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March 11, 201410:02 am

the kraft coupons says redeemable at wal-mart can you still use them at Kroger?


March 11, 201410:10 am

Yes, you can use them anywhere. They would say "only" at ..... if it was specific to a store. HTH.

Amy S.

March 10, 201409:22 pm

I had an IP for velveeta shells and cheese, but not the multi-pks and for the life of me, I can't remember where I got it. I need it again for CVS rainchecks. I'll totally hook up with those cheese coupons again...a local store had them for only .99 when I printed them last time, so I was on cloud nine!


March 10, 201408:52 pm

The kool aid canisters are on sale for 1.00 at the London ky kroger. Its part of a three day sale they are having until the 11th. :)


March 10, 201408:30 pm

Can the ones marked walmart, be used at kroger?


March 10, 201407:41 pm

When I clicked the link for the kraft shredded 16 oz. cheese it isn't there. Did this one not reset?


March 10, 201407:43 pm

Hi Marie..sadly they are starting to dwindle away so that one is no longer available :(


March 10, 201408:20 pm

Thanks anyway!


March 10, 201407:06 pm

I cant find the lunchable coupon????


March 10, 201407:44 pm

Hi Elise, That coupon is gone now :(


March 10, 201406:27 pm

any idea what the prices are running this week? are they the same as last week?


March 10, 201405:47 pm

I wish the Oscar Meyer p3 would reset. I LOVE those! So easy to eat if you are a protein junky


March 11, 201403:43 pm

I was just able to reprint mine today too. :-) 77477


March 10, 201406:34 pm

try area code 48135.. mine reset today!