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Are you remembering to snag your bonus swagbucks every day through their “special offers” pages? Sometimes it seems like such a chore, but I wanted to tell you that for the past 3 days I have only had to skip through 1 special offer and they’ve been giving me 3 bonus swagbucks!

Here’s a recap:

In the past, the special offers code was updated every week on Thursday. NOW…when you go to Special Offers and scroll through the offers, you’ll be eligible to earn Swag Bucks once a day. Just like that, no Swag Code or anything. As long as you go through all the offers, you’ll be eligible to earn varying amounts of Swag Bucks once a day.

If you are new to Swagbucks, you’ll first want to go here and sign up!

Then, here’s what you do (every day!):

*Go to Swagbucks homepage
*Click on Ways to Earn at the top
*Click on Special Offers
*Click on the “Go Now” under “View our No Obligation Offers”
*Do not accept any of the special offers (unless you wanna!), just skip through a few of them

At the end of that, you’ll earn Extra Swagbucks!!! EVERY DAY!

New to Swagbucks? Read my Swagbucks for Dummies post.

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