It’s another installment of My Week in Pictures! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done this post again because when the Mega Event comes around – it takes over my life and mega sales wait for NOBODY! #priorities

This week was all about SISTERS!! My little sister came up from Kentucky to stay with me for a couple of days and we had so much fun. We ate, drank, got massages, and then ate some more. And then we ate again. So I should probably just tell you that I am one of those people who finishes a meal and immediately starts thinking about what my next meal will be. I kid you not, I have a problem. #whoswithme?

Snip20140323_62(Barbi, Brandi, Jacqueline, Katie, Kara)

So, here’s a fun fact. I have 4 sisters!! So since we were all in the same place at the same time (for the first time in like 8 years) we decided to take advantage of this rarity and have a photo shoot! I called up my fabulous photographer Kathy (Photography by K) who once again did an AMAZING job. Here is a sneak peak, but I will post more pictures as soon as she gets more to me. I haven’t even gotten to see many of them! Can’t wait! Oh, plus we did one of those pictures where you recreate an OLD photo. Wait until you see this. It’s HILARIOUS! I will give you a clue. #denimconvention


After our photo shoot we had dinner and drinks and laughed so hard that we were all in pain. Literal pain. It was an amazing day and I’m so grateful that we had this opportunity. We must now make it happen a LOT more often. For those of you with sisters, you know that no other relationship rivals it.  #sisters #laughedtillwecried


Last weekend, I took my girl roller skating which was another thing I haven’t done in YEARS. I LOVE to skate and was very happy I didn’t forget how and fall on my butt. 😀 What great exercise too!  #letsgetphysical


My hair dryer broke. No, this is not post worthy…but the reason I wanted to share this is because EVERY time one of my hair dryers bites the dust I am getting ready for something that I actually need to look decent for. RIGHT? And EVERY time I tell myself, go buy TWO hair dryers so that you always have a backup. Do you think I did it? Nopers. I ran over to Walgreens (sorry, Kroger…Wags is closer) and grabbed ONE hair dryer. So in a few years, I’ll be in the same situation and I’ll be complaining about it to you guys. #fairwarning


My girl made me heart shaped cheesy bread. All by herself (well, except the oven stuff). She was so proud of herself and it was actually delicious. Girl can throw down! #watchoutRachelRay


Those of you who read my old blog where I used to post a lot of online deals, will remember that I am obsessed with finding cat clothes for Kambell. Gymboree is my favorite place to shop, because they put out at least 1, sometimes 2 kitty lines every year…and then I stock up! The child is never NOT representing her love for kitties. So, anyway – I had to run into Walmart and I spotted this ADORABLE kitty dress for $6.84! I’m pretty sure there was squealing involved. Maybe a little jumping up and down. And definitely staring people. But seriously, how cute is this dress? #Iwantoneinmysize  #meow



This happened this week.

I know I keep saying this, but I am so humbled and amazed and thrilled and delighted and grateful (and about 10 other adjectives that I won’t bore you with right now) to have such amazing readers who share my deals every single day and tell others about my page…to the point of gaining 10,000 new Facebook followers in JUST 8 DAYS. #crazytalk

There were so many times I wanted to quit because of the HUGE time commitment running a blog like mine demands. When it comes to my blog, I’m fastidious. My personality demands perfection and I pride myself on being GREAT at my job. I love being busy. The problem with that is for the first couple of years, everything else took a backseat to my obsession. My friends and family know how many hours I put into this (I tell them it takes a special kind of crazy…lol) and now looking back…it was all leading up to this, and I am so glad that I never gave up.  I seriously LOVE Mondays because I know it’s going to be an exciting day on the blog. I love waking up every day knowing that what I have to share actually makes a difference in your lives. This past weekend I answered over 300 reader questions (between email, Facebook messages, Facebook posts, etc. from the last 2 weeks) and many of them included words of gratitude and you shared your personal stories with me. That matters. That makes all of the sacrifices worth it. So, again…A BIG FAT THANK YOU from me!  #oktimetobefunnyagain #enoughsharingmyfeelings


Why all the hashtags tonight? Because I think they are hilarious. Because in my normal everyday conversation I now end my sentences with some type of hashtag for emphasis. Because sometimes it’s fun to be obnoxious. And now I need this #hashtag shirt. #beentheredonethatboughtthetshirt

Well, those were this week’s tidbits!! How was your week? Let us know in the comments below.

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Love our readers
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November 24, 201411:57 am

Does every kroger have the same deals or are they different?

adam johnson

May 20, 201407:01 pm

I am a big fan of kroger we don't have one in my but there are 3 in bowling green,ky about 25 miles away but we do have a ruler store which is part of the jay c divison of kroger it is cheaper than kroger i enjoy your blog keep it coming


March 25, 201404:14 pm

I swear your sister Jacqueline looks familiar. Does she live in Louisville or that area?


April 6, 201410:37 pm

Mary, she is in Stanton and works in Lexington I believe.


March 25, 201409:26 am

katie, you are the greatest!...i enjoy all your deal posts and like getting to know all about the person who helps so many of us :)...really do appreciate all you do to help us all save :)i do not even know how you do it, but you are awesome!! thank you thank you thank you!!!


April 6, 201410:37 pm

Thank you so much Patricia. That just made my night. :)


March 24, 201411:02 am

I seriously love hashtags, too! Makes my friends crazy. We even do it in the office... next time you hashtag in real life, try putting two fingers from each hand together in a hashtag symbol and then say, "hashtag, redic (or whatever comment you have)" haha! #loveit! #imadork


April 6, 201410:39 pm

HAHA Erica - I totally already do that!! Annoys all my people too. :D


March 24, 201408:47 am

I LOVE Kroger Krazy! Thanks for sharing, it's fun to read your blogs of fun finds and deals. I as well have 4 sisters ha and understand about the gut wrenching pain from laughing too hard. Girl you keep postin.


April 6, 201410:40 pm

YES! Whitney is in the family of 5 girls club!! :)


March 24, 201407:15 am

You are so blessed with 4 sisters!!! i have two sisters and they are my heart. :) Thanks for sharing your pictures! Hopefully growing up you had more than one bathroom!!! :) You are all so very pretty! Thanks for always sharing all the wonderful deals with us on your site! I can't thank you enough! You have saved this momma of 3 so much money!! I am grateful! Thank you! Angela


April 6, 201410:40 pm

You are so welcome Angela! Thanks for your awesome comment! :)


March 24, 201412:46 am

My husband & FIL own a shirt shop and could make you the #hashtag shirt if you want! :)


March 24, 201412:49 am

He added....'Or you know #KrogerKrazy' ;)


March 24, 201411:04 am

Suni, I think we ALL need #krogerkrazies shirts! Put a link up!! ^_^


April 6, 201410:40 pm

I've totally got that in the works!!!


March 24, 201412:12 am

Thanks for sharing, i love Kroger Krazy and your pics. Love that dress with cats, I hope to find it too.


April 6, 201410:41 pm

It should still be at Walmart Claudette! Hope you find it too!


March 23, 201410:46 pm

I think hashtags are funny too! lol


April 6, 201410:41 pm

YES! We can annoy each other then Michelle. :D