Kroger Must-Do Deals

Feb 19
11:38 AM

kroger must do deals

week of 2/16/14

Here are this week’s MUST-DO Kroger deals – Advertised and UNadvertised! This list is updated every Wednesday, so come back later if you’re viewing this AFTER your sale is over.

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Buy 6, Save $3 Mega Event (price reflects $0.50 per item savings assuming you purchase 6 participating items) 2 Week Sale runs through week of 3/1 with YOUR sale cycle (No LIMITS)
OTHER MUST-Do Deals (non-mega)

**I don’t include meat and local produce deals in this list because they vary so much by region. Be sure to check your local ad for those must-do deals!

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February 26, 2014

i found it in the organic cooler section in our store


February 23, 2014

I can't find the So Delicious yogurts that are free with coupon anywhere in my store. I checked the health food aisle, the health food refrigerated stuff, the regular yogurt refrigerator, and the refrigerator section of healthy stuff over my produce. Has anyone been able to find it? Could be my store doesn't carry it, but they did have So Delicious ice cream so I was hoping they would have this. I printed out 8 coupons (4 different computers) and can't find it now.


February 20, 2014

Has anyone found the Kikkoman seasoning mix? I think I've looked everywhere except where it is ;)


February 19, 2014

I hit a great deal today with the bounty towels and capri suns. My digital coupons were still active and I got 2 dollars off the towels and 1 dollar off the juice boxes. Score!


February 19, 2014

I couldn't find it at either of the krogers around me. I searched my zip code on their website and none of their products are carried around my location.

Nikki Lurty

February 19, 2014

Thank you !


February 19, 2014

At my store the Mueller's is all the way on the top shelf.


February 19, 2014

Is anyone else having difficulty locating Mueller's pot pasta? I looked at both of the Krogers near me and did not see it or an empty space on the shelf where it would have been.


February 19, 2014

There is also a few good Kroger digital coupons available. There's a $1/3 Capri Sun one and a $2/1 Bounty 6pk King Size rolls one that is left over from the Super Sale.