Today is the day! I have prepared you the best I can! I hope you are able to grab your newspapers for the P&G insert, like right now! We have an AWESOME $2.00/1 Crest Toothpaste Coupon found within that is the perfect pair for our Kroger Mega Event price of $1.99! As promised, here are the deal scenarios and everything included!! I know you already know but I'm going to say it anyways! FREE Crest Toothpaste people! It's a good day!!!

kroger gift cardCrest is offering one lucky reader a $100 Kroger Gift Card!! To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It's super easy, so don't let it intimidate you!  The ONLY mandatory entry is to comment on this blog post. All other options serve as extra entries into the giveaway. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be drawn at random on January 10th and announced in THIS post. I will also email winner (check your spam too!) directly. Winner has 48 hours to respond or will forfeit to runner up.

This post is sponsored by Procter & Gamble/Crest Paste. All opinions are 100% my own.

Love our readers
I love hearing from you! If you do this deal, please be sure to leave a comment and give this post a share. Thank you for showing up every day. I have the absolute BEST readers.

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Amanda Whitley

January 9, 201806:20 pm

i am just getting back into couponing! i took a really long break and now changed my diet so will be quite a challange to get back into. thanks for sharing the deals.

Sara Bryant

January 9, 201805:18 pm

Love reading all of the great deals!


January 9, 201804:44 pm

I love this page and I’d love $100 lol

Kimmy Ripley

January 9, 201808:29 am

I shop at Kroger faithfully every single week. I love shopping there. Money is crazy tight right now and this gift card would help us out so much! Would be a blessing. Thank you so very much!

Laura Salazar

January 9, 201807:23 am

Thank you for posting all the Krazy deals. I love this page!

Shari Glaze

January 9, 201801:38 am

I love free toothpaste!

Kayla Klontz

January 9, 201801:16 am

This site has the best savings! I always come here to find good deals!

Shannon Palmer

January 8, 201806:34 pm

You always post the best deals, Thanks!

Cynthia Bel

January 8, 201803:29 pm

Kroger is my go-to for everything. The site makes it even more worth my time. From couponing to just picking up an item to finish off a recipe, is well worth my drive to kroger. I have learned so much from this site and everyone here is so nice and respectable. That's a big plus for me. Thanks for the chance to win this gift card.

Amy Crawford

January 8, 201802:54 pm

Great deal on toothpaste. Can't beat free.

Lorre McIver

January 8, 201812:28 pm

This is the best couponing kno how site on internet! I've learned so much! Thanks!

Cg Swafford

January 8, 201811:11 am

I love the deals you share. This is an awesome deal on Crest!


January 8, 201810:59 am

I love this site! I have saved so much and gotten so many items for free with coupons! I always check here while I make my grocery list!


January 8, 201809:59 am

Best couponing site ever

Stella K Prather

January 8, 201809:53 am

Thank you for the savings!!

Mandy Durnil

January 8, 201808:04 am

Thanks for helping me save money and not spend hours at the store with my little girls

Mandy Durnil

January 8, 201808:02 am

Thank you for all ur hard work. You have helped me save a lot of money without having to spends hours in the store with my kids


January 8, 201806:23 am

Thank you!! I just made $15 in Catalinas, woohoo!


January 8, 201805:17 am

Thank you!

Linda Cooper

January 8, 201804:23 am

Thanks Katie for all do to keep us updated on all the deals! I am addicted!

Claudette Nelson

January 8, 201812:55 am

Thanks for helping me save !!

Betsey Gill

January 8, 201812:06 am

I love this group! You guys have helped our family save money right when we really needed it. Thank you so much!

Jenn h

January 7, 201811:07 pm

Awesome info, thanks for the opportunity

Jama Escalante

January 7, 201810:21 pm

Love your group!!!

Stephanie Phelps

January 7, 201810:20 pm

I love Kroger and all the great deals I get there. I get so many coupons from them and to get the discount on gas is amazing!

