The Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus is BACK!

Shop for groceries to earn a Holiday Savings Bonus*! The more you shop, the more you earn.

First, shop November 20 – December 3 at any Kroger Co. Family of Stores. Then, redeem your Holiday Savings Bonus from December 12 – December 15 to save BIG on Apparel & Home purchase including housewares, toys, decor and more! Your Savings Bonus will be automatically added to your Shopper’s Card.

Here’s how much you’ll save:

• Spend $200-$299, get 30% OFF Apparel & Home purchase
• Spend $400 or more, get 50% OFF Apparel & Home purchase

Maximum savings in store is $300!

*Spending excludes: Gift cards, mobile phones, electronics, fuel, alcohol, tobacco products, Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fred Meyer Direct, services and items prohibited by law. Maximum savings is $300. Spending total is cumulative of all your purchases during this period.

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Holly Judf

December 10, 202005:47 pm

Can my holiday bonus discount be used online or for ship? Or must I use it in the store only? Thank you


December 21, 201911:01 am

I never received mine and spent more than 400 so that was falase advertisement very disappointed

Kelly Witherow

December 17, 201901:37 pm

I guess we mis$ed out on the holiday bonus ! Fyi the stores new layout is taking awhile to get used to and you raise prices really high then put them on sale which makes most of those things still higher prices than before!Shame on you!


December 15, 201910:40 pm

I have to agree with other comments that the promotion is not well executed. I bought 3 wireless earbuds and 3 wireless speakers and a dvd, along with other items. The cashier told me she wasn’t sure about the dvd, but said the electronics were included-none if those items were included. Now I need to make a trip back to Kroger to return these items. Very disappointed!


December 14, 201907:53 pm

I went this morning and I was not expecting to get the bonus because all I've purchased is food items, but I got 50% off my total. I only had food and cleaning items. If I had known I had the bonus, I would have REALLY shopped! I saved $98 though so it was well worth it!


December 14, 201902:22 pm

Does it apply for pet food and pet toys?

Beth Anne Bodtker

December 14, 201910:08 am

I went last night to redeem my 30% off. Only got 5 Rubbermaid containers, plus some groceries. My 30% didn't come off my containers (I knew it wouldn't come off the groceries). Customer service was of no help. They said I had to call Krogers directly. I did and was told that I had to spend $200 to redeem the 30%, and could only have general merchandise on the any of this correct? What recourse do I have to get my 30% off these items? I gave some of them to my daughter, so I don't actually have all 5 now....

Paulette Rossi

December 12, 202005:03 pm

I had earned 20% off holiday purchases. I did a price check on a calendar to see it was part of it. It was. The order was voided so I could look at other items to purchase. Today I went to purchase it and it did not apply it.

Robert Garrison

December 13, 201912:15 pm

Does this include kitchen appliances like mixers?

Jessica O'Riley

December 12, 201912:31 pm

NOTE: This bonus cannot be redeemed on GROCERY purchases. I have used the holiday savings bonus since it started. No you cannot use on groceries. Sorry ladies.


December 12, 201912:15 pm

I reviewed the comments about the Holiday Savings Bonus and so many people are asking if it can be redeemed on groceries, but I don't see any response made by a Kroger representative, why? I need to go shopping on 12/15 and would like to redeem and get my discount off groceries for my holiday parties. PLEASE respond. thank you

Reena Adame

December 12, 201912:09 pm

I went early this morning. Loaded up with kitchen appliances and housewares, and clothing. It's ringing half off (or whatever bonus you earned) the sale price. I got a 5 quart kitchenaid mixer for $140! Saved over $700 total on my whole order.


December 11, 201910:18 pm

I'm really mad about this program. I've spent probably $600 to $900 and I have 3 Kingsoopers in my town (Longmont) and we do have some toys and merchandise, but you are making me drive reach what town I will have to drive to in order to use my 50%off. This is rude, ridicule, inconsiderate. I have research where to go and spend more money in gas to get to a new store, when there is 3 Kingsoopers in my town. Yes I'm very pissed off

Kay hess

December 11, 201908:50 pm

Does this include groceries?? Not sure, it says general merchandise & I thought that was foods. Someone just told me no.????!


December 11, 201907:24 pm

Is this good on food items?

Christy Swango

December 11, 201912:45 pm

Are food items included?

julie whitt

December 10, 201904:31 pm

so kitchen appliances are apart of bonus deal like kerig or crock pots or insta pots please email me and let me know before i purchase any of these

Laurel M DiGangi

December 9, 201908:12 pm

Is anybody answering these questions? I have a couple that says "holiday savings bonus" Your final spend is $700. Does this mean I have to spend $700, or that I already spent $700.00. Also, are there Kroger stores that sell apparel and furniture? My Ralph's sells mostly food, with a few appliances in the home aisle. I'm very confused!

Samantha Price

December 9, 201912:51 pm

How will we know if an item is included or not in the holiday bonus?

beverly hancock

December 8, 201908:23 pm

i have earned 50% off but what does "and more" include?

