We have a couple of coupons available to make Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner just $0.49 and Clorox Bleach just $0.99.

You do have to sign up or sign into your account to print. I used Chrome and I couldn't get the darn coupon to print. I had to uninstall the software and reinstall and they printed just fine. I NEEDED these two coupons. It took roughly 1 minute after I figured out my problem.


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April 12, 201712:55 pm

Noi coupons for me either, says they are printing, nothing, used Google and FIrefox......


April 11, 201708:29 pm

I printed out a couple of Clorox toilet bowl cleaner coupons just as backup mega sale items. Always an absolute nightmare trying to get my internet coupons to scan at each Kroger. My closest Kroger self checkout attendant rejected two of four internet coupons for different items yesterday(costing me an additional $1 savings) as the items were part of the buy six mega sale. I traveled to the next closest Kroger earlier today & all four of my internet coupons got rejected! Cost me $3.69 in savings so i had the self checkout attendant back out all six mega sale items. Beginning to seriously wonder if it's even worth the aggravation of trying to use internet coupons anymore at Kroger?


April 11, 201703:14 pm

Goto clorox coupon ckick on it and it will take you to The keazy Coupon Lady and i printed mine from there. I hope this help.


April 11, 201703:12 pm

I went to Clorox coupons and clicked on it and The Krazy coupon lady site came up and that is where i printed mine from. I always use google. I hope this will help.


April 11, 201701:25 pm

Not working here either.


April 11, 201701:19 pm

Go to the Little Clinic and ask for a coupon book. $1 coupon for each in it.


April 11, 201701:00 pm

Not working for me either, oh well!


April 11, 201711:09 am

Is anyone else having trouble getting the coupon?


April 11, 201711:28 am

It won't let me get coupons either...uggggg