Softsoap catalina

This awesome deal on Softsoap Bodywash that I told you about last week just got awesome-er (that's a word) with this NEW SoftSoap Catalina we have generating at Kroger!! Kendra just tested this for us and it worked like a charm. Guess what! We're all getting some FREE body wash!!

Softsoap catalina

5/4 – ? | SoftSoap Body Wash 
Buy (2) = $2.00 OYNO

Deal Scenario:

While Catalinas are TYPICALLY limit 1 per transaction, as you can see from the pic, Kendra actually bought 4 of these in the same transaction and DID receive (2) Catalinas, so it appears that is not the case with this one.

Read more about Catalinas HERE, including what to do if your Cat doesn't print.

The Mega Event ends TODAY for those of you in Michigan and Cincinnati regions, so you'll want to do this deal TODAY! The rest of us have through Tuesday to stock up on these!

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I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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May 5, 201411:29 pm

I just found out that the Catalina's for the Softsoap Bodywash will be printing through 5/28.


May 5, 201411:13 pm

I love Softsoap! I will have to get a few bottles!


May 5, 201410:41 pm

Does anyone know when the catalina will stop printing? Wondering if it will still work tomorrow, 5/6. Thanks!


May 5, 201408:52 pm

Lov thes deals


May 5, 201411:44 am

Got 20 of these today, and NO I did not clear the shelf, there were plenty left in my Columbus store, thank you KrogerKrazy!


May 5, 201411:15 am

Just got back from doing another transaction at the King Soopers on 80th and Sheridan in Westminster, Colorado. I purchased FOUR Softsoap Body Washes and received TWO $2.00 Coupons AFTER I paid. Register 10 (Not all the registers will print the Catalina's so I keep track of which registers work). ; )


May 5, 201410:58 am

They catalina, does it print at the end of the transaction, or does it print ahead of time allowing you to use it on that specific transaction?


May 5, 201410:59 am

sorry for the typo ^THE CATALINA


May 5, 201410:57 am

I went yesterday and my store was out of the body wash (they are always out of the good coupon + sale items!). I got a raincheck, but how do I find out how long the catalina will be printing? My coupons expire on the 17th, I think. I'm hoping they restock before my coupons and the catalinas are gone.


May 5, 201409:44 am

For those that purchased the soft soap during the dates the Catalina is valid, but didn't get your Catalina at the register, keep your receipt, and go up to Katie's tab "Kroger Catalinas" and click "Catalina's FAQs", then scroll down to "What do I do if I was expecting a Catalina to print and it didn’t?" There you'd find a link to where you can fill out an online form, scan your receipt and they'll mail you your Catalinas. I've done this many times and they are fairly quick with it!


May 5, 201409:35 am

I just bought 2 and got the $2 cat. thanks!


May 5, 201401:41 am

I bought 4 and didnt get nothing either. What should i do?


May 5, 201412:32 am

I just bought 2 body wash tonight and did not get aCatalina.


May 4, 201411:12 pm

I bought these and another Catalina Item before and I never get the deals. Should I complain to management?


May 5, 201409:38 am

Katie has a link about Catalinas, and instructions on what u need to do if u dont get your catalina at the register. I've had to do it many times.


May 4, 201411:53 pm

I did and they gave me a gift Card


May 4, 201410:15 pm

Thank you!!! You save me so much money. I love the softsoap body wash:-)


May 4, 201409:15 pm

When does it end???

Nancy Meyer

May 4, 201407:48 pm

Thanks sooo much for the tip on this.My girlfriend and i split 75 of them.We did 4 at a time.Im in Cincinnati. And it costs 54c tax on 4.went to 3 Kroger's.....AWSOME DEAL!!!!!!!


May 5, 201403:36 pm

Thank you Nancy! I live in Cincinnati and wondered if they worked for our region. I have a raincheck for them and am awaiting more coupons in the mail.


May 4, 201406:37 pm

Got 3 yesterday. Thanks for telling about the deal

Robin Hudson

May 4, 201406:34 pm

Are you a Whedon fan, because "awesomer-er" is totally Whedon-speak! :)


May 4, 201404:22 pm

Did it start today? I went yesterday and got nothing? I got 20 of them. I will be mad if that is the case. I called catalina and reported it but by the time they get back to me it will be too late to return and redo


May 4, 201405:25 pm

Emily, started today.


May 4, 201404:14 pm

Is this catalina deal a rolling?


May 4, 201405:26 pm

Vanessa, yep! All Kroger Catalinas roll.


May 4, 201403:55 pm

Before I saw this deal today. I went to King Soopers and bought 4 Softsoap Body Washes and 4 Speed Stick Gear Sprays. I received TWO $2.00 off Coupons that say THANK YOU FROM Softsoap and Speed Stick. So I'm not sure how many of each you need to buy in order to get these Catalina's. This was at the King Soopers at 80th and Sheridan in Westminster, Colorado. It looks like Catalina's are printing for the Speed Stick GEAR also... if this is the case the Speed Stick GEAR is FREE.


May 4, 201405:26 pm

Kristine, we tested the Gear today and it is NOT generating the catalina.


May 4, 201405:42 pm

OK.... So I must have gotten TWO Catalina's for buying FOUR Softsoap body washes then is what your saying.... Right ? : ) Thanks I LOVE your website. I have been saving SO MUCH money at King Soopers thanks to you.


May 4, 201403:45 pm

Hi , until when is the catalina ? I did not see this in your list of catalina offers.Thanks a bunch!


May 4, 201405:28 pm

Claudette, I do not know an end date yet. This was a surprise catalina. Hopefully they tag them at some point.