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Soooo…I have had this post sitting in my drafts since day one of the Mega Event, because – well the darn thing wouldn't work! :/ The Bounty Paper Towels that are in the mega are SUPPOSED to be generating a $10 Catalina. We have tested this in several stores with NO LUCK. BUT, since I am getting SO many reports that many of you ARE receiving it, I wanted to give you all of the information and the opportunity to at least TRY it. If it DOES NOT print for you, please do not go to customer service demanding it. Consider it a bonus. Even if you don't get the Catalina, these are still a great price with just the mega pricing and coupons.

IF the Catalina prints, your final cost is ONLY $1.99 per 6-double rolls, which is all kinds of awesome – so give it a TRY!

The Charmin Catalina is NOT generating on the size that's in the Mega Sale.

5/27 – 6/11 | Charmin or Bounty
Buy (2) = $10.00 OYNO



Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work, including what to do if you don't receive yours? Read THIS POST.

(Thanks Erica, Dawn, Kelly, Tetesha, Maggie, Christy, Scotlan, Jess and everyone else who confirmed this deal working for them)

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I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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August 24, 201704:42 pm

Didn't work in Franklin dk why

Minta Boggs

June 11, 201712:22 pm

The catalina didn't work on Feguson in Cincinnati, OH but they went ahead and gave me a $10 Krogers gift card.


June 11, 201708:50 am

I know this is a little late in the game, but I tried it at the Alameda/Wadsworth King Soopers in Lakewood, Colorado and it worked. I made sure that I was in a line where I could see the catalina coupons printing for the customer in front of me. I only tried this because someone previously posted that it worked in Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs, so I decided to go for it. Thanks Katie!


June 11, 201702:11 am

I did it my deal in indianapolis and it worked! I just have one question it says you get the rewards because you bought pg products what if I buy charmin would it give me a 10 back?

Maria Brown

June 10, 201703:53 pm

Worked in Savannah, Georgia. I rolled the catalina; I did this deal twice. Thanks.


June 10, 201712:49 pm

It worked at the Alexandria Drive Kroger in Lexington Kentucky. The Catalina did roll I did the transaction separately several times. I believe the Catalina ends 6/11/2017.


June 10, 201712:46 pm

It worked at the Alexandria Drive Kroger in Lexington Kentucky.

Carolyn A

June 10, 201712:22 pm

Worked this morning in Mechanicsville, Va, 360 Kroger


June 9, 201708:30 pm

It worked in Texas I did it twice tdy but u can't go thru self check it won't print only on at the register. I had a hard time bounty it was all sold out everywhere in my area..


June 9, 201705:01 pm

BAM! I got the catalina at King Soopers in Evergreen, CO!


June 9, 201704:23 pm

Has anyone tried in southern wv


June 9, 201701:11 pm

Has anyone tried multiple sets at once? As in, buy 4 and get 2 Catalina's?

Melissa G Caudill

June 9, 201708:30 am

Did not work in Nashville. I submitted a claim on the Catalina website and will keep yall posted if I get one in the mail.


June 8, 201709:10 pm

It worked at all 3 of my Gerbes stores in Columbia, MO. Please, please, please make sure the catalina machine is working if you don't get this. I went to 1 store and it worked perfectly. The other 2 stores it didn't work, at one of the stores, I asked the to check the catalina machine and the paper was wadded up inside of it, once I returned and repurchased the 5 items, included the 2 packs of Bounty, it printed. At the other store, something was wrong with the catalina machine because it did not print so I returned and went through the self check-out after returning the items and when I repurchased everything, it printed there. So, 2 out of 3 stores it did not print initially, because the catalina machines were not working correctly!

Diane Good

June 8, 201706:39 pm

It worked in Swartz Creek, MI and it is rolling

Terri C

June 8, 201705:41 pm

Worked for me at the Mt. Orab, Ohio store. This store is in the Cincinnati district. I only got it once though. I went back to get two more packs and it didn't print. That's ok cause it was still a great deal.

Kelly Wilson

June 8, 201704:58 pm

It worked in Canton, Illinois.


June 8, 201702:20 pm

Worked for me this afternoon (Thurs) in Richmond, VA! Thanks for the deal!


June 8, 201701:22 pm

Worked today in East TN!

Adrian N.

June 8, 201710:48 am

Athens, GA


June 8, 201709:17 am

I don't have a Kroger in my area (Calumet City) IL so I went to Food4less which is a subsidiary of Kroger and it did not work.


June 8, 201701:13 am

worked in Maumelle Arkansas


June 7, 201711:16 pm

Worked in colorado springs


June 7, 201704:17 pm

Bought two of the $7.99 full sheets Bounty paper towels. Got the catalina in Richmond, VA!


June 8, 201712:59 pm

Which store in Richmond?


June 7, 201703:57 pm

Worked in greenwood, In

Sandra Hiser

June 7, 201702:33 pm

Did not get it in Tiffin Ohio.


June 7, 201701:05 pm

Worked here in Vegas!! Thank you!


June 7, 201711:21 am

It worked in Orem and Lindon Utah


June 7, 201710:27 am

Did not work in Michigan

Beth Reeves

June 7, 201708:20 am

Has anyone tried it in Northern Kentucky, specifically Cold Spring? What size?


June 7, 201702:19 pm

It also works at Kroger Newport - just did it today.


June 7, 201709:21 am

I did it at the Crossroads Kroger in Cold Spring. I bought 2 of the full sheet 6 packs (exact ones in the pic above) and it worked with no problem. This was on Monday. :)


June 7, 201705:06 am

Worked in LaPorte,IN


June 7, 201712:49 am

Tried a smiths marketplace and no go some smiths but ones iv tried havent :( those in utah what smiths worked for you ?


