I’m so excited to talk to you about Kroger Cash Back.  This is a new rebate program similar to Ibotta (that we all love)!  This is very new to Kroger so it’s still a learning process for me.  I will be learning more and updating as I get more information so stay tuned.

UPDATE AS OF 7/2/19: After experimenting for a couple of weeks, we have some answers to questions, so I wanted to do a video explaining a bit more in depth on how exactly this works!!

In order to find this page, head to Kroger and click the save button at the top of the page and scroll down to “Kroger Cash Back“.

NOTE: This option is currently ONLY available on Kroger.com, not on the Kroger app. 

What are Cash Back Offers and Rewards?

Cash Back is a new program where you can earn money on the items you buy everyday! Simply load the Cash Back Offer to your Shopper’s Card to redeem on qualifying purchases. Once you purchase the qualifying item for the Cash Back Offer, your balance will begin to accrue. You can then cash out your Cash Back Reward to your Shopper’s Card or PayPal account.

What is required to load Cash Back Offers?

To take advantage of a Cash Back Offer, you just need to create an account on Kroger’s account and register your Shopper’s Card. If you don’t have a digital account, click here.

What is required to redeem Cash Back Rewards?

To redeem Cash Back Rewards, you’ll need to log in to your account and cash out your available Cash Back Rewards via Shopper’s Card or PayPal. Please note, other members of your household cannot cash out your Cash Back Rewards. However, if cashing out to your Shopper’s Card, please be advised that other members of your household may be able to use your Cash Back Rewards on their next shopping trip.

How does cashing out my Cash Back Rewards to my Shopper’s Card work?

Your Cash Back Reward earnings can be transferred to your Shopper’s Card and you can choose the amount to load to your card up to $99.99 per day. The Cash Back Reward amount can be redeemed on your next shopping trip. If you do not use the full Cash Back Reward amount in one shopping trip, you can continue to use it in future shopping trips until you use all of the remaining amount. Cash Back Reward earnings cannot be applied to the purchase of fuel, gift cards, alcohol, pharmacy purchases, tobacco products, lottery, money services and fees.

How does cashing out my Cash Back Rewards to my PayPal account work?

Your Cash Back Reward earnings can be transferred to your desired PayPal account as soon as you’ve earned $20.00. Please note, you cannot cash out more than $99.99 per day.

You’ll then head to Kroger and pay for the items and within a week, your account will be credited. Be sure to read the coupon to see how many times you can redeem for cash back in one transaction.

How often can I cash out my Cash Back Rewards?

You are only allowed to cash out once within a 24-hour period for both your Shopper’s Card and PayPal account.

What if my Shopper’s Card number isn’t associated with my digital account?

To associate your Shopper’s Card with your digital account, simply sign in to your digital account, navigate to the My Account page, select “Shopper’s Card” and select “Edit”. Once your Shopper’s Card information has been added to your digital account, you’ll be able to load Cash Back Offers and Rewards directly to your Card.

How does Cash Back work?

  • View and select Cash Back Offers from our website
  • Purchase the qualifying item(s) in-store or online
  • Be sure to scan your Shopper’s Card at the register in the store!
  • Once you have purchased the item, the Cash Back balance will be available for you to cash out.

To cash out:

  • Select the Cash Back amount you would like to cash out
  • Redeem via your Shopper’s Card or PayPal account

How many Cash Back Offers can I load to my Shopper’s Card?

A limit of 150 Cash Back Offers and Digital Coupons per household can be loaded at one time.

How can I view the Cash Back Offers that I have already loaded onto my Shopper’s Card?

After you’ve signed in to your digital account, click the “My Cash Back Offers” tab on the Cash Back Offers page to view the Cash Back Offers that have already been loaded to your Card. Currently, you can only view your Cash Back offers through our website, not our mobile app.

How long does it take until my Cash Back Offers and Rewards are active on my Card?

Cash Back Offers are available as soon as you load them to your Card. Cash Back Rewards are available within a week of meeting the Cash Back Offer’s purchase requirement(s) (after you purchase the product).

