I told you about this deal last week on Vita Coco Pressed Coconut 🥥 Water, but I needed to update you this morning because it's now on sale at Kroger and FREE when you stack your ibotta and Kroger Cash Back rebates!! FIVE OF THEM!!

Don't know how Kroger Cash Back works? Watch my video HERE

PLEASE NOTE: Kroger Cash Back is currently ONLY available on Kroger.com, NOT on the Kroger app. In order to find this page, head to Kroger and click the save button at the top of the page and scroll down to “Kroger Cash Back“.  You can “cash out” on your next shopping trip (cashier should notify you) or via PayPal ($20 minimum balance). It may take up to SEVEN days for your cash back savings to hit your account.

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Sun Lutz

July 4, 201910:42 pm

I did this deal, and I only got $1 back, when I bought 5. Is anyone else having this problem?


July 3, 201910:54 am

I'm an idiot, and my apologies. Yes, I see that you all are correct that it's 1L OR 500 ml. I would have deleted my comments if I knew how, but all I can do is apologize for my error!!


July 3, 201910:11 am

500ml is equivalent to 16.9oz. Thank you for this deal! It should work.


July 3, 201910:06 am

My Kroger Cash Back says on 1 L or 500 mL (which is 16.9oz size). Should work with IB and KCB.


July 3, 201909:37 am

If you read the details on the Cash Back offers, many of them state "up to 5 times." This particular offer is good for up to 5 times, but it's for the 1L/500ml size which are $3.99. You won't get any cash back on the 16.9 oz containers.


July 3, 201909:32 am

The Kroger cashback coupon said one per customer so how do you get $5 cash back?


July 3, 201909:07 am

The ones on sale for $1.99 are 16.9 oz, but the Cash Back is on 1 L bottles which are $3.99. You won't get the Kroger Cash Back on the 16.9 oz bottles.