Kathy Seaman

December 8, 201907:44 pm

Can you buy blower dryers though this deal?

Fred T Burton

December 8, 201907:33 am

Once again my super friends at Kroger have put a spin on a way to move slow moving, high profit merchandise. If upper management would visit my store and see the mess created on their customers by full speed ahead, limited checkout lanes, with no bag clerks. Go have a conversation with customers in my store, you will hear a different song. Thank You Fred T Burton P S A Kroger customer for over 40 years!


December 8, 201901:22 am

Does ”household” include furniture?


December 7, 201904:06 am

Is the discount 40 or 50%? My receipt says I've spent over 500.00, and according to the website that would be a 50% discount. But my receipt says it is a 40% discount.

The Salty Crone

December 7, 201902:10 am

Wow, thanks Tracey for the heads up. I would be so upset it that happened. I worked really hard to get that 50% off coupon lol. Can anyone please tell me when they load that coupon to our shoppers card? Mine is still not showing up. I've never qualified for this before so I don't know how it works. Thanks so much!


December 6, 201903:57 pm

The bonus savings accumulation (from your spending) appears at the bottom of every receipt after a purchase. You can check your last receipt to see your accumulation. Be careful! I had accumulated my 50% off and a cashier took off 50% of a dish towel I had thrown in to my order before my big shopping trip..she didn’t ask...I didn’t realize she would apply it..she did. I lost the discount! ALL of it! I tried calling customer service and there was nothing they could/would do to rectify the problem. You may want to consider not buying anything once the redemption period starts until you have shopped! Also, household, holiday and apparel does not include most beauty products..Did anyone successfully purchase any beauty gift sets that were considered holiday last year? Also, check each item once you total and before paying.. if it didn’t reduce for can remove it from your order before you pay!

camille crawson

December 5, 201905:39 pm

what stores honor holiday savings bonus

Mary Bushell

December 5, 201903:55 pm

How will I know how much was loaded to my card is there a way to find out before shopping. I want to be sure and go to the Marketplace Kroger instead of the local Kroger on that day.


December 4, 201901:07 pm

I met the $400, but I don’t see the coupon loaded. Do you know when it will be loaded? Thanks!!

Kristina densmore

December 4, 201911:20 am

Does this include grocery items?? Or only bigger purchases?

Ginny Pohl

December 3, 201902:46 pm

How and where do you redeem your Holiday Savings Bonus?


December 3, 201912:17 pm

So does this start at 1am on December 13th?


December 3, 201911:57 am

Can I check mine online


December 3, 201906:56 am

Does the discount include household cleaning, toiletries, hygiene items (soaps, shampoos, etc)?


December 2, 201907:50 pm

Does this coupon appear in your app under coupons? Does this coupon staxk on top of other sales or clearance. Please provide more info.


December 2, 201904:54 pm

Can you use the 50 percent off of food or just nonfood items.


December 2, 201910:09 am

Is the Holiday bonus discount for one item or multiple?


December 2, 201910:07 am

Can you use your discount on appliances? Like a coffee maker?


December 2, 201908:11 am

So the holiday savings bonus is applied to your shoppers card? How do you know when that happens. Do I have to go to customer service or will it print out on a future receipt! I’m at $272 total savings bonus as of 12/2/19.


December 1, 201911:23 pm

So are the items found at a Kroger store or affiliated stores? One has to seek out the items permitted for the discount at a Kroger? I don't see that much household stuff at a Kroger so not sure about the payoff.


December 1, 201905:56 pm

When earning the bonus what is excluded? I know Gas doesn’t count. What about gift cards?

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 2, 201906:23 am

Gift Cards are excluded.


December 1, 201910:47 am

If things are marked down, for example, right now DIP apparel is marked down 40% off, will it take the 40% off and our additional 30 or 50 off as well?

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 2, 201906:23 am

I was able to get 50% off the sale prices last year so I hope it's the same this year. Finger's crossed!!

Douglas Smith

December 1, 201903:41 am

Can you only save on one shopping trip or can you take advantage of the discount over multiple trips?

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 2, 201906:24 am

It's only valid one time so get everything you need in one trip!

Kristin contizano

November 30, 201905:02 pm

The coupon cannot be applied to any food items!!!!

Jeannette Lawrence

November 30, 201903:21 pm

Can you apply the discount to grocery items?

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 2, 201906:24 am

No. It can't.


November 18, 201904:15 pm

Thank you!


November 18, 201901:14 pm

When I have used it in the past the discount applies to multiple items. We fill our cart :) trying to spend "600.00"---then we only pay $300.00. I shop at Kroger's during the accumulation time buying all kinds of groceries and essentials to reach the 50% category. It's really worth it. :)

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 2, 201906:25 am

I think it's totally worth it and so excited to spend the bonus soon!!


November 18, 201911:50 am

Is this discout earned for one item or would be on all items purchased, up to $300 in savings? The wording isn't specific enough for me: OFF Apparel & Home purchase

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 2, 201906:25 am

Multiple items up to $300.00. Last year I had a cart FULL of items!