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Elizabeth Lytle

July 2, 2019

I went and checked out but not through self checkout. My money did not come off. The way it read I thought the money you transfer to your card went right away. Does this also take around 7 days?


July 2, 2019

Can you use the Kroger digital coupon and the Cash Back on the same item?


July 2, 2019

Melinda, yes you can!

Michael Stanfill

July 2, 2019

I have been trying to get rebates for 2 weeks now, and have not been successful with any rebates

Christie Scholl

July 2, 2019

I got 2 rebates back, but didn’t get 4 others I should have. I’m sure they’re working out a lot of kinks, but I’m bummed I lost $24 I should have received on Real good pizzas.


July 2, 2019

I have not received any rebates even when I have bought that item multiple times. Still waiting, weeks later....

Debbie Lewis

July 2, 2019

Can you use Kroger Cash Back and Ibotta?


July 2, 2019

Still hoping I get alot of rebates back that I have done there but it has been almost 2 weeks and nothing. Do you think it makes a difference that I use my alternative ID (my phone number) instead of scanning an actual krogers card? I've done that for years and the digital coupons always work and I did get 1 rebate back doing it that way, but not about 6 others I should of gotten


July 2, 2019

I have had to call Kroger customer service 3 times already for Cashback I didn't receive. The first call took 40 min. The man was very nice but mine was only the second problems with Kroger cashback call he received. The second took 10 and the third was like 3 min. It is really the luck of the draw on who you talk to. Anyone who didn't get their cashback you should call. They will add the money to your digital acct and it will be available to use immediately on your next purchase.


July 2, 2019

Does everyone get the same offers? I was wondering if it was based off items you have bought recently? I have 75c back on Hidden Valley ranch dips 10 oz. cups but when you see details it actually says this: [$0.75 Cash Back on Hidden Valley® Ranch Dip Buy ONE (1) Hidden Valley® Ranch Dip, any variety (10 oz.), Get $2.00 cash back] I wonder about this offer.....and it says UNLIMITED USE, expires 7-31 Anyone else do this yet?


July 3, 2019

Saw this on the FAQ page on Kroger website. Wonder if this is why I have not received any cash back yet. Cash Back Rules Can I use Cash Back Offers as well as Digital Coupons on the same item? Digital Coupons and Cash Back Offers may not be combined and are limited to one per item. Cash Back Offers and paper coupons may also not be combined on the purchase of a single item.


July 3, 2019

Got Cash back on two shopping trips. Thinking their program works, I went and made a large shopping haul, no cash back! I have been waiting over 2 weeks and have over $20 worth of cash back that they have not processed. I even called their customer service in India. Still no answers, they had no idea what I was talking about. Very disappointing that their roll out a program that they can't support.


July 3, 2019

I have not received any rebates. I purchased them two weeks ago.


July 3, 2019

Please pass on to Kroger's that with this new program the 150 ecoupon limit needs to be raised. Thanks Melissa


July 3, 2019

I don't think you should be such a strong advocate for Kroger Cash Back until they work out all the kinks and everyone is 100% guaranteed the cash back they deserve without having to contact Kroger customer service.


July 4, 2019

Thank you for helping us learn the new program.


July 6, 2019

I have not received any of the rebates in my cash back account that I purchased since em to my Kroger digital account. I should have gotten the Real Good pizza, Almond Breeze creamer and a couple others. What’s interesting is you can see your receipts and items on the Kroger app, and though I definitely paid for the rebate items on my paper receipt, they were listed differently on the app, as if they were generic items (I.e. Frozen Pizza).


July 8, 2019

I tried this out on two separate trips (few items each) at Dillons. I was able to get cash back after 2-3 days. I used self checkout with physical shopper card. No issue. One question I have is, for an item can be used up to 5 times, if I only bought 3 items, can I use the rest 2 on another trip?


July 11, 2019

It specifically states that you cannot combine Kroger Digital Coupons & Cash Back. I also have yet to receive Kroger Cash Back for items that I also have added to Ibotta (aka double dipping). This requires more research and clarification, which has not been provided nor is accurate in this post and the comments.

Smita Arun

July 14, 2019

Is there an expiration on cash back once it is downloaded in the loyalty card.