Ellie Wright

January 7, 201810:17 pm

I just went grocery shopping today at Kroger. Thank you for all the deals you post!

Cristal Sanchez

January 7, 201810:08 pm

Thank you ❤️


January 7, 201810:00 pm

I like to come here for Kroger deals.


January 7, 201809:59 pm

Lovin' this website and the great deals. Thanks!

Sierra Lovell

January 7, 201809:06 pm

Awesome incentive. I would really love to win. Good Luck everyone.

Sue Spahr

January 7, 201808:31 pm

I want to win! I love Kroger ;)


January 7, 201807:51 pm

Love the facts that you help alot of people's who loves to coupon.

Wendy Forbes

January 7, 201807:32 pm

Crest 3D White is my favorite toothpaste, so I will be stocking up.

Belinda Flowers

January 7, 201807:27 pm

Thank you for all your hard work, making things easier for all of us!

Minta Boggs

January 7, 201807:13 pm

Thanks so much for everything you do to help us save money!


January 7, 201806:47 pm

❤ kroger

Debbie mcallister

January 7, 201806:47 pm

Thanks for all you do!!!

Joni Kremer

January 7, 201806:14 pm

Thank You !


January 7, 201805:57 pm



January 7, 201805:41 pm

Woohoo! Thank you for all you do!

Sheila Lucas

January 7, 201805:05 pm

I would love this!

Jodi Clifford

January 7, 201804:42 pm

Woo hoo!


January 7, 201804:15 pm

Thank you!

Michelle Graney

January 7, 201803:22 pm

Thanks Kroger Krazy you have helped me feed my family of 7 and many more families for years! My go to for all Kroger deals!


January 7, 201803:07 pm

Thank you so much for doing these giveaways. Crest is my favorite toothpaste and the only one I use.

Dianna Powers

January 7, 201802:52 pm

I LOVE your blog! It makes combining coupons with ad sales so much easier! We have saved a ton by following your blog! Keep doing what you do! Thank you!!


January 7, 201802:24 pm

Thank you!

Courtney Robison

January 7, 201802:17 pm

So thankful your blog! I look at it nearly every day and definitely before each trip to the store! You save e so much time and money!

Megan Furtah

January 7, 201802:03 pm

Thank you for all the hard work and posts you do!


January 7, 201802:02 pm

You are Awesome!


January 7, 201812:40 pm

Thanks for helping me save money!!

Barbie Brunello

January 7, 201812:31 pm

Thank you so much for helping my family save money! ❤️

Betty Ross

January 7, 201812:24 pm

Ty 4 the chance

Sherri smith

January 7, 201812:24 pm

I love shopping here. Love Kroger’s and crest

Kimberly L.

January 7, 201812:11 pm

I love Crest toothpaste. I tried a lot of toothpastes, but nothing worked until I tried the Crest Regular toothpaste. I have been using that toothpaste for the last several years and love it. Thanks for the giveaway.


January 7, 201811:34 am

Thanks for all you do!

Kaylee Connelly

January 7, 201811:23 am

Thank you for the entry opportunities!


January 7, 201811:16 am

I love this page!

Nicole Z

January 7, 201811:10 am

Thank you so much for another chance to win! Love this page and shopping at kroger. Has helped me save so much more money which is very helpful for this stay at home mom!

Lori Ballew

January 7, 201811:02 am

Thank you for all of the great deals you post. Love your facebook page and site!


January 7, 201810:55 am

As a single mom this GC would be SO helpful!! ❤️


January 7, 201810:51 am

Thank you so much for the giveaway. I am trying to cut down on spending, so this gift card would come in handy, for sure.


January 7, 201810:39 am

I love shopping at Kroger


January 7, 201810:25 am

I am falling In love with Kroger deals more and more everyday!

Ashley Brown

January 7, 201810:21 am

Love seeing all the deals on your blog!

Jenny J

January 7, 201810:11 am

Thank you!!!

