The Kroger Mega Event is SMOKIN’ this week (and next!), plus we can still take advantage of the awesome Kraft Catalina as it is still valid through 9/15!

8/19 – 9/15 | Kraft Foods Products*
Buy (3-5) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (6-9) = $5.00 OYNO
Buy (10) = $10.00 OYNO

*View Participating products HERE

We also have an overlapping Catalina offer for Kraft Mayo that I spotted in my store today!!

9/3 – 9/30 | Kraft Mayo Products
Buy (2) = $2.00 OYNO

Here is a list of all the participating MEGA Sale items that coincide with the Kraft Catalina, plus a MEGA awesome deal scenario at the bottom that will score you 10 items for better than FREE!! This deal scenario is based on printable coupons that you SHOULD have printed when I posted them on August 24th. They are NO longer available, so you may have to tweak your trip based on this.

MEGA Event and Kraft Catalina Deal Scenarios:

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September 13, 201211:49 pm

How are you gals using 5 of the same coupon? (like on the lunchables?) My local Kroger only allows 3 like coupons. I thought that was the Kroger policy? Has it changed?


September 14, 201210:17 am

Summer, every Kroger store sets their own policy on coupon limits. My store limits 2 like internet printables and 5 like insert coupons. So, you'll need to adjust your scenario to keep with policy. I wish Kroger had a corporate-wide coupon policy. That would make my job a LOT easier! ;)


September 13, 201209:35 pm

My local Kroger said they would not accept target coupons. Is that corporate kroger policy?


September 14, 201210:18 am

Monica, Kroger does NOT accept competitor store coupons; however, these are NOT Target store coupons. They are regular manufacturer coupons that make no mention of Target on them anywhere. In fact, they generate from The Coupon Network.


September 10, 201210:02 am

I bought 6 kraft singles, 2 kraft shredded cheese and 2 mayo and I only got a $10 catalina. Nothing printed for the mayo??? Just wondered why?


September 10, 201211:22 am

Christina, the Mayo Catalina SHOULD have printed. What variety did you purchase? You can contact them to request your Catalina...information is in this post:

Shelly in Toledo

September 9, 201205:10 am

Wow, it has been a little bit since I have done some couponing, and did not know you had a seperate Kroger webby :DD So happy to have stumbled upon it! I am definitely going to Krogers....even without coupons... Deal #1 is .49 cents a piece....this rocks!! TY so much :))


September 7, 201202:29 pm

Thank you Peggy for the tip on the manu coupons on target for the kraft cheese, just what I needed to do another kraft deal!


September 7, 201210:04 am

anyone with kids the lunchables with fruit end up being pretty good deal too they are on sale for 2.49 and have peelies on them 1.00 off 2 so you use 5 of them and get your 10.00 kraft catalina makes em like .99


September 6, 201210:59 pm

Cat and Heidi Did you buy the 2% American singles? If so, they are not 12+ ounces, so don't qualify for the catalina. A lot of people are making that mistake, so just wondered...


September 6, 201201:44 am

Oh, BTW. This is in reference to my previous comment... I forgot to mention that the coupon is a manufacturer coupon.


September 6, 201201:41 am

To All, there is a coupon on coupons for $1 off when you buy any two Kraft Singles (8-16 oz) that is still printing! Woo hoo!


September 6, 201212:57 am

@ Heidi, You will get BOTH Catalinas as long as you buy 10 total items and 2 of them are the Mayo. Happy Shopping!


September 5, 201210:36 pm

I bought six of the Kraft singles and 4 Kraft dressings, but it only printed a $2 OYNO. What happened?


September 5, 201210:07 pm

Cat: the $2 is only for Mayo.


September 5, 201209:56 pm

I just found your site today and WOW!!!! I am so glad. Great finds for Krogers. Our store also had the coupons on the cheese slices and they freeze well so what a great find. Thank you.


September 5, 201201:09 pm

I just came from Krogers and got 8 kraft singles and 2 miracle whip....I got the 10.00 Catalina but not the 2.00 I am wondering if it's just for the mayo and not the miracle whip.? Does anyone know?

bonnie c

September 5, 201201:05 pm

I freeze bologna and cheese all the time! The only thing with cheese is that if you buy the blocks, it will get crumbly but the slices and shreds do perfectly well, you can't tell they've been frozen! btw, there is also a .50/1 mayo/miracle whip coupon that was in the 8/19/12 SS Expires on 9/16/2012.


