Here is the full inclusions list for the current What a Deal Kroger Mega Event. This is a 2 week sale! Buy (5) Participating Products (mix & match) and receive $5 off INSTANTLY at checkout. The in-store tags advertise NO LIMITS!!

Click HERE to open the full inclusions list released by Kroger (will need to be signed into your google account).

New to Mega Event shopping? Check out my “How to shop a Kroger Mega Event” post.

Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event

Prices reflect additional $1 per item savings assuming you have purchased 5 participating items. 


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Roci R

September 6, 201304:37 pm

Just back from Kroger. They had 3 types of the smaller packs of Always liners (20-30ct) included in the mega event for $2.89 -$1= $1.89. If you have the girly goodies $1.50/1 q mailed from FB it will make them $.39 wyb 5 iems.


August 9, 201309:16 pm

Just got back from Kroger. They had a cat for Buy 2 Gillette Cartridges or Fusion ProGlide Styler between 6-30 and 10-2 and get $10 OYNO. I don't need these items but figured it was part of this sale and may help someone.


August 4, 201306:54 pm

If the Trix isn't labeled for the sale would it still be included like the cover girl eye-shadow? They just have a regular tag for $1.99.


August 8, 201311:47 pm

Amanda, I picked up Trix yogurt last week...unmarked at my store too, but rang up as part of mega sale.


August 1, 201312:43 pm

How Do I request the Swiffer coupons? I've looked over the site and signed up. I don't see anywhere to request them. HELP?!


July 31, 201307:57 pm

I cannot find the $5 Venus razor at my store. :o( Most everything else I see. Anyone else?


August 1, 201308:37 pm

My store only puts four on the shelf at a time, and it always seems to take several days to replace them. I would request rain checks! When I know I'm going to request a rain check at the register, I always take a picture of the empty shelf that includes a close-up of the tag with my phone so that they don't have to hunt for an ad or go check the price on the shelf. It speeds up the process considerably! Hope that helps :-)

Roci R

July 30, 201310:11 pm

Just got back for my first mega haul and I was able to use the $1/1 hillshire farms smoked sausage RP 7/28 on the links which made them $.77. The rope sausage & kielbasa are $1.77 also & used the $.75/2 hillshire farms sausage products RP 7/28 to make them [email protected]

Roci R

July 30, 201310:19 pm

Sorry, I should of said that my store doubles up to $.99 which is why the kielbasa came out to $1.02.

Amy S.

July 30, 201310:05 pm

Just back from a VERY FRUSTRATING Kroger trip. Some things I found were: MOST things were out of stock. It's Colgate on sale in WV- putnam county, at least No Covergirl on our mega- needs lipstick and Covergirl is all she'll use- I have a stockpile of EVERY other makeup brand- haha! NO DOUBLE COUPONS NOW MAKES SHOPPING REALLY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!! BOGO Gillette DID take off the pre mega price, but my $2 Ecoupon didn't come off, so I still paid a little- stockpile on this also, so that's not cool.

Roci R

July 30, 201310:16 pm

The covergirl were not marked at my store, but I got the eyeshadow anyway and they were part of the sale. Maybe they are just not marked at your store ( If you price check them it does not do any good - they just scan at regular price ) And I hear you, my store was wiped out of the "free" cleaning products, although they did have dental floss left, but that wasn't on my list since we have enough to last years. I guess everyone else around me does too. Good luck!


July 30, 201304:02 pm

Arrgh! I was only able to print 1 coupon from FB for .75 off Amy's Kitchen. Wish they offered more even in SS, RP etc...


July 30, 201303:26 pm

do the bogo coupons beep if you use them on top of another coupon? ex:// buy 1 febreze spray and 1 stick&refresh for 1.99each, then use a bogo coupon and a 1off febreze spray? will the register beep?


August 1, 201308:34 pm

I just did this deal at Dillons, and had absolutely no problem. I always give my BOGO coupons first to try to help out the cashier (because they take longer to scan/process), then my $ off ones. I bought (2) Air Effects and (2) Stick & Refresh. I used (2) BOGO coupons, as well as (1) $3/2 coupon. I ended up making $1.01 in overage to apply to the rest of my groceries! Hth :-)

Amy S.

