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Rite Aid can be a GREAT store to score some really awesome deals…you just gotta play by the rules.  My goal is to help guide you through the maize.  I do weekly Rite Aid Weekly Ad matchups on my blog to help you maximize your savings.  I give you money saving scenarios using the coupons available and all the tools below.  Hopefully this information will get you started off on the right track!

Rite Aid Coupon Policy
I always recommend becoming familiar with a store’s policies, programs, rebates, promotions, etc.  Rite Aid has released a very clear Rite Aid Coupon Policy addressing many coupon issues, including the use of internet coupons, store coupons, and BOGO (buy one get one) coupons.  Print it and take it along with you in case you ever have a problem with a cashier or a manager.

So you are armed with the rules, now what?

Wellness+ Rewards Program
If you want to get the deals and benefit from the rewards you must sign up for the Wellness+ Rewards Program.  It is really simple and totally FREE.  Once you sign up online or in your local store you will be able to print a temporary card right away and start shopping right away! A permanent card will be mailed to you.  If you forget your card you can always just give them your phone number when checking out.

After you sign up, you’ll be able to print a $5 off $25 purchase Q, plus 50 bonus Q’s by email.  They also release extra Q’s each week.  Make sure you swipe your card or give them your phone number each time you shop.  Your Wellness+ coupons are store coupons that can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon for even more savings.  Typically they are not brand specific.  Limits vary and are not advertised.

Here’s how you earn:
Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on nonprescription purchases
Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase

Here are the rewards you’ll get:
For every 125 points (up to 375) – one-time, 10% off shopping pass
500 points – 10% off all non-prescription points purchases everyday
500 points – free health screenings
1000 points – 20% off all non-prescription points purchases everyday

Here are some everyday benefits you’ll enjoy:
Members-only sale pricing throughout the sore
10% of Rite-Aid brand products everyday
24/7 exclusive access to a pharmacist when you call 1-800-Riteaid

+Up Rewards
Look for +Up Reward items (pronounced “plus up”) throughout the circular.  Use your Wellness+ card when purchasing these items each week and you’ll receive valuable coupons printed at the bottom of your receipt to use on your next purchase for mostly everything in the store!  The first kind of reward is earned by purchasing specific qualifying items, such as purchase two secret deodorants for $3 each, receive $2 +Up reward.  You can use these coupons to bring down your total OOP after coupons. The other kind of +up rewards that print on your receipt are just generic dollar off coupons, such as $1 off $10 or more shaving accessory purchase, in which case you would have to purchase $10 of shaving accessories to use the coupon.

Oldies but goodies…..

Single Check Rebate 

There is another money saving program Rite Aid offers!  SCR stands for Single Check Rebate, Rite Aid’s monthly rewards/rebate program. Just register here and you can immediately start participating. Each month Rite Aid publishes a booklet that highlights the monthly deals.

Throughout the month as you make purchases, enter your receipt information on the website,
or keep an envelope for mail submissions. At the end of the month, request your rebate by clicking the “request rebate” button. DO NOT request the rebate if you are planning to make any more rebate purchases that month, as you are only allowed one submission per month.  You can either cash these checks or use them to pay for your next purchase at Rite Aid.

Check the limitations for the items you are expecting rebates on. Most of the SCR rebates are limited to one item per household. Also, you’ll want to take note of the rebate dates. Many of the rebates are valid for just a week and not the entire month. Also sometimes an SCR cycle straddles two months.

If you have a coupon for an item that is free after rebate (FAR) then definitely use it. You will get the full purchase price back. If you use a coupon for that item, you’ve just made a profit!

Video Values
Want to save more?  Sign up for a new Video Values account and earn valuable coupons you won’t find anywhere else.  Just view 1-2 minute videos advertising different products and earn coupons for the products you have just viewed.  These are Rite Aid coupons and can be combined with In-ad coupons and/or manufacturer coupons.  Once you’ve hit 20 credits, you can print a “bonus coupon” for $4 off a $20 purchase.  Video value coupons are Rite Aid store coupons and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons.  These are limit one each per customer.

Total Purchase Coupons
Many times Rite Aid will offer $$ off total purchase coupons such as $5 off $20, $5 off $25, or even $3 off $15 purchase.  You must reach the total purchase amount in order to redeem these coupons.  Rite Aid total purchase coupons are awesome to have because they are applied BEFORE store and manufacturer coupons and can significantly lower your OOP (out of pocket) expense.  These are limit one each per customer.

Now that you have the basics to Rite Aid shopping check out my Rite Aid Deals to get your savings started! Browse the latest Rite Aid Ad.

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