12/27 – 1/24 | Cottonelle Toilet Paper (12 pk or larger)
Buy (2) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (3 +) = $3.00 OYNO


I'll be honest, I couldn't wait to test this deal for my readers! This Catalina started back on 12/27 BUT we know we need to wait for JUST the right time to buy! That means after coupon and sale price you'll pay just $3.50 per 12 double rolls. We call this the perfect storm!


(Thank you Kendra for the Catalina print out!!)

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January 13, 201606:31 pm

I bought 6 and only got 3.00 back. I went right back to get 4 more and got 3.00 back. I figured I could buy them all at once to get same amount but I guess not. Next time Im doing 3 at a time.


January 14, 201612:40 am

hi . if u are buying six you want to split them into three transactions of two packs each so you can get two dollars back for each set of two and get the special price of $10 for buying two . otherwise you will pay $5.99 for the third one. you can buy two and use the $2 catalina from the first two to pay for the next two and get another cat back. then use the cat again for the third set of two. ( this is called rolling the catalina. )


January 13, 201612:59 pm

I just tried it this morning on the Scott toilet paper and it wasn't giving any catalinas is it only on cottonelle tp? Thank you

Ashley Alwell

January 13, 201605:52 pm

I haven't seen anyone posting that it works with Scott tp. I've only seen the viva and cottonelle.


January 13, 201611:38 am

now the cat can that be used on anything in the store or just on tp next time i go?

Ashley Alwell

January 13, 201612:17 pm

If it just says onyo , it can be used on anything. Sometimes It will say a specific dept. such as bakery, baby aisle...etc.


January 13, 201611:20 am

oh...just to make sure...this isn't a printable coupon..just one that you have already received from the store??

Ashley Alwell

January 13, 201612:18 pm

check your mobile coupons too, I forgot to add that.


January 13, 201602:36 pm


Ashley Alwell

January 13, 201612:16 pm

Not on , but I found .75/1 cottonelle at !!! hth!!


January 14, 201611:16 am

the one I saw on saveinstore for .75 was off a MEGA roll pack

Ashley Alwell

January 13, 201610:56 am

This is my favorite tp!~ thanks for posting the deals!


January 13, 201611:05 am

:) I couldn't wait to test it! You're welcome!!