July 30, 201303:25 pm

Does anyone know what happens if we get the movie ticket with buying the pizza and the movie is no longer in theatres? Do we get to choose another ticket? I'm wondering that about the Kellogg's Monster's U movie too, because I have 1 ticket and just need 1 more for my son's best friend.


July 30, 201302:47 am

Check out Hefty's site they have $1 off 2 foam plates coupons available.


July 30, 201310:56 am

Thanks Khaleelah! Just added that one in!


July 30, 201301:31 am

When do sale cycles usually start (time of day, I mean)? Our sale cycle starts on Wednesday, but does it start that Tuesday night/Wednesday morning 12am?


July 30, 201305:20 am

In my area (Columbus/Great Lakes region) the sale cycle starts on Mondays. It starts at 7 AM. The time is printed at the bottom of the weekly sales ad. Hth


July 29, 201309:51 pm

How do I find out which day, or even if this event occurs, here at stores in Texas (Houston area)? Last time when you listed an event, we had a completely different one...I think the one you mentioned was a buy 5 and we had a buy 3 with very different products. I'm logged in to ;)


July 30, 201301:32 am

I live in Cstat, and our sale cycle usually starts on Wednesday. The deals listed actually start earlier for other regions (Sunday or Monday).

Lori B.

July 29, 201309:36 pm

Thank you so much for the time and effort you've put into this list!!! :)


July 30, 201310:56 am

You're very welcome Lori! :)


July 29, 201308:23 pm

So...that fab Freschetta coupon ($3/2) is not printing from FB. Wish I had read their comments before attempting. Maybe they'll reply (fingers crossed...well, double crossed)!


July 30, 201304:01 am

I printed it about an hour ago no problem. Hope you get it figured out!

Lindsay Lee

July 29, 201308:05 pm

I can not for the life of me figure out how to print coupons from the common kindness page you link to. I am able to clip all of the coupon I want but I can not figure out how to print them out. There is not a print button anywhere on the screen. Please help! =)


July 30, 201304:04 am

I had the same problem until I downloaded java for redplum and couponprinter for if that helps.


July 29, 201308:20 pm

Atlanta: Hi Lindsay! Common Kindness are some of my favorite people to work with (to print coupons). They're customer service is A++, try shooting them a message...they're very prompt and helpful. I tugged on them quite a bit when I first started. Also, try giving a savings over there, too! Luck.


July 29, 201307:03 pm

Curious what region this is for?? I am indiana and we are not having this sale currently


July 29, 201308:03 pm

Brooke, if you are in the Indiana (Central) region, the sale cycle will start on Thursday.


July 30, 201308:48 am

Errrr they quit doubling our coupons on Thursday! But Thank you so much for the information :)


July 30, 201303:04 pm

I know that is hard for me, especially after Meijer stopped, but I am looking at Community Markets where they double up to $0.50 everyday.


July 29, 201304:58 pm

If you use a digital coupon does that only apply to one item or multiple if you buy more in the same transaction?


July 29, 201308:21 pm

Atlanta: Hi Tiffany, unfortunately eCoupons are only applicable once. Would be nice if they changed it, but I guess that's asking a lot (heehee).


July 29, 201304:07 pm

For the Herbal Essence Body Wash there is also a digital coupon for $1.50 off any Herbal Essence product which would make it only $.99!! :)


July 30, 201311:17 am

Its a Kroger Digital coupon.


July 30, 201310:57 am

Awesome! Thanks Nichole!! :)


July 29, 201301:58 pm

Oral-B Complete Action Power Toothbrush - $1.49 $3/1 Oral-B Adult Battery Toothbrush or 3D White Action Rechargeable Toothbrush from 7/28 PG (exp 8/31) Is that supposed to be $11.49? Or is this just an awesome deal? ;)


July 30, 201310:57 am

Elise - that deal has been updated. There are several different toothbrushes, but never found the power ones marked. Just manual.