Karen MacKay

January 7, 201810:06 am

Thanks for all your tips!! I could really really really use this!

Kacy Hartmann

January 7, 201810:03 am

I love seeing your updates about savings at Kroger!

Erika g

January 7, 201809:55 am

I love your blog! It is super helpful for helping me save money!

Toni Hooper

January 7, 201809:53 am

Crest is our dentist recommended brand for over 40 years. Kroger is our families choice for great deals, choices and more. Thanks for your keeping us all aware of all the deals.


January 7, 201809:47 am

Thanks for all the deals

Melissa m

January 7, 201809:43 am

Love crest toothpaste & this deal!


January 7, 201809:37 am

Love the Crest products!!! And also love to get a free gift cards. Hope to win!!! Thanks..

Michelle Robinson

January 7, 201809:19 am

Love Kroger Krazy and Crest. Yeah for free Crest!!! Couponing is how I afford food for my large family on a tight budget. Thank you Crest for great coupons! Thank you Kroger Krazy for letting me know where the deals are!! Your the best!!!!!

Judy C.

January 7, 201809:17 am

I'm a Kroger Krazy too! This site has helped me save sooooo much money at my favorite store!


January 7, 201809:11 am

Love Kroger and Kroger Krazy! It’s the only way I can afford to buy groceries for my family. Thanks so much!!


January 7, 201809:05 am

Love all your posts! Keep them coming!


January 7, 201808:45 am

Yesterday was my first couponing experience, I had a blast!


January 7, 201808:42 am

Would help out a needy family with it. .


January 7, 201808:00 am

Thanks for all the help you give

Carla Hall

January 7, 201807:52 am

This would go along way with these good sales... Thanks :-)

Carrie Covey

January 7, 201807:41 am

This site is so helpful to myself and my family. Thank you for everything.


January 7, 201807:22 am

Thanks for all the coupon info, coupon would be so much harder without you.


January 7, 201806:42 am

Very helpful page!

Christina Schussler

January 7, 201806:27 am

Love this site

Tabitha V.

January 7, 201805:16 am

This site helps me save a lot of money on my groceries. I love it!


January 7, 201804:32 am

Hope to win


January 7, 201803:52 am

I love Kroger!

Margaret R

January 7, 201802:15 am

Hoping to win


January 7, 201801:57 am

Great blog and website! Very informative! Love Kroger and you!

Lori jackson

January 7, 201801:54 am


Victoria G

January 7, 201801:53 am

Absolutely amazing site. Love the chance to win as well!

Janice Mikesell

January 7, 201801:19 am

Thank you

Angela Clark

January 7, 201801:04 am

Thanks for all the tips!

Tony jones

January 7, 201812:53 am

love krogers!


January 7, 201812:40 am

thank you for a chance to win!

Katie Pendleton

January 7, 201812:36 am

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!!


January 7, 201812:22 am

Love this page and all the wonderful deals you post for everyone!! Thank you we love you!!!


January 7, 201812:21 am

I love this blog! I used it every week before my shopping trip!

Deana Smallwood

January 7, 201812:14 am

Could certainly use a good trip to Kroger!

Reigh Lynn

January 7, 201812:10 am

This would be such a blessing to me! You are wonderful and I appreciate all the hard work you put into finding us good deals!


January 7, 201812:04 am

Thank you for all you do! You rock!

Mommy J

January 6, 201811:55 pm

I love Kroger Krazy! This and my Frys or now my go to for most of our household supplies. Thanks for all the $ you have helped our family save. Yay Crest!

Abby barnhart

January 6, 201811:54 pm

Thank you for all your awesome tips and coupon deals helps alot with a big family!


January 6, 201811:46 pm

Paula Osborne

January 6, 201811:35 pm

I Love this page and all the helpful information on it.... Thank you


January 6, 201811:28 pm

This would be a great help to me. I am currently trying to get onto a better budget. Living pay check to pay check. My New Years Resolution was actually trying to pack lunches for work more, and cooking at home. This will help me save money.


