I received a heads up on this deal from Anna last night and I could not WAIT to confirm this with a picture! Two words: FREE WIPES!! Barbara ventured out bright and early and while they did NOT have signage up yet (she went back and grabbed a picture of them!!) she did send us an image of her receipt that shows them ringing up for just $1.99, then $1 off mega savings (when you purchase 5 participating items). I also received an email from Marie that they were $1.99 at her store as well.

Plus, we have 2 printables available that will make these FREE (if doubled)!!

Pampers Wipes (64-72 ct) – $0.99 (wyb 5 participating items)
Use $0.50/1 Pampers Wipes (60 ct+) printable (doubles to $1.00)
Or $0.50/1 Pampers Wipes printable (click “save now” image)
Final cost is as low as FREE!

I hope you have plenty of coupons on hand and get there early – these will be flying off the shelves like hot cakes! This sale will last for the next two weeks.

(thanks Anna, Barbara & Marie!)

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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April 17, 201307:49 am

So, I just want to make sure that I use this right! I buy 5, I get them for 99 cents each. Then, I can use 4 coupons at Kroger [is that their policy?] then I pay 99 cents for 5 total. Right? Thanks!!


April 17, 201302:30 pm

Kate, every store sets their own policy on coupon limits so you'll need to ask them. My store only allows 2 identical printable coupons so for the pampers wipes deal, I had to make sure I had 3 other mega sale items to qualify for the mega discount of $1 per item. It doesn't have to be ALL pampers wipes - you can buy ANY of the qualifying mega items to get your 5.

Teri Jo

April 10, 201312:37 pm

My local Kroger (Perrysburg, OH) had these priced at 1.99. I had the cashier test the price. No deal there. Bummer. I don't even have a kid in diapers anymore. I just remember the cost of them so I donate them. Better luck next time.


April 10, 201308:05 am

My local Kroger (near Flint, MI) doubles coupons up to $1 - this would be an excellent money-maker! Thanks KLC!


April 9, 201311:23 pm

Christine, how many scrubbing bubbles do you accually have to buy to get the catalina ? Thanks


April 10, 201311:07 am

Angie, information on the Scrubbing Bubbles deal is in this post: https://www.krogerkrazy.com/2013/04/hot-scrubbing-bubbles-moneymakers-at-kroger-more-sc-johnson-catalina-scenarios/


April 8, 201310:20 pm

Thanks so much for putting all these specific deals together. Today, I got 5 pamper wipes, 3 scrubbing bubbles heavy duty spray, 2 scrubbing bubbles bathroom foam, 3 Hormel compleats, 2 reach floss. Paid 5.12 and got 2 catalinas back worth $5 (one for reach and other for scrubbing bubbles). I love how you put these specific deals together and make them stand out.


April 8, 201309:54 pm

This is a GREAT unadvertised deal even w/o coupons!


April 8, 201312:23 am

Though my region in California doesn't always reflect your prices, I am so grateful for all you do with your blog! You keep me updated on everything Kroger (Ralph's in my area), and I'm happy to see others get such great savings! Thx!

Cathy E.

April 8, 201312:19 am

I can't believe I am just finding out about this site!

Cathy E.

April 7, 201311:04 pm

I just had to comment again! I have been reading the deals and printing coupons and I am so excited I can't stand it! I can't wait to go to Kroger this week! Thank you again so much for your help!


April 7, 201311:33 pm

LOL Cathy! You're welcome! :)


April 7, 201310:10 pm

My Kroger was on sale last week for 1.99, with doubled coupons made them 1.00...I used all of my coupons because there are NEVER any deals in my region for free wipes. Then I log on and see this....gut wrenching. I have two in diapers and one due in August so I can use all of the free baby items I can get. :( Better luck next time (if there is a next time for me)...


April 7, 201311:36 pm

Ashley...sorry to hear that. Hopefully the coupons will reset for us! :)


April 7, 201309:57 pm

Thanks Katarina.. At times like this I wish I had more than 1 computer but hey 2 free wipes is better than nothing ;)


April 7, 201311:36 pm

You're welcome Rose! :)

Cathy E.

April 7, 201309:41 pm

I just found your website, thanks to mojosavings. I am so happy and look forward to learning all the Kroger deals from you! Thank you so much!


April 7, 201309:27 pm

so I have a question... when you go to kroger and get an awesome deal like this the coupon says only 4 a like coupons per household per day so does that mean I can only buy 4 packs of pampers wipes a day?


April 7, 201309:44 pm

Christine, yes. That is what you're supposed to do.


April 7, 201306:08 pm

Thank you so much for this one...8 packs of wipes for me totally free...whether I use them myself or I donate them to our chruch...they will sure come in handy!!!


April 7, 201302:12 pm

you are SO awesome!! i am having a new neice or nephew in the fall coming..so this is perfect...i think i might preorder though...just to be safe. thanks for all you do, i appriciate it too!! :)


April 7, 201312:55 pm

I would like to say Thank you very much for your time and effort for all you do. Some don't realize how much time this takes and I for one appreciate you very much. I would have to say to those that always have some type of comment-do the match-ups yourself therefore you won't have any reason to be "let down"! Thanks again!!


April 7, 201303:27 pm

thank you so much Q! :)


April 7, 201310:06 am



April 7, 201310:02 am

Karen, I think you have to read the whole paragraph, she did state; Plus, we have 2 printables available that will make these FREE (if doubled)!! She had if doubled in parenthesis but I think 99 cents is deal even if we do not have coupons =)


April 7, 201309:35 am

My Kroger doesn't double anymore either. Wish she would write "possibly free" so I wouldn't get so excited and then let down when it says when coupon doubles. :-(


April 7, 201308:50 am

The Kroger store I shop at does not double coupons anymore :(


April 7, 201308:15 am

Wow... this is AWESOME! This wasn't on the list, so I wasn't expecting it... but this totally answers my wish of free wipes yesterday! :P