UPDATE: The Catalina has been pulled in some VA and WV stores…but IS still working elsewhere as far as I know. 

For the last week or so, many of you are reporting finding Green Giant Canned Vegetables for just $0.50, but it’s been very hit and miss. Even stores in the same town are posting different pricing depending on what they have in stock. HOWEVER, if you are in the Mid-Atlantic region you should find the 2/$1.00 price IN YOUR AD!! Remember, these are generating the General Mills Catalina, making them FREE!

gm catalina

4/28 – 5/29 | General Mills Participating Items
Buy (4) = $2.00 OYNO


Deal Scenario:
Buy (16) Green Giant Canned Vegetables (14.5-15.25 oz) – $0.50 each

Pay $8.00, get back (4) $2.00 OYNO (thru 5/29)
Final cost is 16 for FREE!

As with almost ALL Kroger Catalinas, this one is rolling…so take those Cats you just earned to buy 16 more! 🙂

(thanks Brandi!)

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May 25, 201310:45 pm

Clarksburg WV (midatlantic region) stopped printing cat's by 5/22...The cost was $8.08 for the first 16 cans ($8 back in cats) then each set of 16 cans cost 8¢ after the $8 cats..People that rolled the cat's helped ALOT of other needy families and/or food pantry's!! It was a BLESSING in disquise! If it was such a problem then Kroger should've put a limit on daily transactions and NOT stopped the cat's altogether!!!


May 25, 201310:11 pm

Why would they pull the catalina? My mom bought some yesterday because I told her too and did not get the catalina, I went to buy some more today and they told me the catalina was not printing, so I came home and searched for this post. Do you think my mom could submit for a catalina that did not print?

Deb Mullins

May 25, 201305:12 pm

Just shopped Ashland, KY Kroger today, bought 16 cans of GGveggies 2/1$ and no Catalina's printed =\


May 24, 201309:20 pm

Just another way to screw us over in Mid Atlantic... Sorry ladies, but it's the truth. Other states double up to a dollar so I'm at a loss as to why we are being "penalized" by having doubles up to 50 cents being taken away.


May 24, 201301:00 pm

I would like to note, I went to Kroger last night and bought 8 packages of Kraft Natural Big Slice cheese and 8 cans of Green Giant green beans. Neither printed a Catalina. The guy who rang us up told us to call or come in today (it was like 10pm, no one was at customer service then) and when we spoke to them today they informed us the Catalina network pulled the Green Giant Catalina because people were buying 100′s of cans, and when they did, the Kraft cheese Catalina went with it.


May 23, 201310:04 am

I wish I would have read the comments before I purchased 4 cans this morning. No catalina and I'm n VA. The sign was changed to a yellow sale sign. But was hoping it was just to make it an unadvertised deal.


May 23, 201308:37 am

Oh and I noticed on my receipt that even though they are supposed to be 50 cents each they actually ring up 49 cents each- I'm guessing this is so they can say the catalina 'exceeds" the sale price?


May 23, 201308:35 am

Just a heads up it would appear the last day for this was the 21st in Virginia.. They are still 2/$1 but no catalina. None of the stores in Virginia Beach are doing it and friends in Richmond and Roanoke said its a no-go there. When I asked a manager about it saying online that it lasted until the 29th I was given an $8 giftcard as a one-time courtesy but he said it was an obvious "over-sight" (I'm assuming that they didn't realize the can goods would be free"?) and that the Catalina was pulled on the Green Giant products for this region.


May 22, 201310:22 pm

The key word is ' Exceed ' . The coupon does not exceed the cost of the item, it matches it. I had no problem using coupons last night, and it generated me 2 more Catalinas.

Mary Ann

May 22, 201304:28 pm

Yes, it did not generate catalina today when I bought 16. It did yesterday.

Tina Kitty

May 22, 201304:06 pm

Anyone else come across the catalina not working? Apparently stores in mid Atlantic are having problems as I found this response from Kroger facebook. (NOTE THIS WAS FOUND UNDER RECENT POST BY OTHERS) "We're posting our reply here as well as on your post from today to make sure any other customers are aware of our response...We appreciate your concerns regarding our promotion, and apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you. It came to our attention that the promotion on the Green Giant products and the Catalina coupon were in conflict with our coupon policy that states, "Amount refunded cannot exceed the cost of the item". The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the quantity of coupons or items used or purchased in a single transaction, by a single customer, or in a single day. We do apologize and have passed along your concerns to our internal teams for review."


May 21, 201309:35 pm

Just a heads up- all of mine came with 2 box tops for education-- you guys may think about clipping yours and mailing them to Tower Plaza or Briarwood Elementary-- each one is worth 10 cents and its a relatively free way to donate to the tornado victims (only cost is the stamp and envelope!) Just a thought :)


May 21, 201303:01 pm


Alma Parks

May 20, 201310:24 pm

I looked again today they're still 4/$5 here in Dalton, Ga. I sure need some can vegaetables been very low for awhile waiting on a coupon deal. The catalina program ends 5/29/13. :(

Save a lot

May 20, 201302:00 pm

They are 4/$5 in GA also at my Kroger


May 20, 201311:06 am

Could you do 5 transactions and get 20 cans for $2? Like buy 4 cans for $2 get a $2 catlina. Do another transaction buy 4 cans use the $2 catlina and get another $2 catlina? Do that until you've gotten 4 catlina coupons...should be 20 cans...


May 20, 201312:40 pm

Yes, Catharine...that scenario will work as well. :) Minimum of 4 items to generate (1) $2 catalina. Maximum of 16 items in one transaction.


May 19, 201306:38 pm

Thanks Kim! Off to stock up on some veggies!


May 19, 201305:54 pm

My store had them for 4 for $5.00 and I got a $2.00 catlina. Maybe they will be $2 for $1.00 next week I hope


May 19, 201305:51 pm

For the cats, is it $2 off anything in store or just those general mills products?


May 19, 201304:24 pm

My Kroger is in Portsmouth, Virginia and they have the Green Giant 2 for $1. Catalina worked just fine! Thanks Kroger Lady :)


May 19, 201303:27 pm

Does the midatlNtic have a Sunday-Saturday sales cycle? Mine starts on wednesday, so the green giants will probable be .50 by then, right?


May 19, 201302:42 pm

I just went to Kroger, bought 16 cans, paid $8.00 (2/$1) and got back (4) $2 cats! So you don't have to separate them. You are limited to 4 deals per transaction, however. And how cool that you can roll the cats into another Green Giant veggie deal? Sweet!!


May 19, 201311:39 am

Yes! My ad has them for 2/$1! But I thought to get all the cats I had to do individual transactions?


May 19, 201310:32 am

my Kroger only has them 4 for $5 but you get the catalina