Here is the full inclusions list for the Buy 10, Save $5 Instantly Mega Event!! This is a 2 week sale and boy is it a good one!  This is the full inclusions list of everything that was advertised, as well as what I found in-store. Keep in mind that some deals and prices will vary by region, but this can serve as a guideline. I will be updating this list as coupons come and go. 

There were no limits advertised, but according to in-store signage there is a limit of 5 rewards per transaction. Many of you have reported that this is not being enforced, but you may want to check before loading up that cart.

If you’re new around here, you may also want to view my How to Shop a Kroger Mega Event tutorial.

**pricing below reflects the mega discount assuming you have purchased 10 participating items



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Alma Parks

February 3, 201301:03 am

Are you sure this is right???..... Azteca Tortillas (small, 10 ct) - $0.79 Use $0.25/1 Azteca Tortillas from 01/22 SS (exp 1/31) (doubles to $0.50) Final cost is $0.29. I have a 01/20 SS. Does that coupon really expire 9 days after it was put out?

Alma Parks

February 3, 201312:30 am

The balance bar "printable", Facebook site states: Just a quick note that our coupon is down for maintenance.


February 1, 201302:46 pm

What date exactly does all of this end?


January 31, 201302:35 pm

I'm sure everyone knows this already, but since I looked it up I thought I would share - Wholly Guacamole "Classic" can be frozen for up to 3 months. I have 3 coupons and wanted to use them all for this sale, but really didn't *need* 3 Guacamoles! ;D


January 31, 201301:41 am

I saw the All Small & Mighty Free Laundry Detergent (Liquid, 26-32 Uses) - $2.49 I got this yesterday plus there was a $1 hang tag coupon, also look for the size with a bonus amount in it for the same price (40 loads).


January 30, 201301:37 pm

While I do love these Mega events, they are a little overwhelming. Thanks for all your work!!!


January 30, 201310:02 am

Just wanted to say thanks so much!! I went shopping last night and saved almost $300.00!!! My total was $175.00 for two OVERFLOWING carts! Amazing! Thanks again!


January 28, 201310:03 pm

Thanks!!!! Just shopped using a bunch of these deals! The cashier said " girl you know how to shop!" :). Thanks so much!


January 28, 201301:43 pm

Khaleelah, I dont know if it will work or not, it might but I think that would be unethical since the coupon is not for that product.


January 27, 201306:03 pm

I found 68 load powdered Tide in the Clean Breeze scent on closeout for $9.59 at my local Dillons. It counted in the Mega items also.


January 27, 201310:42 am

In relation to the relation to the Coca-Cola, Pepsi or 7UP Varieties (2 Liter) - $1.00 I was wondering if the $1 on any TWO Diet Pepsi 2 liters q ( zip 18051) will work on regular Pepsi? I only ask because the 3 musketeers q works on any Mars product.


January 26, 201307:43 pm

Thank you for what you do! I came across your site just a couple days ago and was soo excited to see my grocery bill go from $216.00 to $130.00 yesterday! It's all because your lists helped me really use my coupons in the best way!


January 26, 201312:55 pm

Thank you to everyone for your positive comments! I appreciate it and I'm so glad to hear your success stories!! :)


January 26, 201312:54 pm

Kimberly, I appreciate your concern that someone might be committing coupon fraud, however this is not one of those cases. The Kroger Coupon Policy does NOT address this issue, therefore it is at the discretion of the user and the store manager to decide if they will accept them. If the Post coupon said, "Save $1 on Post Cereal AND Fruit", yes...use one coupon for both items. However, this coupon states "Save $1 on Fruit WHEN YOU BUY Post Cereal", which leaves the cereal available for a coupon. Nowhere on that coupon does it say you have to pay full price for the cereal you are paying for. Many MANY Buy One, Get One Free coupons are also only coded for the free item, which leaves the other item open for a coupon to attach to. This coupon is worded very much like a BOGO coupon. To put this in perspective, note what the corporate coupon policy for Rite Aid Store says about this in their coupon policy: "A customer can use one “cents off” coupon (a coupon of fixed value such as $.50, $1.25, etc.) in conjunction with the item they are purchasing on a Buy One, Get One Free promotion or with a Buy One, Get One Free coupon." Obviously, if a National store like Rite Aid is going to accept this scenario, it is NOT coupon fraud. With that being said, Kroger does NOT have a Corporate wide policy - just regional ones - and so this is left to each store to set their own policy. If you don't feel it's right to use 2 coupons like this, then by all means don't do it. But please don't throw around the term "Coupon Fraud" when it's clearly a gray area.

Amanda W.

January 26, 201311:37 am

Kimberly, first off I want to start out by saying you are extremely rude for accusing someone of fraud when the coupons are legit. You need to learn how to read coupons! If you don't like this blog, take your childish and rude a** somewhere else. On a high note, I thank Katarina for this blog! If it weren't for her help, I wouldn't be able to save so much money! My husband is away right now for a few more months and its just my child and I living in the home and we are on a very limited budget and with this blog, I've saved so much money, and got so much free stuff....its truely been my lifesaver! Thank you Katarina for ALL you do!