January 6, 201811:24 pm

This would be a great surprise to start out this new year! Best of luck to everyone and thanks for the opportunity!

Carrie Roff

January 6, 201811:29 pm

Wouldn't it be great!


January 6, 201811:24 pm

This is very exciting!! I wish everyone good luck on here!! Thank you Kroger Krazy!!

Lisa king

January 6, 201811:20 pm

Thank you and this would go so far in helping several family members


January 6, 201811:14 pm

Thank you for all that you do. With a family of 8 every penny saved helps.


January 6, 201811:12 pm

I love saving money


January 6, 201811:07 pm

I've been following you for years! Thank you for your hard work at helping me save money. This gift card would help my family tremendously right now. Fingers crossed.

Tracy lambert

January 6, 201811:05 pm

You do a great job st helping people Save lots of money I use coupons of all sorts and save tons. I’m glad you have this so can help out families

Lisa Johnson

January 6, 201810:58 pm

I would love to when a 100.00 in groceries

Heather Geilker

January 6, 201810:58 pm

Excited about the chance to win.


January 6, 201810:53 pm


Yvonne B

January 6, 201810:52 pm

Thanks for the hard work you do getting us such great deals!!


January 6, 201810:49 pm

Thanks so much for the chance, this would be a huge blessing!

Clarissa Rosado

January 6, 201810:41 pm

Ssuper excited about this giveaway!

Tammy Creech

January 6, 201810:40 pm

Always enjoy your blog, I've been reading it regularly for a couple years now. I'm a heavy Kroger shopper anyway and checking your blog saves me a lot of money sometimes. Thanks for posting and for keeping us informed. Happy Krogering!

Sarah Love

January 6, 201810:38 pm

I love Kroger Krazy! Thankful for this resource as I plan my weekly shopping trip!


January 6, 201810:28 pm

Love your blog!!!!

Isatou Jatta

January 6, 201810:19 pm

Thank you


January 6, 201810:17 pm

Thank you for taking time out of your own life and away from your family to help people like me save money at Kroger's. I'm sorry that some people just need to be rude and negative, for some reason insulting you and others makes them feel good about themselves. I truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication to this site. I would like to be considered for the $100 Kroger's card. Thank You!!!


January 6, 201810:16 pm

I love this site! Always helps me plan my coupon hauls!


January 6, 201810:13 pm

I think it's excellent information you post online, to help save, save, save. I would love to win, win, win!

Maria Cervantes

January 6, 201810:12 pm

Started doing coupons because of you. Love this


January 6, 201810:11 pm

I love this page and how it helps me find deals at Frys.


January 6, 201810:10 pm

It would be an answered prayer!!

agape persons

January 6, 201810:06 pm

Love this site!!!!


January 6, 201810:02 pm

This is how I survive grocery shopping in college! This would be the best gift ever for my last semester of college!!

Beth Carpenter

January 6, 201809:57 pm

What a great prize! Love Kroger!

J Lee

January 6, 201809:57 pm

Love Kroger!

Megan Cotter

January 6, 201809:56 pm


Bridget Lilly

January 6, 201809:55 pm

Thank you so much for your generosity!!


January 6, 201809:49 pm

Thank you!


January 6, 201809:48 pm

thank you

Susan McCaskill

January 6, 201809:45 pm

Thank you for making saving at Kroger easier.


January 6, 201809:33 pm



January 6, 201809:31 pm

This is a great site!

Paula C.

January 6, 201809:22 pm

Love Kroger Krazy!! Thanks for all you do!!


January 6, 201809:15 pm

Love Kroger Krazy! Thanks for all you do!

Seyma Bennett

January 6, 201809:07 pm

I love Krogers! We have 3 nearby and they always have great deals and the kroger online coupons are a big help.

Kiri Nielsen

January 6, 201809:06 pm

Thanks for the giveaway and the great coupon/sale matchups each week. The savings definitely add up for my family!

Timothy Jones

January 6, 201809:00 pm

I was just about to run out of toothpaste, great timing lol


January 6, 201808:55 pm

Love this site!

Laura T

January 6, 201808:54 pm

Oh man, a weeks worth of groceries, essentially for free!? Get my entry in there, Krazy!


January 6, 201808:50 pm

Thanks for all your help!!! Live this site!!!

Ruth Sneed

January 6, 201808:48 pm

Thank you for all that you do. This is by far my favorite site for Kroger shopping. You have blessed so many people with your expertise and saved us thousands. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Louanne Heist

January 6, 201808:42 pm

Love love love my kroger in somerset Ky! Thx for all the heads up!


January 6, 201808:34 pm

Thanks for the opportunity! Thank you for all you do!

Michelle nesmith

January 6, 201808:41 pm

Thank you for all the great deals. Kroger is my favorite place and usually only place I coupon anymore

Kimberly Cole

January 6, 201808:32 pm

Love my local Kroger, using clicklist is amazing!! 15 min and I don't have to load a thing :), best part no impulse buys :)/

Trina Chadwick

January 6, 201808:27 pm

Thanks for your hard Work They just built Indy a new Delexe Kroger it’s like a Walmart I’m hooked


January 6, 201808:16 pm

Love your site!


January 6, 201808:08 pm

Great deal! Thanks for the info!


January 6, 201808:07 pm

My family shops at Kroger for everything and very thankful for all the savings! Every little bit goes a long way!


January 6, 201808:02 pm

I love clicklist at King Soopers!


January 6, 201808:02 pm

Thank you!!

Kellye W.

January 6, 201807:58 pm

This is an awesome site.

Sharon Hague

January 6, 201807:57 pm

I love FREE Product!! I love shopping Kroger.


January 6, 201807:55 pm


Meghan carter

January 6, 201807:50 pm

Entering for the drawin!


January 6, 201807:49 pm

Love saving money at Kroger!

Georgetta Fouch

January 6, 201807:31 pm

Fingers crossed hoping I win

linda roberson

January 6, 201807:30 pm

Love shopping at Kroger,Kroger Krazy and this blog!!!!


January 6, 201807:29 pm

I love Kroger! They are convenient and always have great deals!


January 6, 201807:19 pm

This would be great! Gotta love Kroger


January 6, 201807:07 pm

We shop at Kroger for everything! Thank you, Kroger Krazy!

Shari Tracy

January 6, 201807:03 pm

Love all the deals at kroger.


January 6, 201806:45 pm

I love Kroger and saving money!!


January 6, 201806:41 pm

I love some FREE Crest! It’s a great way to stock up and be able to bless others!

Paula Cunningham

January 6, 201806:40 pm

Love Kroger!! This gift card would help so much with getting the grandson what he needs

Bonnie Masterson

January 6, 201806:39 pm

would be great to win

Dawn Terrell

January 6, 201806:38 pm

I LOVE KROGER!!! Thanks for all you do! ❤️


January 6, 201806:36 pm

Nice offers both Crest and Krogers

Heather Deem

January 6, 201806:27 pm

This would be such a blessing.

Kristin Payne

January 6, 201806:25 pm

I love Kroger and would love this gift card.


January 6, 201806:24 pm

Would love to win

Rachel Jackson

January 6, 201806:23 pm

Winning this would be a huge blessing. I have three kids 5 and under. Thanks for all the tips you send our way to save money.

Carrie Walker

January 6, 201806:22 pm

Glad to find your page, be great to win the gift card, thank you for doing this! :)

Lana Young

January 6, 201806:19 pm

I would love to win this so I can go get more great deals at Krogers!

Stephanie Jordan

January 6, 201806:18 pm

Love Kroger!


January 6, 201806:16 pm


Rhonda Grisham

January 6, 201806:16 pm

Thanks for the help on these deals! I love my Kroger and love getting good deals even more.