September 5, 201210:23 am

I bought 6 of the Kraft singles hoping to get $5 in catalina but it did not print. I know their machine was working because it printed another coupon. I got home trying to figure out what went wrong, I realized the ones on sale that I bought are 10.7 oz The catalina deal is for the 12 oz. So you might want to be sure of what is on sale in your region and check the size. It was still a good deal for me because I use $4 coupons on them and paid only $5 for the 6.


September 5, 201212:12 am

I just got back from Kroger tonight and paid $11.40 and got back $10 Kraft Catalina and $2 Mayo Catalina. I purchased 2 Singles Cheese, 2 Lunch Meat, 4 Dressings, and 2 Mayo with Olive Oil. I got 4 Kraft BBQ sauce, 2 Country Time Lemonade, 2 Snack Seafood, and 2 El Paso for free and a bunch of other foods for really cheap. Thank you, Katarina!


September 5, 201210:10 am

Awesome shopping haul Dung!! Thanks for sharing! :)


September 4, 201211:05 pm

did this yesterday: 2 Kraft Singles, 2 Mio's, 2 Kraft Dressings(correct size), 2 Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh, 2 Kraft Shreds, 2 Kraft Light Mayos 22 oz.....used various coupons and got a great deal but only got the $5 off Kraft catalina and the $2 off Kraft Mayo catalina.....


September 4, 201210:50 pm

The Kraft singles (1.49 w/ $1/2 coupon from blinkie) did NOT trigger the catalina for me. Did I mess it up? Or is there somewhere I can print the deal out and take it in?


September 4, 201210:47 pm

Can you keep getting catalinas in separate transactions, say I get the 10 kraft cheese and get a $10 catalina, can I use it right after that on a separate transaction and just say I get 10 more cheese, will it give me another $10 catalina?


September 5, 201210:12 am

Amy, yes - Catalinas will ROLL at Kroger.


September 4, 201210:46 pm

Did this today: (2) Kraft Singles (4) Miracle Whip Used (2) $1/1 Kraft Singles coupon & (4) $1/1 Miracle Whip (I have 2 computers). Final Cost: $6.94 Received $5 off my next shopping trip! That means only $1.94 for everything! I love Kroger Mega Events!

Jeff & Julie

September 4, 201210:30 pm

Katarina, just found your site through the Money Saving Mom link up. We shop Kroger in College Station, TX. Great to see your posts here...they will be helpful! I'll add you to my google reader subscriber list. Thanks for helping us (I do the couponing to help me wife...we've got 4 kids ages 2-7!).


September 5, 201210:13 am

Jeff & Julie, thanks so much for your comment! Great to have you!! :)


September 4, 201209:40 pm

I'm wondering if it's ALL Kraft Mayo/Miracle Whip 12oz+ or just the Light/Low Cal varieties?


September 4, 201209:31 pm

I figured out what I did wrong. I bought the 22 oz size instead of the 30 oz larger size mayo. (but the Catalina does say 12oz) confusing 0: but I still got some great deals.....thanks for all the helpful info! (:


September 4, 201208:41 pm

Is the regular Kraft Mayo and Miracle Whip included in the Catalina deal? I have the cat they gave me announcing the upcoming Catalina deal and it states in the included items: Mayo/Miracle Whip Light/Low Cal. (12oz+) Does that mean it's ONLY the light or low cal? Has anyone gotten the $10 Catalina when you bought the regular Mayo or Miracle Whip? Thanks in advance. My ad doesn't start until Thursday and I wanted to get the deal right.


September 4, 201207:13 pm

Thanks for the match ups! I've been giving myself a headache trying to figure out some good kraft scenarios. So thankful for bloggers like you who do it for me. :) Our mega-sale won't start until tomorrow, so I have my Q's ready to go.


September 4, 201209:05 pm

Thanks for saying that Chelsea! Glad to help! :)


September 4, 201206:04 pm

Lu, I'm not sure I'm understanding your question. The Mayo is included in 2 Catalina offers, so you should get both the $10 and the $2. I have it included in Deal Scenario #1. You will get BOTH Catalinas as long as you buy 10 total items and 2 of them are the Mayo.


September 4, 201205:51 pm

On the included products list it reads Mayo/Mircle Whip. I know there is a overlapping catalina offer for mayo....( I got one and it messed up my chance for $10 back) the Kraft Mayo would not count towards the larger offer? only the Mircle Whip? (gonna try again this time no Mayo) (:


September 4, 201205:11 pm

Silly question ... can bologna be froze?


September 4, 201205:37 pm

I googled it and found this: