12/27 – 1/24 | Huggies Diapers, Huggies Wipes, Pull-Ups, Training Pants or GoodNites Underwear (Jumbo Packs or larger)

Buy $30.00 = $10.00 OYNO

Dates Unknown | Baby Aisle Catalina
Buy $40.00 = $10.00 OYN Baby Aisle Purchase



We have a NEW Huggies Catalina generating at Kroger until January 24th. On top of this, we also have a NEW Baby Aisle Catalina generating at Kroger.  Spend $40 in the baby aisle and make sure that AT LEAST $30 of that is on Huggies products, to get BOTH (2) $10 coupons to print at register.

I have a couple of deal scenarios for you below but make sure you look at all the coupons available and choose a scenario that works best for your and your baby.

NOTE: In the video I gave you a price of $2.74 for diapers. That's when I thought that the Pampers Diapers would work.  When I tested it tonight it did NOT work.  So scratch Pampers diapers and move on to other items. If you want to make sure your items are included in the Catalina, look for the <C mark (shown below) to ensure that you will get the $10 Catalina for Baby Aisle.


Click HERE to find all the items that were tagged in my store for the Baby Aisle Catalina.


Snip20160106_30 Snip20160106_31

Deal Scenarios:

Remember, the $40 “total purchase” is your PRE-coupon total, meaning the coupons you use will NOT change the fact that you just spent 40 bucks. The only caveat to this rule is Kroger DIGITAL coupons. These WILL reduce your “total spent”, so make sure you don't have any of those loaded that will make your total dip below $40.

If you have access to more coupons and want to do these deal more than once, be sure to separate your transactions to ensure your Catalinas print. And remember, Kroger Catalinas ALWAYS roll!! Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work, including what to do if you don't receive yours? Read THIS POST.

Thanks Scout!

More Available Coupons:

$1/1 Huggies Wipes printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers printable
$1.50/1 HUGGIES Little Snugglers printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Little Movers Diapers printable
$2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups Cool & Learn Training Pants printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Little Movers Diapers printable
$2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants printable
$2/1 Huggies Overnites Diapers Printable
$0.35/1 Huggies Wipes printable
$2/1 Huggies Diapers Printable
$2/1 HUGGIES Little Snugglers Diapers Printable
$2/1 PULL-UPS Training Pants or GOODNITES Printable
$2/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers printable
$2/1 Goodnites Bed Mats printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Little Movers Diapers printable
$2/1 HUGGIES Little Movers Diaper Pants Printable
$2/1 HUGGIES Overnites Diapers Printable
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers printable

$1.00/1 Pampers Baby Wipes (Zip Code 77477)
$0.50/1 Pampers Wipes
$1.00/1 Pampers Wipes
$0.50/1 Pampers Wipes

$0.75/1 Luvs Diapers Printable
$1 off Luvs Diapers, exp. 1/23/16 (P&G 12/27/15) (2) bags or (1) box
$0.75/1 Luvs Diapers

$1/1 Plum Organics Baby Product printable
$1/2 Plum Organics Baby, Toddler or Kids Products printable

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January 11, 201602:37 pm

Has these coupons ran out? I tried printing Huggie diaper coupons and it just takes me to the training pants or the goodnights. Is there a certain zip code I need to use?

Ashley Alwell

January 12, 201602:33 pm

There is a 2.00 huggies coupon, i was able to print it 6 times from 1 computer

Lady J

January 10, 201604:09 pm

Anyone know if the $40 cat is printing at Food 4 Less stores? They are a division of Kroger. Most deals work but not all. I know the $10 oyno cat will print.


January 10, 201603:04 pm

Does any one know how much the Huggies boxed wipes are? And if they are included in the spend $40 deal. I sort of glanced and noticed some wipes were not included


January 10, 201601:45 pm

After I spend 40 I get 10 oynv How do I get the other 10 How is that down to 2.00 a bag ty so much for your help


January 9, 201607:45 pm

Has anyone tried this at a Kroger in West Virginia?


January 9, 201603:42 pm

How can I roll my Catalina?


January 9, 201601:40 pm

do the $1 packs of huggies wipes work the 32ct?


January 9, 201612:07 am

Is it possible to buy 4 of the Huggies diapers that are $7.99 and 1 that is $9.39 and use 5 printable coupons in that Tran? I wouldn't use 5of the same with would be 3 of snug and 2 of and Huggies diapers. I'm new at this. Thanks :-)

Ashley Alwell

January 12, 201602:34 pm



January 8, 201601:29 pm

I took a chance and got 4 jumbo packs of huggies (2 snug and dry and 2 little movers) and then got 1 Kroger comfort diapers brand because I had a digital coupon for $2 off comfort brand. Pre tax before coupons total was $40.75 my $2 digital coupon came off and both Catalina's printed! So digital coupons may not affect baby aisle Catalina (may affect huggies though)


January 8, 201609:43 am

My Kroger cashier told me I can only use one (internet printed) like coupon per day, so she wouldn't let me use all the coupons I had for this. Still a good deal when you get the catalinas back, but I was disappointed I couldn't use the coupons I printed!


January 8, 201609:18 am

So once the Catalina coupons print and I go back to get more baby stuff can I use the printable coupons to make my transaction cheaper?