January 6, 201806:13 pm

Love Kroger and Crest!

Lisa Wickwire

January 6, 201806:11 pm

Fred Meyer is my favorite store! The fact that its a block from my house makes it even better!


January 6, 201806:09 pm

This would be awesome to win! Love crest toothpaste!


January 6, 201806:05 pm

<3 <3 Love Kroger!!


January 6, 201806:04 pm

Pick me! I would love the $100 card.

Shelia Turner

January 6, 201806:01 pm

Thanks to KrogerKrazy for all the awesome deals and money I can save for school!!!

Alicia Ruiz

January 6, 201806:00 pm

Thank you for the chance to win and good luck to all!!!!


January 6, 201805:59 pm

I love Krogers! I would love to Win this!


January 6, 201805:55 pm

Love this page!


January 6, 201805:51 pm

Love this site and Kroger!

Jennifer B

January 6, 201805:42 pm

Fingers crossed!

Sherry Phipps

January 6, 201805:34 pm

Love this page! I’ve got a lot of excellent deals at Kroger! Thank you for all you do!


January 6, 201805:29 pm

This is a must go to blog before doing my weekly shopping!


January 6, 201805:28 pm

Thank you for posting all of the great deals!


January 6, 201805:21 pm

Thanks for all you do


January 6, 201805:20 pm

Thank you!

J Brown

January 6, 201805:14 pm

Thanks for all you do!


January 6, 201805:09 pm

Love your blog!!


January 6, 201805:05 pm

Hope I win

Gina Kirkpatrick

January 6, 201805:01 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!!

Ann C

January 6, 201804:44 pm

I would love to win the Kroger gift card. Thanks for the chance to win. :-)

Stephanie Ahrens

January 6, 201804:43 pm

Thank you for all your hard work! Love your blog!

Sherry Bullion

January 6, 201804:33 pm

Thank you!

Nancy Walker

January 6, 201804:23 pm

Thanks for the chance.

Monie Garcia

January 6, 201804:23 pm

Thanks for everything you do!


January 6, 201804:22 pm

Love all the work you do! It is a big help while I shop.


January 6, 201804:21 pm

Love love love your site. I have gotten some great savings following you! I need the $100 and this would surely be. Blessing.

Lindsay @ Laughing Lindsay

January 6, 201804:20 pm

I love Kroger! $100 would go a long way.


January 6, 201804:20 pm

Sooo excited!!


January 6, 201804:20 pm

Thank you!


January 6, 201804:18 pm

I drive one hour to get to kroger. Love it!


January 6, 201804:10 pm

Love your site and visit almost every day. Thank you for all your hard work to help your followers.

Elizabeth Martin

January 6, 201803:56 pm

Pick me please!!!

Loretta Kearon

January 6, 201803:51 pm

Thank you for the chance.

Kim W

January 6, 201803:48 pm

I frequent Krogerkrazy website so much more than even the regular Kroger website. Love how much valuable information is shared and has helped me save so much money. Not only that but the website/Facebook group helps me shop Kroger so much more smarter - like knowing there is a mega sale coming up.


January 6, 201803:48 pm

Love Kroger's

Dana P

January 6, 201803:44 pm

$100 gift card would be awesome! Have learned a lot following you!

Tiffini Blaisdell

January 6, 201803:41 pm

Thanks for another awesome giveaway!!!

Emily F

January 6, 201803:31 pm

Thank you so much for your hard work!


January 6, 201803:25 pm

Thanks for all your help in saving money! I could certainly use this!

Sadie B.

January 6, 201803:20 pm

Thanks for the great deals!


January 6, 201803:19 pm

I LOVE Kroger & I miss getting to shop there regularly since I moved. But when I go home to visit, a shopping trip to Kroger is always on my list of must do things and I stock up on all the great bargains & items I can’t get where I live.

