Let me start out by saying that this has NOT been personally confirmed to ME by Kroger, NOR has there been an actual press release yet (maybe next week). BUT, many of you have shared a story from the Knoxville News Sentinel where is was confirmed.

Kroger is discontinuing its double coupon policy and eliminating its weekly senior discount days.

This will become effective March 15th in all Kroger stores in the Nashville region, which includes 96 stores in Middle and East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama.

That means beginning March 15th your paper coupons will only be accepted at FACE value.

Follow the instructions to Find your Kroger region.


(thanks to Crystal, Shannon, Kayla, Natasha, Wendy, Tonya, Nikki, Stephanie and everyone who messaged me)

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Barbara Clark

February 23, 201709:01 pm

I am in Spring, Tx A Houston, Tx suburb Our senior ended Feb 8th no warning at all.

Barbara Clark

February 23, 201708:59 pm

I am in Spring,Tx Houston suburb Our senior discount ended Feb 8 no warning at all


February 23, 201704:49 pm

I am in Arkansas and we have many grocery stores in the area. Senior day is used by many shoppers to save. I think they will see a large decline in those shopping Kroger if it stops here.

Catherine Peabody

February 23, 201712:45 pm

In my region, the double coupons ended years ago like many other areas. What I've noticed, however, is that the regular price of some items have been lowered to an "everyday low price". Sadly, many other items went up in price significantly to make up for what they are losing on the lower priced items. I only shop the deep savings now. Also, I buy my produce at Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market as the Kroger closest to me has a terrible produce department.


February 23, 201710:46 am

It's been that way in Dallas TX for years now. However there are still great savings to be had. Hang in there.


February 22, 201706:28 pm

I shop at the Bowling Green KY Kroger and it was printed on the bottom of my receipt today.

Jennifer Deitz

February 22, 201705:30 pm

I work at the one in Maryville Tn and yes starting March 15th we will no longer double coupons and also the Senior Discount will no longer be in use...we are lowering Everyday prices so everyone can take advantage of the deals....


February 23, 201711:05 am

The article from our Nashville news said gave examples of items they'd discount. I don't need discounts on Kroger items.

Nancy cook

February 22, 201704:41 pm

Will this effect the Ky Krogers or not ?????

Jennifer Deitz

February 22, 201705:35 pm

If it affects your store it would have started printing a message about it on your receipt to let you know of the upcoming changes. Just check with your store we are able to talk about it now


February 22, 201704:23 pm

We still double in Wisconsin so it could be moving this way.


February 22, 201702:56 pm

I'm in the Nashville region and my Kroger stopped doubles many years ago already


February 22, 201702:05 pm

So will the Seymour TN Kroger stop as well?

Jennifer Deitz

February 22, 201705:35 pm

Yes it will....


February 22, 201701:57 pm

Frys in Yuma, Az has not had double coupons in awhile and has not accepted printable coupons either. Their senior discounts start at 55.


February 22, 201701:14 pm

I've been waiting years to get that Senior discount! I turn 60 this year and was going to change my shopping day! So sad!!!


February 23, 201709:59 pm

Publix has not stopped doubling coupons YET! Just a heads up for those coupons that are 50 cents or less.


February 22, 201701:13 pm

I saw the email this morning confirming this at my store. I work at a Nashville Kroger and am sad to see the double coupons end.


February 22, 201712:48 pm

So sad to see the senior discounts go. I am sure all the other stores will follow suit. Our Memphis store stopped doubling coupons years ago but at this moment they still have senior discount on tuesdays.