Kroger Smartsource coupons

I have received so many emails and comments from readers that their local Kroger store is not accepting printable coupons and calling them fraudulent. Now, I get emails all the time that turn out to be nothing more than isolated cases, but this one has been reported so many times and in so many different Kroger regions that I felt it best to address it here.

Here is what the Media and Government Relations Manager for the Kroger Columbus Division told me after she spoke with Smartsource directly concerning this:

“…Kroger is still accepting printable coupons. SmartSource changed their template, and no longer prints coupons with the wording “Powered by SmartSource” (written in red ink) on the side of the coupon. Any coupon that has that printing on it is fraudulent and should not be accepted. The current template for SmartSource coupons has the watermark “S” in the background, and these coupons are accepted.”


Kroger Smartsource coupons

NOT Accepted

Kroger Smartsource coupons

Photo Credit: Coupon Information Center

Now, I realize that some store managers are not accepting ANY Smartsource printables at this time. Policy allows managers the final decision when accepting or not accepting coupons, but hopefully Corporate will release this information to managers on a local level so that everyone is educated on what coupons are legitamate and which are not. In the meantime you may want to print this out and share. I can assure you that any SmartSource printable coupons that I post here on will be completely legit and have the proper watermarking.

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August 29, 201305:13 pm

Thank you! This happen to me last week when I went thru checkout and the cashier gave them all back to me and said she couldnt not take them. I politely asked why and she said because it didnt have an extra barcode...??? and then showed example from ...??? So I went ahead and paid...walking away confused...but not giving up I approached the service desk and asked nicely why she wouldnt accept them. He looked at them and said I don't know why...because they are good coupons (looked just like your acceptable coupon) and gave me a refund. :) But I still left there scratching my head...because Ive never had that problem before. NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE AFTER READING THIS...SO THANK YOU THANK YOU..I've been wondering why since last week. lol