Stephanie Swatzel

January 6, 201803:14 pm

I love kroger krazy! You have changed my life and saved me so much time, which gives me more time with my family. So grateful!

Shauna Price

January 6, 201803:13 pm

Love this!

Shana Stacey

January 6, 201803:06 pm

Thanks for the chance to win

Dawn Burzynski

January 6, 201803:03 pm

I am so happy to live near a Kroger again!

Mary Smock

January 6, 201802:55 pm

I love this blog! Thank you for all you do!

wanda halvorson

January 6, 201802:47 pm

love using all your different kinds of toothpaste and will LOVE to receive this gift card!

Aimee May

January 6, 201802:46 pm

I LOVE Kroger and this website!


January 6, 201802:45 pm

$100 goes so far following the deals and using coupons! Awesome!!


January 6, 201802:44 pm

Your page makes saving money that much easier!

Pamela Gifford

January 6, 201802:44 pm


Nikki Flynn

January 6, 201802:42 pm

I love all the deals I am able to get through this site. Thanks.

Heather Lovell

January 6, 201802:41 pm

Love the deals. Thank you

Beth Lay

January 6, 201802:41 pm

Thanks for the chance to win!


January 6, 201802:36 pm

I'll try this out! Love looking on this site for good deals to take and run with once I get to the store! Some things aren't posted but thats the thrill of couponing :)

Jennifer Ganan

January 6, 201802:32 pm

Krogerkrazy you are awesome. Thank you for taking time on posting stuff.


January 6, 201802:29 pm


Candy Light

January 6, 201802:27 pm


Mary Ann Rimmer

January 6, 201802:24 pm

Wow those are a lot of comments. Thanks for all that you do. Hope I am the lucky one.


January 6, 201802:22 pm

Absolutely love your blog!!! It has saved me and my family lots of money!!!

Cagnet Clayton

January 6, 201802:22 pm

Thank you!!

sandy barton

January 6, 201802:18 pm

Thanks for all you do.


January 6, 201802:17 pm

I love KrogerKrazy! ❤️


January 6, 201802:14 pm

Thanks for the chance. Kroger is my go to grocery store.

Nicole G

January 6, 201802:13 pm

Would love to win a gift card! Thanks P&G and Kroger Krazy


January 6, 201802:13 pm

Thanks!! I would love to win. Thouroughly enjoy all your great Kroger bargain posts.


January 6, 201802:11 pm

Awesome deal! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie D

January 6, 201802:10 pm

Great deals!


January 6, 201802:03 pm

Yay! Love Kroger and mega sales! And free stuff!

Kris Mihalov

January 6, 201801:54 pm

Love krogers sales

Anne Loyd

January 6, 201801:53 pm

Great giveaway!!


January 6, 201801:52 pm


Heather C

January 6, 201801:52 pm

Love Kroger Krazy!!!


January 6, 201801:52 pm


amy schubach

January 6, 201801:51 pm

Thank you for all the hard work you and your team do to bring us the awesome savings

Erin mckay

January 6, 201801:45 pm



January 6, 201801:45 pm

Love your blog!

virginia landa

January 6, 201801:44 pm

I love Kroger. Thanks!!

Jennifer Sonnenberg

January 6, 201801:41 pm

I would love the chance to win!!! ♥️ My name on Facebook is Jennifer Lea

Heather Salva

January 6, 201801:38 pm

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About to be a new, first time mom (due in 4 weeks) and I love how helpful your site is to help me save money both before and after my son gets here.

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Thank you for the time you take to put together this site. I just signed up for Kroger and this site to start couponing and kind of lost lol but will hopefully figure it out and save money :)

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January 6, 201801:27 pm

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January 6, 201801:23 pm

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Love love love Kroger Krazy and appreciate all the hard work you put in to help us all save! I follow closely and always look at the deals before I head to the store. I’ve lost track of all the money you’ve helped me save, but it’s a whole lot!


