Welcome to the Kroger Krazy interactive regions map!! To view the Kroger (or Kroger affiliate) ad matchup for your area, simply click on your location in the map above.

Need help figuring out your Kroger region? View my step by step instructions HERE.

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January 25, 201611:53 am

Thanks for all you do. Love your site and saving money for my family :)

Patricia Goff

January 25, 201611:02 am

I am already signed up with my store. I don't need it. Just need KrogerKrazy to find me the deals. Thanks!


January 25, 201608:07 am

There are no prices

Mary Barnawell

January 25, 201607:46 am

Kroger Atlanta zone doesn't go into Alabama or Tennessee now. We are the new Nashville division. I am not sure what they are calling it.

April Carmickle

January 24, 201610:24 pm

This is SUPER AWESOME!!!!! Thanks so very much!!!! :)


January 24, 201608:47 pm

Thanks for everything Kroger Krazy. Greatly appreciated!!


January 24, 201608:31 pm

very nice! thanks...


January 24, 201608:22 pm

Thank you!!


January 24, 201608:03 pm

Did you miss Baker's Supermarkets in the Omaha Ne Area?