Huggies Catalina

We have a new Huggies Catalina generating at Kroger right now! Since this is only generating on 38 count+ packages of diapers, it looks like the best deal is going be for those of you with LITTLE babies in size 1 or 2. After that, you're looking at big boxes.

7/14 – 8/10 | Huggies (38 ct or larger), Pull-Ups (38 ct or larger) or Goodnites (24 ct or larger) Items 
Buy 2 = $5.00 OYNO
Buy 3 = $7.00 OYNO
Buy 4+ = $10.00 OYNO

Huggies catalina Kroger

Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work? Read THIS POST.

Thanks for the Catalina printout Melissa!

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August 4, 201409:49 pm

Catalinas worked for me :) But I have to say I always ask the cashier if the printers is on and has paper....Been there done that


July 24, 201411:55 pm

I didn't get a catalina either, but I went to the service desk and they gave me cash. I'm fine with that. :) I showed the pic of the catalina and she just said I'll give you cash for it. My Kroger does it all the time for me, but I don't live in a big couponing area, so I think that's why I have it easier. Ymmv, though. It happens to me a lot that their printers are jammed or off, so I guess they've just been told to keep customers happy.

Beth Lamborn

July 23, 201404:39 pm

I just called the 888 #. They said I should have my 10.00 Catalina in 7-10 days. Catalinas are not affiliated with Kroger stores…they are a separate company. If you do NOT receive a Catalina, here are a couple contact options: Fill out the contact form found HERE or call 888-826-8766 within 14 days of your transaction. Have your receipt & Kroger card with you.

Beth Lamborn

July 23, 201403:54 pm

Catalina didn't print in Bellefontaine, OH. Returning the 4 pks of size 1 snug & dry I bought tomorrow


July 21, 201403:00 pm

Diapers catalina didn't work. Waste of time if you now have to follow up with Catalina Marketing to get your catalina


July 21, 201408:54 am

catalina did not work for me ~ DFW TX

Samantha Loyd

July 19, 201410:40 pm

For those of you who did not get your Catalina's printed, go to their page and type in everything in the form. Have your information from the receipt ready, and they ask that you upload a picture of your receipt. They will get back to me in a couple of days, and I will tell you if I received my 10 bucks back then! good luck!

Samantha Loyd

July 19, 201410:20 pm

Can I get the Catalina's number or something? I did this today and it did NOT print out. I had a big trip and had lots of coupons, and got lots of different catalina offers like the huggies wipes (works), the private selection ice cream (works), the cottonelle toilet paper (works) AND the huggies diapers. I bought 4 packs with 44 in them, and I didn't get my catalina for it. I would like to call them and ask if I could get it. I purchase diapers based on the price per diaper. It would have been a HUGE deal for me had I got the catalina, and if I can't get it, then I am definitely refunding the diapers!


July 19, 201402:34 pm

no catalina printed for me


July 18, 201410:07 pm

It did not work in Louisville, KY. :-(


July 18, 201406:26 pm

I bought 4 packs of qualifying huggies and did not get a catalina. There was no tag posted in my store as there usually is on catalina items


July 17, 201403:54 pm

Disappointed didnt print Catalina

Zuly Nunez

July 17, 201408:55 am

No se imprime la catalina.


July 16, 201411:02 pm

It worked for me on the large packs of Pull-ups and Good-nites..luckily they were on clearance at my Kroger for 9.99 .. I also bought the 38 pack of snug and dry but that one didn't print


July 16, 201410:34 pm

catalina not printing bought 2 pks of size 1


July 16, 201406:24 pm

Catalina did not print in BG


July 16, 201405:25 pm

The Catalina it's not printing out.


July 16, 201405:11 pm

This deal does not work. There is no Catalina. It's a waste of your time!! Do not do waste your time going the store.


July 16, 201405:06 pm

It doesn't work. Don't waste your time going to the grocery store. No Catalina prints and it's complete waste of your time. Compete!


July 16, 201404:18 pm

I would like to know if snugglers are included as well. Thanks!


July 16, 201402:35 pm

Are litte Snugglers included?