Looks like ibotta has made some improvements! If you are unfamiliar with ibotta, allow me to familiarize you!

ibotta is a free smart phone app that lets you earn real money for items you purchase at many store nationwide, including Kroger! As of right now, there is no policy against stacking a paper coupons to really maximize your savings!  🙂

  • Sign up HERE (you’ll earn a $10 new user bonus)
  • Before shopping, choose your offers
    The more offers you choose, the more cash you’ll earn
  • Purchase your chosen items at store Nationwide
    They are adding more stores everyday!
  • Take a photo of your receipt
    They’ll verify your purchases and credit your account within 24 hours
  • Every time you redeem an offer, they send you a new one
  • Tell them your likes and dislikes and you’ll get more personalized offers (do this by clicking on the coupon image and then choosing thumbs down or thumbs up.)
We have NEW ways to earn with bonuses and store extras! Go to the Main Menu in the Ibotta app to discover your Bonuses. As you complete Bonuses, you will unlock even more! Be on the lookout for hidden surprises.
Every new user can earn an extra $2 NOW $10 for redeeming 5 offers within the first 2 weeks of registering. Also, earn and unlock new Friend Bonuses as you sign up your friends. Every time you complete a Friend Bonus, you earn real cash and unlock another one. I’m not sure if this is the case this time, but the last time they offered a bonus, you had to be referred by someone (as opposed to just downloading the app straight from your phone), so keep that in mind and use my link (or a friend’s referral link) if necessary.

You earn your coupons by taking polls, answering trivia, learning product facts, watching videos, and posting what you plan to buy on your Facebook wall. Again, when you purchase a qualifying item, just take a picture of your receipt with the app and ibotta will credit your account within 24 hours.  Once you earn $5, you can request your money via PayPal or donate to any school in America!

Sign Up HERE

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Hogan 2014

June 17, 201411:52 am

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June 20, 201312:43 am

Why do your ibotta offers not always match up with mine?


July 5, 201305:26 pm

I'm wondering the same thing. Sometimes the offers match up. But the Green Mountain coffee offer isn't showing up. I got some of the coffee today and was anxious to try it on Ibotta, but I can't find it! Can anyone help?


May 11, 201304:57 pm

i just have a regular flip phone does it work


April 11, 201311:47 am

What kind of devise do you need for this? I just have an ipod touch.