If you've been paying attention a little, you probably noticed that Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are going to be $0.99 with the upcoming Mega Event. And then you remembered that we still have a $1.00/1 Goldfish 5x Kroger Digital coupon that doesn't expire until the 28th. And then you got really excited because that means they're FREE! Five of them! Well, maybe. Maybe not. See, in the past this hasn't worked out so well for us. For some reason, when an item is part of the mega AND has an overlapping limit 5 digital coupon available, the entire coupon value does not come off correctly. Something about the way they are coded and the system not allowing the price to dip lower than zero. We've tested this several times, and if the coupon is for $1/1, it will only take $0.50 off (for example).

BUT, but…just in case it DOES work I wanted to tell you this ahead of time, because by the time we are able to test it on Wednesday morning when the sale starts, the coupon will no longer be available to load. You HAVE to load it now before the new sale cycle starts and the limit 5 digitals all disappear. So, here's your heads up. Load the coupon now, and we'll test it first thing Wednesday morning and update you. Hopefully they'll surprise us and I'll have to eat my words.

goldfish coupon

Oh, and for those of you asking about the $1.50/1 General Mills cereal digital coupon…same thing. The coupon probably won't work. AND, they've updated that coupon with size restrictions (larger boxes only) and the coupon doesn't match the sizes that are part of the mega.

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August 30, 201603:26 pm

I have confirmed with a Store Manager at Kroger that any time the coupon exceeds the price of the product, the coupon will not be applied at check out. Example given: Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are .99 cents and the coupon is for $1.00, your coupon will not be applied because Kroger will not give you money back. The manager said "we do not give away free products". The Customer Service rep said "what was explained to him was that Kroger does not double coupons" which does not make sense because you're only planning on applying the digital coupon to the mega event sale price. Hopefully, this will save all of you the headaches I've had these past few weeks having to go to Customer Service to get cash back for the digital coupons that were not applied, only to find out after 3 trips, that the store changed its policy on Aug 23, 2016 and no one will be refunded for the e-digital coupon not being applied.


August 21, 201605:54 pm

Also, I just checked the $1.50 GM digital coupon I have loaded that expires 8/28, and it says "on any GM cereal" without any size restrictions listed. Where are you finding the size restrictions? The $1.50 Kellogg's cereal download coupon definitely does have the sizes listed.


August 21, 201605:49 pm

Sharon, in the greater Dayton area there are 2 coupons- the one you mentioned and one for 6.6-6.8 oz bags.


August 21, 201605:48 pm

The first "Back to School Savings" $1.50 General Mills cereal coupon became available to download the last day of the mega sale in which the GM cereal large boxes were $1.99 (Kroger Central region). I bought them, fully expecting to have to go to the service desk and get reimbursed. It actually worked automatically, making the 5 large family boxes of cereal only $.49 each! Here's to hoping it will work again this time!! :)


August 21, 201605:26 pm

Is there another digital coupon available in other areas? The sale is for 6-6.6 oz bags. The e-coupon that I have available to me is for the 8-11 oz resealable bags only. Just want to find out if they post different coupons for different areas.