(That’s Kambell head to toe in Gymboree!)

Before I started blogging, I was an avid Ebayer. I would buy and sell Gymboree clothes and basically dress Kambell for FREE! I have since just been doing a lot of buying and not much selling, due to lack of time! I have a huge box of clothes that I need to list on Ebay! Perhaps writing this post will help me get motivated!

Here’s how I did it:


I purchase clothes on Gymboree.com or in -store when they are having a HUGE clearance! I pair the sale with a coupon, usually 20% off found in several magazines. They also offer Gymbucks at certain times of the year, which is just like Kohl’s cash. So, I buy $50 worth of clothes, I receive $25 worth of Gymbucks to use later!

Kambell is OBSESSED with cats. She lives and breathes for them. So, she only likes to wear clothes that have a cat picture or even a leopard theme will pass (baby jaguar!). Yes, I am aware that this is a ridiculous demand for a 3 year old to have, but she loves it and I am her enabler. 🙂 Gymboree is great for releasing several “kitty” themed lines throughout the year. So, that’s when I stock up. I have a whole drawer of kitty cat themed items for next year already!


I list the clothes Kambell has grown out of on Ebay, typically in groups or “lots”. They sell for approximately 50-75% of what I originally paid for them (counting gymbucks earned). I take extrememly good care of the clothes…delicate cycle, hang dry, etc. so they are almost like brand new. I list lots of pictures, write extrememly detailed descriptions and start each auction at $0.99. It is proven that once a buyer has bid on an item, it’s hard for them to stop, even if the price reaches higher than what they intended to pay for it. This has definately happened to me before! 🙁

You can make a lot of money selling Gymboree on Ebay (or just dress your children for close to free!) because these clothes are JUST to die for adorable, well made, and you can create an entire matching outfit including hair curlies, tights (you can’t tell from the picture, but Kambell’s tights have cats on them too!), hats and shoes. And some lines sell out so quickly, that Ebay is the only place to find them. If you are interested in selling Gymboree on Ebay and want more information, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I have a lot more to say on the subject, but it would take all day! Whatever you do, do not purchase a “how to” or “getting started” kit on Ebay! I will tell you the same information for FREE! 🙂

This brings me to telling you about Gymboree’s current “Circle of Friends” Sale, where you will get 30% off EVERYTHING in store or online!  If you are shopping in-store, just print this coupon. If you are shopping online, use promo code REWARDSCOF at checkout. Shipping is always a flat fee of $5.00. The only downside is that Gymboree cash back is not offered through Ebates or ShopAtHome (boo!). But right now, Gymboree is offering Gymbucks! Spend $50 = $25 in Gymbucks to use later! They have several items on clearance starting at just $4.99! Let me know if you see any kitties that I missed!

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May 12, 201003:35 pm

I sell my daughters clothes on ebay too! Its great making most the money back when you purchased the stuff 30% off. I have a never ending "rolling" cycle on paypal. I dont know if I'd paid for any of my daugters clothes out of my own pocket! Its great!!!


May 12, 201003:00 pm

Have you ever heard of crazy8.com? They are a sister store to Gymboree just much cheaper.


May 12, 201008:49 pm

Hello Andrea! No, I have not heard of Crazy8, but I just left there...and you're right, it is VERY similar to Gymbo. Didn't see any kitties in her size, though...so keep your eye out for me! ;) I will definately be adding this site to my list of faves. Very cute stuff! Thanks so much!