January 26, 201302:49 am

I absolutely love this site.. I click on the link just for curiosity and was total blown away..Thank you for your hard and making it easier for me to get good deals..Wish I found this site last year but this year I will have this site to stalk when I go


January 25, 201301:47 pm

My krogers said there wasn't a limit for the buy 10 get $5 off. My store told me I couldn't in one transation have over 5 of the same product if useing coupons. So if I have 5 cans of a product and had 5 of the same coupon and the coupon did't have a limt then it was ok. Then just had to get 5 other items with different coupons. Lets say I had 10 coupons for 10 items of the same then would have to do different transations. Why do stores make these things so hard? We always have to keep a eye out for these things.


January 25, 201309:12 am

Kimberly- as already explained, the second coupon is for the fruit (so, product Y in your example). She is using one coupon per item. This is a legitimate way to use two coupons on two items (cereal and fruit).


January 25, 201302:55 am

I do now how to read thank you very much. When a coupon lists Buy X and get Y free, you cannot use another manufacturer coupon on product X. It even states that in the fine print on the coupons it is also Kroger's coupon policy. so tell me how using 2 manufacturers coupon on the same product isn't fraudulent use.


January 24, 201311:40 pm

I'm not for sure if this is on all Maxwell International coffee containers or not, but at my local Dillons I found a whole display of the French Vanilla and Suisse Mocha flavors that have .55/1 coupons, good til the end of the year. I did go down the coffee aisle to the rest of the flavors and didn't see any q's on those ones so it may just be a special amount because they didn't look to be in any special display


January 24, 201301:28 pm

Red Baron pizza is $1.99 use $1.00 off coupon on 2. Great sale. Angela, I wish Houston would double up again!!! thanks for the list.


January 24, 201301:07 pm

There is a coupon for $1.00 /2 Hormel peperoni that you can load to your card.


January 24, 201311:40 am

Thank you so much! I am grateful for the work that you do. In the past 3 weeks I have seen my grocery bill go from $191.60 to $166.65 to $115.21! I sure hope this trend continues!! LOL!


January 23, 201304:15 pm

Kimberly, I have used similiar coupons before. The first coupon is for the cereal itself and the second coupon is for the fruit when you buy the cereal. Therefore it is for two different products.


January 23, 201304:12 pm

Do you know how long this sale lasts? Just through this week or longer? Thanks if anyone can share!


January 23, 201306:43 pm

atlantagalknows, this is a 2 week sale.


January 23, 201303:45 pm

Thanks for everything you do. I am so surprised that some people can be SO EXTREMELY RUDE while posting comments. If you do not understand coupon rules or how to read and interpret a coupon, keep it to yourself, please do not howler at the web admin, no one forced you to follow the blog. Also do not forget she is human and can make mistake, if you think so, you can always point it out nicely so that she can correct it. In this case however it is not a mistake. Seesh people, grow-up.


January 23, 201303:11 pm

I'm also bummed that the pepperoni minis weren't marked $0.89 but $2.29 at the two stores I frequent in Toledo, Oh. =(


January 23, 201303:10 pm

Kimberly, The second one she lists is for "Save $1 on Fresh Fruit wyb (1) participating Post Cereal (13 oz+) Tearpad (exp 4/30)" So the second coupon is for fruit IF you buy a participating Post cereal item. Because the coupon is not for the cereal, you can use a coupon on the cereal and the coupon for the fruit. Did that help?


January 23, 201302:31 pm

Look for $1.50/2 peelies on the Krusteaz Cinnamon Crumb Cake & Muffin Mix ... after MEGA & Peelie only $1.54/ea. wyb 2.


January 23, 201302:07 pm

um, i don't understand how you can use 2 manufacture coupons on the post cereal. you can only use one or the other not both. THAT IS COUPON FRAUD!!


January 23, 201312:30 pm

At my Kroger in Portsmouth,Virginia, the Wholly Salsa is $1 after the Mega Deduction which calculates to a 50 cent overage when using the $1.50 Coupon. The Jose Ole products at my location are $2.79 with the Mega deduction and $1.29 each when using the $3 off 2 coupon. Enjoy!


January 23, 201310:45 am



January 23, 201309:52 am

Thank you so much for posting this. It makes it very helpful when doing my shopping!


January 23, 201309:48 am

I agree with Pamela. I just emailed my list to myself and was very pleasantly surprised to see that the list includes all the possible coupons I could use to get "the deals". This is SUPER helpful!


January 23, 201309:10 am

Thank you very much for posting the weekly deals where I can print out my list and keep them coming! I always love to check on the deals from your blogs everyday where I can use the coupons to stock up more items for our home and always love to save money by use the coupons! :)


January 23, 201308:34 am

Check to see if your store is clearancing out the Krusteaz Gingerbread and Sugar Cookie mixes. Ours are priced at $.50 AND are also included in the Mega Sale so techinically FREE without a coupon :)