Con Agra Foods is AGAIN offering this coupon booklet! Purchase $10 worth (before coupons) of these ConAgra Foods products and you can receive a coupon booklet worth $25!!


Participating brands include:
Orville Redenbacher’s®
Crunch ‘n Munch®
Snack Pack®
Chef Boyardee®
Kid Cuisine®
Peter Pan®

…and more!

Go here to print the mail-in offer.

(While supplies last)

It was really easy to score this coupon booklet the last time it was around…in fact it ended up being a moneymaker (remember the Rotel tomatoes??)!

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April 19, 201007:10 pm

In the rebate form Wesson is also included in the participating product list but it is not in the list you mentioned any reason. Thanks


April 19, 201008:15 pm

No Reason...just an oversight. Thanks!

Eric in OP (also KCJohnGalt at SD)

April 6, 201011:32 pm

Uh, this offer appears to apply only to purchases made at "Supercenters", and I don't even know what those are! Here's a few terms that make me say that ... 2. Circle the participating products and their corresponding prices on your original Supercenter cash register receipt. Offer valid for receipts dated between 3/10/10-5/30/10. May be more than one receipt from more than one Supercenter.


April 7, 201005:46 pm

Hey, Eric...A Supercenter to me would mean Walmart or Super Kmart or places like that, that also sell groceries. But I did this deal the last time it came around through purchases from Kroger and it worked fine, so...not sure why the word Supercenter is being used.