Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus 1212 - 1215

It’s Time to Redeem Your Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus!

As a reminder, you earned this bonus by shopping at Kroger between November 20 – December 3.

  • Spend $200-$299, get 30% OFF Apparel & Home purchase
  • Spend $400 or more, get 50% OFF Apparel & Home purchase

Check the bottom of your receipt to see how much you earned. Spending total is cumulative of all your purchases during this period.

From December 12 – December 15 you can redeem your earned bonus to save BIG on Apparel & Home purchases including housewares, toys, decor and more! This is ON TOP of Kroger sale prices!! Your Savings Bonus has automatically been added to your Shopper’s Card. Maximum savings in store is $300! 

Bonus MUST BE redeemed in ONE transaction. You may use it on MULTIPLE items up to $300 (after all discounts).


NOTE: This bonus cannot be redeemed on GROCERY purchases. 

We don’t have details on EVERY single item that is eligible for this bonus, so let’s share our finds, and ask & answer questions to help everyone ROCK Kroger in the next 4 days!! Here’s what we know it’s working on so far:

  • Home Decor
  • Small Appliances (example: Crockpot, Instant Pot, Hand Mixers, Coffee Makers, Electric Wine Opener, etc.)
  • Cookware, Bakeware, Pots and Pans, Flatware, Pyrex
  • Toys and Games!
  • Apparel (including shoes)
    (Flash Sale! 12/12 ONLY, Slippers for the whole family are 70% OFF!!)Kroger Fuel Points Home Apparel

Don’t forget to download this coupon as well to earn 3X Fuel Points on Home, Apparel and Electronics. Download once and earn on all purchases between 11/29 and 12/31.

Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus Cart


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December 15, 201909:42 pm

We bought the weighted blankets for me and our 2 kids and would have cost us $347.. out of pocket only $146 ✌️ Thanks Krogers


December 15, 201903:02 pm

Do I have to go to a market place to spend my holiday bonus or can I shop any Kroger?


December 15, 201909:43 am

Not all cashiers know how to apply this bonus and I had a terrible time last night. I kept asking my cashier where the bonus had been applied and she assured me that it was. Then every card in my wallet was declined. Finally a manager came over and said that my savings hit some limit which needs a manager override. Only after that did I ask this manager to show me where the bonus had been applied and she looked at my receipt and noticed it HAD NOT and that I had to return this morning to speak to the bookkeeper manager. This bonus isn't automatically applied after you put in your shopper card - make sure you are getting it!!!


December 14, 201911:49 pm

this work at fred meyer ? other kroger stores

Skye Phillips

December 13, 201904:02 pm

Did my bonus shopping late last night from 10-midnight (highly recommend as the store wasn't crowded and store associates were not irritated at all my questions). That late at night, our store is self check out only - but the employees were very helpful. If you plan on trying to use the entire $300 savings (meaning you're getting $600 in merch) It helped ME a LOT having a notebook where I could jot down prices/items to keep a running tally - especially since some things were already marked down/on clearance. (For example the $50 purse I wanted was already half off for $25. So that was $25 of my $600 I was aiming to spend.) OOP after holiday bonus: $12.50. Keep items you're "unsure" about to scan last. Once you're done scanning items , a cashier can suspend the purchase and print a receipt detail that shows any items that don't qualify for the bonus- so you can adjust. We bought everything from: athletic wear/sports bras, sleepwear, mouth guards, shoe cleaning, shoes, socks, sweaters/clothing, trashcan, home decor, games, purses, candles and more. My two large items: the Keurig mini and an 8 quart programmable Instant pot. Instant pot regularly $139.99 in store (this IS a markup) Sale for : $69.99 Paid $35 with holiday bonus Keurig minis in store are $119.99 (I found them cheapest Online for $70) Sale price: $49.99 Paid $25 with holiday bonus *The LARGE Keurig was marked down to just $70 and would've been the best savings at $35 OOP but I had no room for it) Items before Kroger discount = $997 Kroger sale price: $596 Out of pocket!! $298


December 13, 201901:29 pm

The Cashier said everything was covered under my 50% off except food items. My makeup and Oral B brush was not covered. Upset. Called Kroger Western Hills about it and he said it would take all day to read off and check what was included in bonus and didn't get a chance to tell his cashiers. Poor program. Give the customer a flyer of the list either not covered or covered whichever is shorter.

Rose Stertz

December 13, 201901:08 pm

This promotion was poorly executed. When I called the store and Delhi paid last week and asked what items were included, I was told everything except food. When I get to the store today to redeem, we were told a very limited list of items that it covered. Was not given a list but just verbally read by the manager. I think this is one of the worst promotions I’ve seen anywhere!

Julie Myers

December 13, 201912:01 pm

How do I find out which level of savings I reached? I've looked all over my online account and it doesn't show me anything.


December 13, 201910:14 am

Does this apply to anything in the baby aisle? Bowls, spoons, bibs?

Tracey Concannon

December 13, 201901:22 am

I took a friend and we split the $300 savings limit! Got lots of apparel for my daughters, slippers (isotoner gloves and hats qualify), silverware, rolling dough mat, foodsaver bags, cute earrings, socks, nutcracker, blanket.. very tempted by other kitchen items but hit my limit!!

Tracy Bryant

December 12, 201911:51 pm

I went today and used my 50% off at our local Kroger Marketplace. Our Marketplace has a large clothing section and Carhartt was included in this deal which is huge because it usually isn’t part of specials. I grabbed one of the big $19.99 boxes of fire logs and found they are also included. Light bulbs are half off. Anyone who hasn’t done the Rubbermaid Brilliance deal (Ibotta and KCB) those are included... I wish I had gotten more than one now. I got a ton of Christmas decor and a few toys. My total before sales and coupons was $947. After sales and my half off it was $267! My cashier was just as excited as I was! Note: Airwick is not part of this deal.... I grabbed a couple hoping they would be for my Ibotta. Next year I might just buy fire logs!


December 12, 201909:06 pm

Is there any way to see if it's been used yet or not? My dad sometimes shops there and I would hate to think that he would use it without our knowledge and then we can't.


December 12, 201907:27 pm

What does the holiday bonus amount that you have mean? How is it used?

Jessica Salisbury

December 12, 201903:18 pm

It did not work on the gift sets for me. It did on the crock pots and other small appliances. I also got a bunch of Christmas decor.


December 12, 201912:08 pm

I used my savings on a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer and the Kitchenaid Pasta Attachment along with some towels, oven mitt, and a some clothing items. My total bill came out to $229 with a savings of $694! This was awesome!!!!

Tracey C

December 12, 201910:56 am

Anyone have any luck buying bath and body gift sets such as Burts bees or shaving Sets or Bath and body sets?


December 12, 201910:46 am

Does this work through clicklist, too? Or, is it in store only?


December 12, 201910:36 am

Any idea if the holiday savings coupon will work on cosmetics?