January 7, 201611:34 pm

So if I get $30 huggies and $10 worth of other baby stuff can I use those catalins on that transaction?


January 8, 201609:05 am

The catalinas normally don't print until after you've paid. You can use them on the next transaction


January 8, 201612:25 pm

I was shocked the other day when my catalinas and other coupons printed out before I paid. It had never done that before so wondering if that was just a glitch.


January 8, 201602:56 pm

I typically use the self checkout, because of this. That way you can use them on that transaction. :)

Star Herrera

January 7, 201608:13 pm

I went to my kingsoopers and they didn't have any of these signs up for the Catalina's how would I go about proving I'm supposed to get a Catalina back if they don't come out?


January 7, 201607:14 pm

Does anyone know if the double cats will print when buying Goodnights?


January 7, 201607:13 pm

Does anyone know if the double cat will print when buying Goodnights?


January 7, 201607:00 pm

what are the dates the Kroger cats will print? I see the Huggies is good til Jan 24th


January 7, 201606:02 pm

Sometimes the catalina don't print. You can go to customer service. Most will give you a gift card or cash once they see you have the qualifying purchase. You do have some that will tell you its not anything they can do. There is also a catalina number that can be called. You have to keep your receipt and call it in.

Sarah W.

January 8, 201612:52 am

They don't have a call line anymore. It's now an online submission.


January 7, 201605:15 pm

Is this working at Fred Meyers? That's what I have locally!


January 9, 201601:35 am

I did the deal with a friend today at Fred Meyer Shoreline and the cats did not print at the register. The supervisor said there was some kind of glitch and gave her a $20 gift card. She did the next transaction at customer service and both cats printed.

Natalie Morrow

January 7, 201604:55 pm

I did the scenario you did and figured I would stock up since its a good deal so I threw in 3 more packs of huggies and a big box of wipes (since I had coupons handy). I failed to make two separate transactions because I am new to this and got flustered but I did get back 2 of the $10 dollar baby aisle Cats and 1 of the $10 huggies Cats, I also got another $5 coupon if I spend $30 on a baby aisle purchase. Can you suggest a way in which I can stretch these coupons and Catalinas on diapers/wipes for my next trip to the store? I am planning to print more Huggies coupons. Thank you so much for your help!! I really enjoy all of your information and guidance in saving money.


January 7, 201603:26 pm

Can you go into detail why a digital Q shouldn't be loaded? I have a $5 off pull-ups Q on mine & it's higher than other pull-up q's I have & I wanna use it! Lol Thank you!


January 7, 201603:09 pm

I tried to roll this deal. I used 4 "any huggies" coupons and pampers wipes coupon. Got my catalinas... then tried to do it again with 4 "Little movers" Coupons and a pampers wipe coupon. and she wouldn't let me. She said I can only use 5 "like Coupons" per day. What does this mean?! I tried to explain to her that it is not the same coupons, but she said its a "like coupon" because they are all for diapers. I just gave up and left. I did look up the coupon policy and it does say you can only use 5 like coupons a day, but what does that mean exactly?!


January 8, 201609:04 am

“Four Like Coupons…” means Four of the exact same coupons. - It might have just been the cashier...I know some cashiers will let you use multiple ONYO coupons at once, others say 1 ONYO per order.


January 7, 201612:12 pm

If I do have digital coupons loaded, could I just subtract those from my total before paper coupons and buy any additional amount needed to reach the $30 in Huggies and $40 total purchase??


January 8, 201609:02 am

Should work...the only reason to not use dig was lowering the "amount spent". If you use the $5 pull ups dig q, you should be able to just get 35 in huggies and 10 in other and it work...


January 7, 201612:10 pm

Can I just buy $40 of diaper and still get the two $10 Catalina ?


January 8, 201608:58 am

Yes, it just makes a higher "per item" cost. instead of 2.02, with 5 pks of diapers you're looking more at 3.80 or so "per item".


January 7, 201607:23 pm

Yes, but $30 worth must be Huggies brand.


January 7, 201612:01 pm

Got both in KY! (But there were no tags up at all). Thank you!


January 7, 201611:32 am

Are these rolling? Thanks!


January 7, 201610:00 am

I did this and only got the huggies Catalina back! (I'm in Missouri)


January 8, 201612:47 pm

Where are you in MO? I am in Troy and they don't have any signs up for it.


January 7, 201608:28 am

Does anyone know if the deal works on snug & dry too?


January 7, 201608:52 am

her first deal shows snug n dry so i would say it does!


January 7, 201608:14 am

when is the last day to get both cats ? thank you


January 7, 201612:57 am

So rolling means i can use both cats on next purchase and still get both cats correct even though i used them in the same tran?


January 7, 201610:55 am

That's correct Heather! :)


January 7, 201612:08 am

Can I use the 10.00 catalina coupon i got on the huggie deal the other day or will it mess up me getting these catalinas back?


January 7, 201610:56 am

Misti, yes you can!


January 6, 201608:18 pm

Is the $10 back on any baby purchase? So can't be used for groceries??


January 6, 201609:16 pm

Yes, the catalina specifically says "baby aisle purchase" I got one today!


January 8, 201609:29 am

I'm pretty sure when you use the cat you get it can be used on anything. It just says you got it because of your purchase in the baby aisle.