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Check out this $1.50 coupon that can be used on the shelf-stable boxes of Elmhurst Harvest Real Walnut or Real Pistachio Non-Dairy Nutmilk.  Then make sure you submit each one for $1.50 cash back with the Berry Cart app. You'll be getting one of each for FREE!


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March 22, 201607:24 pm

Pistachio milk $3.27 at my Northwest Indiana Kroger.

Andrew F.

March 22, 201602:50 pm

One of the best, but least discussed aspects of Shrink is the Rewards Points system. These points can be redeemed for additional rebates, free products, or cash back, depending on the brand. You can take advantage of these rewards to make this an even bigger MM. For Elmhurst, you'll earn 300 rewards points for every product you buy. A special bonus is that you will also earn those points when redeeming the initial $1.50 rebate. Also, there are actions you can perform to earn 1200 Points before ever purchasing a product. These are things like Tweeting, Facebook shares, Instagram likes, etc. I don't use Twitter or Instagram, but I have accounts with both for just this purpose. Once you complete all the available actions, you'll have 1200 Elmhurst Rewards points. For your first transaction, buy Walnut Milk for $2.49, Use the $1.50 coupon, submit for $.150 BerryCart and $1.50 Shrink. You'll also earn 300 rewards points along with the $1.50 Shrink rebate. This makes the first transaction a $2.01 MM. Next, wait until your Shrink rebate is processed. You should now have 1500 rewards points. Go to the "Rewards" tab of the Elmhurst offer in Shrink and you'll be able to claim "1 Free Carton". Now, purchase the Pistachio Milk for $3.19. Use the $1.50 coupon and submit $1.50 BerryCart. Then submit to Shrink and claim your free carton for $3.19. This make the second transaction a $3.00 MM. After these two transactions, you'll have made $5.01 and have two cartons of the Elmhurst Milk.


March 23, 201608:06 am

Wow! Thank you for breaking that down so clearly Andrew F.! Great scenario!