Rockin' coupons

Happy March!! I am so excited to tell you that the SUPER HIGH value coupons have made a return (well most of them)!! Do NOT wait to print them. Last month they did not last long so no dilly dallying!! 🙂

You can find all 6 of these under zip code 77477:

  • Click THIS LINK
  • Change your zip to 77477 at the top and hit enter
  • Refresh the page or click THIS LINK again
  • All 6 coupons will be at the top pre-clipped!


$1.25/1 Totino’s Pizza Rolls (FREE at Kroger!)

$1/1 General Mills Big G Cereal (Great for use with FREE Milk Promotion next week at Kroger!)

$1.25/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars

$1/1 Yoplait Gogurt

$1/4 Cup Yoplait Yogurt

$0.50/1 Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits ($0.49 or FREE for doublers with Kroger Mega Event!)

I’m working on getting the rest of the new coupons posted for you, but wanted to get this up right away. Can you sense my urgency? Why are you still reading? GO PRINT!! 😀

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March 2, 201412:07 pm

I have tried everything to make the coupons work but they are not there. I'm getting lots of other types of coupons offers but not these you are showing for Kroger. I used the zip you said but they are not there.


March 1, 201402:52 pm

I can't find these anywhere. I changed my zipcode but they aren't showing when i click the pre-clipped link. Are they gone?


March 1, 201412:50 pm

The English is also printed below the Spanish on mine. They will take them just fine....they may examine them for a second....but will allow.


March 1, 201411:44 am

My coupons printed in spanish for some reason will a store still take them


March 1, 201412:33 pm

Mine printed in Spanish too! I'd also like to know if the store will take them here in Georgia


March 1, 201410:36 am

I LOVE how the coupons are pre clipped! I always print from your site because you make it so easy! Thanks for all your money saving tips! Favorite site by far!! Have a blessed day!!


March 1, 201411:26 am

Thank you so much Jody!! :D


March 1, 201409:42 am

I followed all the steps and Im still not seeing them. Are they gone already?


March 1, 201408:55 am

Anybody else having problems printing from their iphone??


March 1, 201408:24 am

Darn- I wish we got another $1 off progresso soup with this lot of coupons like last time!


March 1, 201411:26 am

Penny, RIGHT? I was totally bummed not to see that one too.


March 1, 201408:23 am

Oopps!!! I just found them, they're in the back. So sorry and thanks for the information Katie, I really appreciate it!


March 1, 201408:21 am

I think these were last months printable coupons as I am not seeing these this morning???


March 1, 201407:52 am

i cant get the coupons to load onto the page when i click the link. I cant seem to figure out how to change my zip on the regular site either -- I did however get them from my iphone,ipad, and ipod.


March 1, 201407:42 am

This isn't working for me and when I look them up by brand since they aren't coming up pre clipped it doesn't have these


March 1, 201407:49 am

Did you change your zip code Ashley and then refresh the page?


March 1, 201409:00 am

Me either....used the zip refreshed, I click on the link, refreshed. ;(


March 1, 201407:27 am

thank u for making that so easy!!!


March 1, 201407:49 am

You're very welcome Amber! Thanks for that nice comment this morning. :)