New to Mega Event shopping? Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

As promised, here is the Kroger What a Deal Mega Event full inclusions list! This is the 1st week of a 2-week Mega Event: Buy (5) Participating items (mix and match) = Receive $5 off instantly at checkout ($1 per item)! There are NO limits advertised, but each store may enforce their own, so you may want to check before you load up those carts!

I am still working on the math, but this list will provide you with participating items along with coupon matchups.  I should have it fixed up pretty by the end of the day. 🙂 Keep in mind there are always regional differences, but this list should serve as a guideline.

View the full inclusions list that Kroger provided me with HERE.

Pricing reflects additional $1 off per item assuming you have purchased 5 participating items.


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Bekah Ramsey

April 16, 201304:54 pm

Hey everyone, there's a $1.00 Nature Valley granola Bar digital coupon on the Kroger's site.. so you could actually get a box for as low as $0.99 instead of as low as $1.49. Katarina, I wasn't sure where to post this for you to see it. I just did this deal myself :)


April 15, 201309:38 pm

Hi, I'm wondering have you used your scrubbing bubbles or pledge catalina on your next purchases on more scrubbing bubbles or pledge and does a new catalina still roll? I want to know before I head to the store tomorrow! Thanks!!


April 16, 201311:44 am

Sherri, yes it is rolling. Kroger Catalinas almost always roll. ;)


April 13, 201309:08 pm

While getting your mega deals be on the lookout for an unexpected cheap sweet fix... my store had a display of Orbit gum that is on sale for $1... on that display was a coupon for $2 off when you buy 1 orbit AND 1 m and m single serve AND 1 20oz or 2L sunkist/7up... orbit... $1 M and M's... 0.89 Sunkist 2L on sale.... 0.89 after coupon .78 plus tax for a 2L a pack of gum and a thing of m and m's!


April 13, 201308:56 am

When you have a bogo coupon do they deduct the pre mega sale price?


April 13, 201301:30 pm

Anna, in my opinion the cashier SHOULD deduct the pre-mega price, because how are they to know that you purchased 5 participating items to even get the mega discount anyway? You could have miscounted, you could have only wanted to buy a couple - lots of variables. With that being said, some may insist upon it if they see that the mega discount DID in fact apply.

Roci R

April 13, 201303:07 am

There is a q on for $.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel


April 11, 201305:05 pm

I just want to say thank you.. x1,000. I've just been getting into couponing for about the past month. I've done a couple decent trips to my Rite-Aid and a little couponing at my WalMart, but I've been spending this week trying to plan a trip to a Kroger about an hour from where I live. I will be making the trip with my boyfriend next week, so for now I can at least plan around the Mega Event. Your site is my go-to right now. I called this particular Kroger this morning just to make sure I knew their store's coupon policy. I am So Excited to report that he told me they double $1 coupons and generally with coupons between $1 and $2-- they will be marked up to $2 off!!! Very excited to save money next week. He said 3 like coupons per customer, so I asked about transactions and he said they won't split up transactions there. I can't complain since they have high-doublers.. now I'm instead, just planning a transaction for myself and another for my boyfriend to be in charge of. I'm working on trying to figure out how to best organize this larger shopping trip. It can get a little overwhelming when you're not sure about different aspects of couponing yet. I have a lot of coupons expiring this month, so I plan on bringing my binder along and hopefully getting some other great deals I find along the way. Wish me luck, please! &Thanks again for all the time and effort you put into all of this.


April 11, 201309:48 pm

Sounds like you're from Michigan Carmen! I'm sure you'll do great and update us with your haul!! :) Thanks so much for commenting.

Melinda Lahti

April 10, 201311:04 pm

My sister in law is teaching me to be a wise shopper with coupons, I love your list and the way you break it down. It really helps thank you. Melinda

Cathy E.

April 10, 201301:18 am

The catalina deal confused me at the store today. The little stickers they had up only said buy 3 and get a $2 catalina.


