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REMINDER!! This Catalina ENDS TODAY (3/23), so get yourself to Kroger if you want to score big on diapers!! 

We have a Huggies Catalina generating at Kroger that you might want to look into if you have little babies.  Now let me state that the Kroger Mega Sale tags are NOT marked but thanks to some great Kroger Krazies we found they are in fact part of the Mega Sale.  I went ahead and tested the deal to make sure and it definitely is printing the Catalina as well as getting the $1 off of each item in increments of 5.  This deal is super great!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Catalina is only generating on 42 ct or higher diaper, so the BEST deal is to purchase the jumbo pack diapers sizes 1 or 2 which have 42-50 diapers in them. After that, you're looking at the BIG Boxes. I'm guessing ALL jumbo pack diapers are ringing up with the mega sale discount ($1 off), so you can still get a great deal with the $3 coupon – just no Catalina on those smaller sizes.

Huggies Kroger Catalina

2/24 – 3/23 | Huggies (42 ct or larger), Pull-Ups (42 ct or larger) or Goodnites (27 ct or larger) Items 
Buy 2 = $5.00 OYNO
Buy 3 = $7.00 OYNO
Buy 4+ = $10.00 OYNO

Huggies Diapers Kroger

Purchasing 4 in one transaction will give you the same result; however, if you want to stockup on more than 4 – separate your transactions!! YES – this Catalina ROLLS, so use the one you earned to pay for your next order!!

Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work? Read THIS POST.

If you want larger sizes, those are included as well (also may not be tagged correctly), but are NOT generating the Catalina. STILL a great deal with just mega sale and coupons though!

Don't forget to grab your Cheap/FREE Baby Wipes too!!

(Thanks Beth and Stephanie!)

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Pat Speer

April 3, 201404:02 pm

I just tried to print coupons, thought I would try out your website. I was not thrilled to need to "install a Printer" but proceeded. The info with this "little" program takes over 700KB of memory, Really!!! I print other coupons (including barcodes) on my printer why do you need such an excessive amount of memory of MY computer if you are not gathering info from my computer?


March 24, 201410:06 am

Thanks so much for reminding us about this deal, I had printed my Q's and totally spaced it, hurried to Smiths last night and purchased $53 worth of groceries Including 2 pkg of huggies, after Q's, $30.99 plus a $5 CAT on the Huggies! Because of couponing I can afford to give 3-5 packages of diapers for gifts instead of 2! So glad you had a great visit with your sisters, thanks for testing the CATS to make out lives soooo much easier!


March 23, 201402:40 pm

Does anyone know which paper got the $3 of coupon for today (3/23)? I have looked in every paper and cannot find it! =[


March 23, 201401:34 pm

We hit four different Krogers in the past couple days, in search of sale items, because one after another were out of alot of the stuff. :( Anyway, the only diapers those 4 stores had as part of the Mega were sizes 4 & 5. The others (smaller sizes) weren't part of the Mega deal. They were $8.99 not $7.99.


March 22, 201411:42 am

My store in Findlay, OH had them marked as $9.39, but they rang up as $8.99, got the $1 off mega event AND printed the $5 catalina. I bought 2 packs of Snug & Dry, a size 1 and size 2.


March 22, 201410:17 am

I bought 4 packs of Huggies and made sure to buy the 42 count or larger. The Catalina DID NOT print for me. I did talk with a store manager and they gave me a $10 store gift card . So that was great.


March 21, 201405:01 pm

My first time couponing save $20. I bought 3 little snugglers had 3/$3 off coupons for each item and a $10 off catalina

ivy g

March 21, 201408:56 pm

I checked at my Kroger and the Little Snugglers Size 1 only had 40ct for $7.99. I thought you had to get at least 42ct for Catalina to print. Did you buy the 40ct and the catalina printed? Thanks


March 21, 201404:10 pm

DANG!! My Kroger doesn't carry the 42 ct in the little snugglers :(


March 21, 201403:55 pm

There are no Huggies diaper/wipes coupons in my 2/23 SS inserts at all. :( Are the coupons regional?


March 21, 201404:02 pm

They were in the Columbus Dispatch. (1) .40/1 Wipes, and (2) $1/1 diapers


March 21, 201401:01 pm has the $3/1 printables


March 21, 201404:44 pm

Only for little snugglers and little movers that don't meet the minimum qty per package to get the catalina.


March 21, 201411:32 am

Boooo!!!! No $3.00 in any adds in the Pataskala area either!!! :(


March 20, 201410:21 pm

Anyone know where I can get the 3.00 dollar coupon?


March 20, 201409:52 pm

On SundayCouponPreview I'm only seeing Huggies coupons for $1.50. Are some regions getting the $3 amount?


March 20, 201409:41 pm

I had 1 pack of size 1's in the SNUG and DRY and b/c they were out of everything else (got the last pack) I got a size 1 pack of Little Snugglers and the Catalina for $5.00 printed. I don't know if maybe one has to be the 42 count or larger Snug and DRY and the other does not matter? Good deal. Also some Johnson and Johnson lotions and baby wash were 1.99 in mega event and these had $0.55 sticky coupons on them to use today. So $1.44.


March 20, 201409:38 pm

Anyone know if the little movers are available in a 42ct or higher for this deal?


March 20, 201404:50 pm

What area got a $3 coupon in the 2/23 smart source? Columbus Dispatch only got a $1 coupon. So sad!


March 20, 201404:42 pm

Anyone know how much the pull ups are?


March 20, 201403:27 pm

You can always by smaller and then exchange them for the right size later.


March 20, 201403:52 pm



March 21, 201412:05 am

yes, easy to do. just keep the receipt on the bag and say your child outgrew this size.


March 20, 201403:17 pm

I checked the Little SNugglers today and those packs don't have 42 diapers in them so they wouldn't generate the catalina since it's only generating for packs that are 42+


March 20, 201403:15 pm

There aren't enough diapers in the Lil Snugglers to generate the catalina.


March 20, 201403:13 pm

Wouldn't that be $2.49 after coupon & catalina? 7.99 - 3 - 2.50


March 20, 201402:58 pm

Good timing, just found out a few hours ago I'm pregnant with #2...surprise! Lol. Already looking into those diaper deals!


March 20, 201404:13 pm

Congrats, Whitney! This sounds like a great sale for you!:)


March 20, 201403:54 pm

Congratulations!!! How exciting! :)


March 20, 201402:50 pm

I have a coupon for Little Snugglers would those qualify?


March 20, 201404:14 pm

You can still get a great deal with the $3 coupon – just no Catalina on those smaller sizes.


March 20, 201402:59 pm

I had the same question! I have the $3 off little snugglers


March 20, 201404:12 pm

Same here ?...


March 20, 201408:15 pm

No, unfortunately the little snugglers are at a max of 40ct. Not generating the Catalina.