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January 6, 201812:56 pm

Thanks to your blog I am able to save even more money at the grocery with your coupon matchups! As a busy working mom I don’t have time to track the sales and coupons and with your help I don’t have to!! Thanks so much!!


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Crest is my favorite toothpaste & this is an awesome deal!! Thank you Crest for the coupon & thank you, Katie for helping me save money with all your posts & tips!! I've learned so much more about couponing from you!!


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January 6, 201811:13 am

OMG! I would LOVE to win a $100 card! We recently got a Payless/Kroger affiliate where I shop and am learning the in's and out's of Krogering! :0) Thanks for the opportunity!


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January 5, 201807:03 pm

I love this website, it’s such a great resource!! I have two Kroger affiliates nearby - QFC & Fred Meyer & have saved so much with the things I’ve discovered through this site that I would’ve missed otherwise! Thank you so much & Happy New Year! :D


January 5, 201806:51 pm

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I love crest and kroger, love getting deals on toothpaste. I love sites like yours that do match ups for me. Sometimes I work 80 hrs/wk, so not much time for putting deals together.


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So glad I found this site. We're big Kroger fans but the nearest to us is 20+ minutes in traffic. However we travel for work throughout the southeast & when one is near, we are sure to hit it.

Mary Kilpatrick

January 3, 201812:25 pm

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Kroger Krazy is a great resource for all my grocery needs. I can depend on these ladies to post the deals before anyone else!


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January 3, 201801:35 am

Thank you soooo much, I have saved so much money be of your blog. Please never stop.


January 2, 201811:18 pm

Thank you for all of your work!!! Your site makes couponing so much better! I am mourning the loss of Kroger when we move to the East Coast in a few months! ;-)

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January 2, 201810:52 pm

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January 2, 201809:11 pm

Love this site! Your posts are the easiest (and most fun) to read of any coupon blogger out there....I have a love/hate relationship with the Mega Sale. You can get great deals and save tons of money, but sometimes it takes SO much time to get ready, and then you get there and the best deals are sold out!! Anyone else feel this way?


January 2, 201808:53 pm

Thanks for all you do to help us save!


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January 2, 201808:28 am

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Thank you so much for all the tips and breaking things down so simply! Life changer.

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January 1, 201801:31 am

What are the other sites? Face book is probably the best but I’m not on that. I check this and I heart Kroger and do my own checking as well but would love more places to check

Stella l

December 31, 201706:42 pm

She does a great job with helping us save money, why don't you be grateful instead of complaining that she doesn't have everything the instant you think she should have it up. There are plenty of times where she has information posted that other sites do not. How about doing your own research as well many times the store has information on the labels about the Catalina's. Thank you Kroger Krazy for all the work that you do, I appreciate it very much.


December 31, 201712:50 pm

You know there was a digital coupon for crest and Colgate of $2 each making both free. This website only does Kroger deals but you seem to be a little late to the party as other sites post more deals and much earlier. With that p&g Catalina, why didn't you post what the Catalina actually was vs just saying it was good on Aussie and herbal essence? I could have gotten way more had I known it was off any two p&g products and there was no limit per transaction! Please be more thorough.


January 1, 201810:44 am

Anon, Thanks for your feedback, however...I did post the digital coupon a few days ago. And I posted several scenarios for the P&G Catalina when it was active over the last couple of weeks, including a few for Crest products. We post so much content that perhaps these were missed. May I suggest signing up for text alerts ( or email ( to ensure you don't miss a deal?


January 1, 201801:41 pm

All of your catalinas in the master list are expired. You might want to update so as to not confuse people like Anon.


December 31, 201706:10 pm

Please, please be kind! She did share about the digital coupon earlier, but maybe you happened to miss that. I am very grateful for all of her hard work. She has saved me tons, and I mean tons of money because of all she shares. This is one of my favorite sites to come to. If you find something, you can always share with her (like the P&G Catalina). Maybe that would be more helpful than being negative. Thanks Kroger Krazy for ALL you do!