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Reminder! Load Your Limit 5 Kroger Digital Coupons!

2014 10:00 am

Kroger Digital Coupons

This is just a reminder that TODAY you can load your Limit 5 Digital coupons to your Kroger Plus card! Once you have loaded the digital coupons to your card, you can use each one 5 times for a SINGLE transaction/purchase.

IMPORTANT: You can use these coupons up to 5 times in a SINGLE transaction.  You cannot use these coupons in more than one transaction or in different transactions on different days. For example, if you choose to only use a coupon 3 times instead of 5 times in a single purchase, the coupon will be applied to that transaction and will no longer be valid for subsequent transactions!

Once digital coupons are loaded to your card, you have through 7/20 to redeem them.

Kroger Digital Coupons

Please Note: It is against store policy to stack a digital coupon and a paper coupon!  Learn more about Kroger Digital coupons HERE.

You can view this week’s FULL Kroger Ad matchup with many of these coupons HERE.

Click HERE to load coupons

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  1. Do we have then scan our krogers card 5 times or type in our number/scanning our card once is enough ?

  2. what are older people suppose to do when their computer doesn’t have the browser to down load digital coupons and can’t afford to buy a new computer.

  3. I can not down load the digital coupons for doritos, ritz crackers, nor the ice cream that’s on sale. It would be great if you had a way customer service could process these coupons when the customer is having problems accessing them.

    • what are older people suppose to do when their computer doesn’t have the latest browers, and can’t afford to buy a new computer just to down load digital coupons???

  4. the last time Kroger had this deal they did accept a paper C with the digital 1. wonder if they will for this

  5. my digital account doesnt show any of these 5x coupons at all.

  6. Love your site! Just an FYI – I just went to my Kroger and bought 8 boxes of Life cereal, and the digital $1/two boxes coupon worked on each box – so instead of saving an extra $4 I saved an extra $8!

  7. michelle says:

    So we can only get a limit of 5 same items total during the sale?

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