Have you received your FREE Excedrin Products in the mail yet? Well, if so be sure to save them for a BIG moneymaker at CVS this coming week!

Buy $20 worth of Excedrin Products = $10.00 ECB (limit 1)
Deal Idea Based on Online Pricing:
Buy (2) Excedrin Extra Stength (24 ct) – $4.79 each
Buy (2) Excedrin Migraine (24 ct) – $5.29 each
Use (2) FREE Excedrin Extra Strength Coupons (up to $5.99 each)
Use (2) FREE Excedrin Migraine Coupons (up to $5.99)
Pay Nothing! Get back $10.00 ECB
Final cost is 4 for FREE + $10.00 Moneymaker!
(thanks SuperCouponLady!)

Don’t have 4 FREE Excedrin Product coupons? Well I have 2 that I would like to give away! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is “Like” Coupon Katarina on Facebook, then leave a comment here telling me you are a “Liker”. The winner will be chosen Friday Morning at 9AM (EST) and mailed out immediately to ensure you receive them in time for the sale that starts on Sunday. The winner will receive the following coupons:

  • FREE Excedrin Extra Strength Product (up to $5.99)
  • FREE Excedrin Migraine Product (up to $5.99)

This will give you a good start to that $10 moneymaker, assuming you already have 2 of these coupons yourself!

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December 30, 201011:24 pm

I am a liker and I would LOVE to have these! :)

Tammy Hodgin

December 30, 201010:14 pm

I am a liker on FB!!!!!! Pick me! Pick me!! lol

Sara Haycraft

December 30, 201009:26 pm

I am a liker on facebook!!!! Thanks for all your hard work its very much appreciated!!!


December 30, 201009:04 pm

I have liked this site for a long time! Your website is amazing:)


December 30, 201009:03 pm

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Maney G

December 30, 201007:48 pm

I like you on facebook! :) maney.gale(AT)garrettcollege(DOT)edu


December 30, 201007:02 pm

I am a Liker. We use Excedrin in our household and would really love these coupons. Thanks for giving everyone a chance to win these coupons.


December 30, 201006:26 pm

I am a liker! :)

Laura Alberts

December 30, 201004:35 pm

I like you on facebook!


December 30, 201004:02 pm

I'm a liker on facebook.


December 30, 201003:53 pm

Oooooh, me likey!!! I have 2 q's already. Would love to make $10 off this deal!


December 30, 201002:31 pm

I'm a liker!!

Judie Dooley

December 30, 201002:26 pm

I'm a liker and a subscriber--thanks for offering this sweeps.


December 30, 201002:23 pm

as I said in my comment on your fb fan page: im not just a liker im a LOVER of Coupon Katarina!!! i suggest your emails/newletters to everyone i meet including strangers! i forgot to add that Excedrin is the ONLY thing that works for me. all other brands do absolutely nothing to chase the headaches and such away. LOYAL EXCEDRIN FAN HERE!!! lol


December 30, 201001:13 pm

I am a FB fan spreading the world about all the money you save me!! Thanks for all you do, Katie!!

Veta Green

December 30, 201012:53 pm

Definately a "Liker"...just found you this weekend,,,and I am SOOOOOO glad I did ! Thank you coupon katarina !


December 30, 201012:46 pm

I am a liker on FB.


December 30, 201012:38 pm

I like you on facebook. This would be great! Thank you!

Anna Lagen

December 30, 201011:42 am

I like you on FB!!! I have 2 of these, so 2 more would be perfect for this deal! I am not a CVS couponer, but this would get me started!


December 30, 201011:35 am

I like you on Facebook.

michelle kramer

December 30, 201011:28 am

I'm a liker

Julie Smith

December 30, 201011:18 am

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Kelly Mc.

December 30, 201010:51 am

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December 30, 201010:32 am

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Mandy F

December 30, 201010:14 am

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Donna Smith

December 30, 201009:59 am

I am a "liker" on facebook! Thanks for the great savings! Love your website!

Heather Matthies

December 30, 201009:47 am

I am a Facebook Liker!


December 30, 201009:46 am

I am a 'liker' on Facebook. Thanks for all you do, I greatly appreciate all the savings!! I'd be lost without you :)


December 30, 201009:38 am

I'm a liker!! I bought Excedrin Migraine and Extra Strength at CVS last week and the 20-24 ct boxes were $5.49 at my store.


December 30, 201009:24 am

I "Like" you on Facebook!


December 30, 201009:06 am

I'm a liker on FB


December 30, 201008:51 am

Liker, but could not find where to print Excedrin Coupons, always a day or two too late, never get your good coupons. by the time I get your e mail, everything is already gone.

Laura Roberts

December 30, 201008:39 am

I am a liker on facebook. Thanks for all the great info.

Stephen Alexander

December 30, 201008:38 am

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Melissa Logan

December 30, 201008:04 am

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Brenda E

December 30, 201007:18 am

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December 30, 201006:40 am

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December 30, 201006:28 am

I like you on FB....and love your blog!

Kathie M

December 30, 201002:04 am

I "like" you on FB! I was never able to request the coupons myself but I'd love to get them for free with 2 coupons even if it's not a money maker for me!

Stefanie L.

December 30, 201001:53 am

I like you on FB and I already have two of my own coupons!

Becky B.

December 30, 201001:14 am

I am a liker!

Min R.

December 30, 201001:00 am

Like, like, likey like!


December 30, 201012:40 am

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Marci Campbell

December 30, 201012:38 am

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December 30, 201012:28 am

Liker isn't the word for it Lover is more like it.Whenever I have a spare minute I rush to you to see what is new..I so appreciate all you put into this, Thank You so much


December 30, 201012:17 am

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December 30, 201012:12 am

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December 29, 201011:38 pm

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Allison J

December 29, 201011:38 pm

I am a liker too!! I have tried repeatedly to get these coupons. Each time I clicked it said there was an error :( I was able to get the Excedrin PM, but that is all.


December 29, 201011:34 pm

I am a LIKER!! :)


December 29, 201011:31 pm

I am a liker!! Thanks for all the tips

Melissa W

December 29, 201011:23 pm

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