Check your email or your Kroger Digital Coupons to see if you got a specific value off your next order at Kroger.  I got a $5.00 off $60.00.  Yay!  I easily spend $60.00 at Kroger so I will gladly take $5.00 off.

I found my coupon in the GENERAL tab.

What did YOU get?

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April 26, 201808:13 pm

I got a $4 off $50. Is the $50 before or after manufacturer and store coupons?


April 26, 201803:36 pm

I received $6 off $70

angel allran

April 26, 201803:49 am

I got 4.00 off of 50.00. Yay.


April 25, 201811:45 pm

I got $4 off of $50. I also found the free Lala. Thank you

Marsha Arrowood

April 25, 201810:00 pm

I have not got anything like this.

Jamie Barker

April 25, 201804:19 pm

I signed up for the Krazy Kroger offer via email, however I didn't see any new offers. The email States that I will see new deals in my digital coupons. For instance, $5 off $60 purchase. I generally spend $1200 per month on my groceries from your stores & would live to receive money saving deals, such as this one. I realize these are tailored to my shopping habits. I also used to receive best customer coupons for $10 off 100 or $9 off of $80 via mail. Unfortunately, I have not received any since December of 2017. I shop exclusively at Kroger. I will have to expand my options for groceries if you cannot rectify this. Thanks for allowing me to express my feelings. Sincerely, Jamie Barker


April 25, 201801:20 pm

$14 off of $180


April 25, 201812:43 pm

Got $12 off $150, I'll use it!!


April 25, 201812:04 pm

Just like Charlie Brown--I got a rock.


April 25, 201812:01 pm

I got 9.00 off 110.00.

Jennifer Sutkus

April 25, 201811:43 am

I didn't get anything...and I spend a lot at Kroger :(


April 25, 201811:28 am

I got $7 off $90!!


April 25, 201810:03 am

I got $7 off $90. I had to look specifically in the "general" section to find it.

Evelyn J Jackson

April 25, 201810:02 am

I got $15 off $180


April 25, 201809:17 am

Got $10 off $50.


April 25, 201807:36 am

$5 off $50 yay!!


April 24, 201810:51 pm

$8 off $100 in the mail, nothing digital


April 24, 201809:47 pm



April 24, 201809:33 pm

I did not have a digital coupon but a paper coupon in the mail yesterday for $20 off $200!


April 24, 201809:18 pm

I got $16 off 200


April 24, 201809:05 pm

$9 off $110!!! thanks for the tip!


April 24, 201808:25 pm

$4 off $50

Marsha Welch

April 24, 201808:21 pm



April 24, 201807:56 pm

I got a rock....


April 24, 201807:53 pm

I got $7 off $90! Woot!


April 24, 201807:36 pm

I got 14/180


April 24, 201807:13 pm

I didn’t get anything :(


April 24, 201806:45 pm

Thanks for letting me know about that. I got $8 off $100.


April 24, 201806:31 pm

Thanks for the heads up. I got $4.00 of $50.00. Yay!!!!