really confused but the more i look at ur blog and research ur pages the more i am starting to understand it ty for allur hard work that u do to help others that is awsome

Stephanie Craft

March 13, 201402:35 am

#11 ibotta, checkout 51, savingstar, shopmium lol


February 14, 201411:24 pm

Hi Katie, The only thing is I cant print them unless I go to the library and pay to do it. Then what if I do before I go to krogers and then my prices are different. That's why I love loading them. Thanks for your help. I sure get a lot of good deals. Especially that $25 off my order.

Sharron Chambers

January 21, 201409:06 am

Hi Katie, I'm new at couponing. Do you know of any websites I can visit to teach me how to start? Thank you


January 19, 201407:24 am

#10 is my favorite...without it I wouldn't have known about the other 9. Thank you Katie! :)


January 19, 201405:46 pm

Thank you so much Traci! :)

Cynthia Shockley

January 17, 201409:17 pm

I love your videos and post. I do have one question you mentioned that you do the best deals on Wednesday Mornings; is there a reason why you choose Wednesdays? The reason I ask is because I do my shopping on Tuesday because of Senior Citizen discount and I always find something I miss that you post on Wednesday. The SC discount isn't that much but like you always say get the best deals and for me that little amount adds up. Thanks love your videos.


January 18, 201412:52 pm

Hi Cynthia! Great question! My sale cycle starts on Monday and by posting the list on Wednesday that gives me time to scout out all of the UNadvertised deals so that he must-do deals list is complete and represents what truly ARE the must-do deals for that week.


January 16, 201407:56 pm

Hi! Thanks for the video :) I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do!! I'm a new mom & low on funds (and energy..hahaha!) I really appreciate all the work you do. It's awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Veronica herndez

January 15, 201408:39 am

Hi Katie just watched your website awesome I just started Kroger (Frys) couponing well I'm new at it all but I've font to Frys 3x I'm hooked love it but how do I sign up for Catalina savings n is there a website thank you so much for your post and help I so appreciate it


January 15, 201401:56 am

I enjoy reading all your posts and thank you for the video. :)

Duane Malanchuk

January 14, 201407:41 pm

From: Deals Toledo on twitter @dealstoledo (working on deals Toledo- website so but the one above is for small businesses mobile) Just wanted to say .. What a great video Katie, that was excellent, just wanted to pass along how much I appreciate all your hard work and all the others that share too on your website, I am new, but will be sharing any deals with you on the your site when I find them at Krogers, I hope you have posted this video to twitter so I can share it everywhere, thanks again for all you do by the way I saved $3.00 at Krogers the day I signed up for your newsletter just by using your coupon ideas :) :) .. Duane

Korey Robison

January 14, 201407:00 pm

This is a long video, so I am going to need some popcorn. However, I am out of popcorn. Perhaps I should wait until Katie posts a popcorn coupon, then rush out to buy the popcorn, then rush back to watch the video. But what if Katie mentions a popcorn deal in the video??? I'm so conflicted.


August 26, 201411:43 pm

Cute! :D


January 14, 201409:54 pm


Yvette Joseph

January 14, 201406:37 pm

Thank you so much. :)


January 14, 201406:55 pm

You're welcome Yvette! Hope it was helpful! :)


January 14, 201406:10 pm

dillons in manhattan ks told me the other day no more overage to take off your total. so if its $2.99 and you have a $3 off coupon it wont take anymore since it exceeds the value. wasnt aware. but still ok.


January 14, 201406:55 pm

Hmmm...will they even adjust the coupon down to MEET the total April?


January 14, 201405:05 pm

Ok, I think everyone in Columbus is following your blog! I went to two Krogers today and both were out of the Angel Soft, frozen veggies, toothpaste and toothbrushes lol. I did find the kroger fries for $1, which is a great deal without coupons. Anyhow, thanks...I'll try tomorrow :)


January 14, 201406:54 pm

Happymama, umm...I'm sorry? LOL (thanks for always commenting...I look forward to seeing them)


January 14, 201404:46 pm

Love the video Katie. Wish I had a Kroger. I would do all your tips...especially #2! I do that with Old Navy and we get a lot of Free Clothes...but I would rather have free groceries.


January 14, 201406:54 pm

YES!! It's "awesome"!! :D Thanks for commenting Jessica!! Wish you had a Kroger too!!


January 14, 201403:43 pm

U are awesome thanks for this post


January 14, 201403:55 pm

Thanks Barbi!! :)