Here is a current list of FREE Walmart items. Please keep in mind that Walmart prices and selection as well as coupon availability can vary GREATLY from by region, but these can serve as a guideline. If you know of something not on the list, please let us know!!


And don’t forget to take your coupon for a FREE 2 oz RevitaLens OcuTec MPDS Starter Kit with lens case in the Walmart vision center. Additionally, print this completed coupon to receive a FREE Lens Cloth and Cleaner! One per customer, while supplies last.

View the Walmart Corporate Coupon Policy. I would suggest printing it and taking it with you to avoid any most cashier issues.

For the coupons with values higher than item prices, make sure you have purchased other items to cover the overage.

(thanks so much Couponing To Disney, Peachy Saving, I Heart The Mart!)

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November 2, 201105:31 pm

Same thing happened with me and the Tide. CSM said procter and gamble basically said they won't reimburse them and that they are foolish to take a 2.00 coupon for a trial size.


November 2, 201103:19 pm

I didn't get upset at all. My thought was this: When has the stores contacted manufactures regarding coupons? I was just stumped. I believe that all stores should stand behind there own coupon policies they themselves have put forth.


November 2, 201108:41 am

Has anyone found the breathe right trial size? I can't seem to locate them at any wal-mart near me and I have 3! The clerks didn't have an idea what I was talking about either. Also, on a side note, I agree with Kat. Is is really worth getting upset with a checker for a .97c laundry detergent. If that is your biggest worry, I wish we could trade lives!


November 2, 201108:17 am

I had the same thing happen on the Tide $2 MFC. Normally, my Walmart does not dispute the coupons I've used in the past, but when I tried to use the Tide coupon, the CSM said that because it has a picture of a detergent bottle, that she would not permit it to be used for the travel size. I then stated that the coupon does not have a size specification, but she didn't budge. She was very polite & said she had also refused the same coupon from another lady earlier in the day & that this lady was VERY UPSET with her. I'm going to try a different store. How many Walmarts are in this country? My thought is that it will vary from store to store. I just wanted to add that there is no need to get all upset at the employees; it's actually very embarrassing to me as a couponer when customers do that. I do not understand why some people act like everyone owes them something.


November 1, 201108:11 pm

I tried using the 2$ tide coupon on 2 travel size tide and the clerk told me they have talked to the manufacture and the coupons cannot be used on travel size?????