April 9, 201302:34 pm

KRISTIN: Yes, in order to receive a $4.00 OYNO you have to purchase 5 of the participating items, 3/25 – 4/21 | Scrubbing Bubbles, Windex, Pledge, Shout or Scrubbing Bubbles with Fantastik Buy (3) = $2.00 OYNO Buy (4) = $3.00 OYNO Buy (5) = $4.00 OYNO Any of the said items will generate the catalina for you & you can mix or match. Mega event puts them at a lower sale price but has nothing to do with the catalina, just makes it a even better save. Katarina has a list of all the good deals in her catalina section.


April 9, 201301:28 pm

Hi- With the Scrubbing Bubbles deal: 1. Do I have to buy 5 Scrubbing Bubbles products to get the $4 off my next order? Or are the prices just based on the 5/5 deal where I have to group my items in 5? 2. Do I have to buy all Heavy Duty Fantastik cleaners or can I mix/match with other Scrubbing Bubbles products? I'm going to the store later today, would be helpful to know ASAP from anyone who can help! Thanks!


April 9, 201311:34 am

Does anybody know if the Nestle Pure Life Water Catalina is good at all Kroger Stores, I live in California and shop at Ralphs , currently this week at our Food 4 Less store has the Nestle water for 2..98 when you buy 4, and there is a Catalina (when you buy 4, you get $5), now I see in the Ralphs ad the Nestle water is 2.99, just wondering if the Catalina is going to work here also. I believe the Catalina runs on this through 4/21. P.S. my Catalina didn't print initially, but I did contact Catalina Marketing and it was verified through my receipt and they are sending me the coupon for $5.00, and I believe that Ralphs and Food 4 less are both Kroger affiliates?

Roci R

April 9, 201311:17 am

Wanted to share the SC Johnson deal I did yesterday since it was mainly digital q's that I had just loaded: 2 scrubbing bubbles = $3.98 - $2/2 digital q = $1.98 1 scrubbing bubbles w/ fantastik = $1.49 - $1/1 digital q = $.49 1 scrubbing bubbles kitchen cleaner = $1.49 - $.50/1 mq ip = $.49 (q doubled) 1 pledge = $2.99 - $1/1 digital q = $1.99 - $3 oyno catalina from reach paid $1.95 & received $4 oyno from SC Johnson

Tracy N.

April 9, 201311:11 am

I knew I had a K. Arthur coupon somewhere and I couldn't remember where. Thanks for the reminder. It was still on the egg carton in the recycling bin. :)


April 9, 201310:18 am

There are also new coupons for Purex! Only let me print 1 of each (detergent & crystals)

Amy S

April 9, 201309:16 am

I am so disappointed. I printed out the Bertolli q only to find out it is for one olive oil AND one vinegar. Poop. I don't need or want vinegar. I do need olive oil.


April 9, 201309:15 am

I was able to load a $1 ecoup for Campbells Go soup onto my card from the Kroger website yesterday! Check it out:)


April 9, 201309:09 am

Thanks Jeanie!


April 9, 201309:08 am

Thanks Heather...adding that one in! :) This list is still very much a work in progress...thanks for your help!


April 9, 201309:06 am

Paula - I am in NW Ohio, but when I'm compiling a list like this I have a helper take pictures for me in a region who's sale begins on Sunday (mine doesn't start until Monday) so that I have an extra day to work on it since it can literally take 2 days to complete. She is in Lexington KY. I also have SEVERAL readers from all over that send me pictures of their own finds that I will post. Since all I post are Kroger deals...I do not contain my information to just one area. Hope that helps! :)


April 8, 201310:13 pm

Don't forget there was a .75/1 coupon on egg cartons a few weeks ago for KingArthur flour!!! Great deal!!


April 8, 201309:30 pm

Just curious, what area do you live in an base most of your store info from? Thanks!


April 8, 201308:57 pm

The international delight ice coffee is priced $3.99 at my store but isn't marked as included at any of the stores near me, I visited all three today. I had to show the customer service manager the list of the included items and they had to take the $5 off at the end of my purchase. Apparently they forgot to include it in the sale but they will honor it if you ask customer service.