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YAY!! Kroger just added 163 new “Family of Brands” Limit 5 Digital Coupons that you can load to your card, valid on Kroger brand items…including Simple Truth, Private Selection, HemisFares and more! All coupons expire 3/26/17.

Many of these coupons are matched up in the Kroger ad matchup beginning 3/1 which you can view HERE.

IMPORTANT: You can use these coupons up to 5 times in a SINGLE transaction.  You cannot use these coupons in more than one transaction or in different transactions on different days. For example, if you choose to only use a coupon 3 times instead of 5 times in a single purchase, the coupon will be applied to that transaction and will no longer be valid for subsequent transactions!



Learn more about Kroger Digital Coupons HERE.

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September 9, 201902:38 pm

At my store, the signs were under products for the price you would get if you eclipped the coupon. It was not clear though. Looked like you would get that price if you bought in groups of 5. So it is deceptive. Like Walgreens and CVS and other deceptive companies. They show a price you could get if you had the coupon, but it looks like the product is on sale for that price without coupons. It is very sneaky and I am not pleased. Stop it, Kroger!

Virginia Rodriguez

February 28, 201705:07 pm

I added my coupons before I left the house & they said use up to 5 times. I got to the store & they had changed to only being able to get one. I hate the new app set up. It's not easy to go through at all. I hope they change it back.


February 27, 201708:59 am

I used it yesterday on the peanut butter, (I got 10, they were $1 each and the coupon is $1/2, use up to 5 times in one transaction = $.50 each), apple juice ($1 each -.50 =$.50 each), crescent and cinnamon rolls, and several other products that match with the current sale. Great deals! It did NOT come off on the frozen veggies, despite me getting the Kroger brand ones in the right size. I had to get a refund at customer service. For once their line was not a mile long of people trying to do Western Union stuff :/


February 26, 201705:59 pm

Will this work with the Mega Event discount as well??? e.g. Use the Kroger Crescent Roll Digital with the Mega Event discount and the Crescent rolls will be 49 cents each???


February 26, 201708:19 pm

Yep. $0.19 in my region. They stack.


February 27, 201708:01 am

Great! Thanks for letting me know!!! :)


February 26, 201704:46 pm

Does the apple juice coupon work with the kroger apple juice in 10 for 10 sale now?

Mary Kelly

February 26, 201704:21 pm

I used mine today on the Kroger peanut butter the apple juice and Kroger lunch meat and they all came off 5 times each.


February 26, 201712:51 pm

I just wasted a couple with only one use! Didn't see anywhere that they were 5x.

Amy S

February 26, 201712:12 pm

Wish that c for the grass fed raw milk cheese was there last night. It's on closeout at my Kroger for 1.88!


February 26, 201712:06 pm

Has anyone used these yet? On the Kroger website it says they are good 5x/trans, but in my Kroger app, the coupon says limit 1 use...

Amy S

February 26, 201712:10 pm

Same with mine. That's really odd. I liked the way the old app was set up.

Jennifer H.

February 26, 201703:20 pm

I used the juice coupon this morning on three bottles of apple juice and it worked fine. Maybe 1 use means 1 use of up to five items.

Andrea Herrmann

February 27, 201705:14 pm

it means you have to use all 5 in the same transaction.