June 7, 201712:15 am

It is working in Jasper, Georgia. Hubby and I both did it today. Got Select a size and regular rolls and it worked with both.


June 6, 201710:18 pm

Anyone from Columbus, OH try this? If so what did you buy and what store? Thanks


June 6, 201708:22 pm

It's a go in Virginia. I did it today and was crossing my fingers , it printed !! So it's working here


June 8, 201701:00 pm

What store in Virginia?


June 6, 201707:26 pm

Which stores in Fort Wayne are working? I'm having issues...

Kayla Starrett

June 6, 201707:22 pm

It's a go in Louisville, Kentucky at the Stonybrook location.


June 6, 201705:16 pm

Jennifer from Cypress, Texas. Do you know what kind of paper towels they bought? Like the full sheet of the select a size? I hope maybe other stores in Houston Texas will do it because I don't live in Cypress Texas.


June 10, 201701:49 pm

I bought the double rolls and it worked. I'm in Spring, TX - Rayford Rd location.

Nicole Gutman

June 6, 201701:00 pm

Worked in Louisville, Kentucky


June 6, 201712:34 pm

anyone know if it's working in North TX?


June 6, 201711:38 am

Which varieties are/ are not working? The 2x absorbent? Select a size? Full sheet?


June 6, 201703:01 pm

I just bought full sheets and it worked in GA


June 6, 201710:55 am

Anyone from cypress tx?


June 6, 201702:47 pm

I haven't tried it out but I know pther people in cypress TX who have used it and it worked! I'm going to have to test it out tomorrow!


June 6, 201710:50 am

Thank you David for letting me know. Houston Texas


June 6, 201710:04 am

Yes in Georgia


June 6, 201709:49 am

Has the Catalina printed for anyone in WA state ?


June 6, 201709:30 am

Will the Catalina work when buying 2 charmin instead of the bounty?


June 6, 201709:11 am

Yay!!!!! It worked in Fort Wayne, IN

Tasha from Arkansas

June 6, 201709:03 am

I got it in Arkansas!


June 6, 201709:44 am

I am in LR AR. Where are you?

Tasha from Arkansas

June 6, 201709:05 am

FYI: I did notice that when I tried it on Sunday with two select a size packs, it worked. When I went back yesterday and did one full sheet pack and one select a size pack, it didn't work. Maybe try select a size 6=12 pack to see if that works!


June 6, 201708:56 am

Does not work in Dayton, OH. Lady at customer service was aware of the promo and said it was for the larger sizes, had to return and waste 20 minutes of my time:(


June 6, 201709:01 pm

Worked for me in Xenia, OH 8 pack select a size. About 10 a.m. Tuesday Morning.


June 6, 201706:55 am

Anyone know if it works in Memphis?

kelly savings

June 6, 201706:13 am

Anyone in Michigan???

Diane Good

June 8, 201706:45 pm

Yes, it worked it Swartz Creek, Michigan


June 6, 201712:08 am

anyone in CA get it?


June 6, 201712:08 am

anyone in CA


June 5, 201711:48 pm

It works in Tucson AZ!! :)


June 5, 201710:46 pm

Got it yesterday at a Mount Sterling, KY Kroger (about an hour from Lexington, KY). I am going to try "rolling it" tomorrow.


June 5, 201710:33 pm

Worked here in Denver, CO! :)


June 5, 201710:03 pm

Did not receive the catalina in Zanesville, OH (southeastern Ohio).


June 5, 201710:02 pm

Wow wow wow. Our catalinas somethimes dosnt work. But this time it did worked. I am soooooo happy. Thank you


June 5, 201709:13 pm

Got it in Fort Wayne, IN


June 5, 201708:53 pm

Got in Louisville, KY! Middletown store


June 5, 201707:57 pm

Has anyone received in Georgia?


June 7, 201707:29 pm

Worked for me today


June 5, 201707:38 pm

Anyone in Houston Texas try it yet?


June 5, 201709:14 pm

Dear Rosie: I tried it in Houston and did NOT get the Catalina.


June 5, 201707:22 pm

Thank you all for sharing the state it makes it ssssoooo much easier to know what state has and which doesn't.


June 5, 201707:10 pm

Did NOT receive catalina in TN

Chrisse Pflieger

June 7, 201707:14 am

It worked in Franklin, TN. I bought the 6=12 full sheets and it worked just fine.


June 5, 201707:09 pm

Worked for me at Smith's in Utah.


June 6, 201706:12 pm

I tried it at the Smiths in Sugar House, Utah and it did not work. Which one did you try it at?


June 5, 201706:43 pm

Received it today at the Pataskala, Ohio Kroger. Wasn't expecting it but it printed out after I bought 2 of the packs you mentioned.


June 6, 201712:18 pm

For those who asked, I purchased 2X more absorbent 6 double roll select a size that is $7.99 as part of the mega sale.


June 8, 201711:14 am

Thanks for letting us know it worked in Ohio. I go to the store on Gender and they don't ever have catalinas....all their machines are turned off. So I think that I will still try and see if it works


June 6, 201710:21 pm

I really think it has something to do with the wording of double roll. I tried both select a size and full sheet 6 rolls. Neither worked and the service desk said that it had printed for someone earlier but did not no which specific ones were purchased. The ones I tried said big roll and did not ring up as part of the mega either. Little Rock, AR

Sharon Malcolm

June 5, 201706:08 pm

Got it here in Lansing no and its rolling