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For the next 12 days I will be bringing you some great exclusive deals to Kroger using digital coupons.  A promo called 12 Merry Days of Deals will soon be here and I know it’s a favorite for many of us.  Some of the daily deals will include gift cards, citrus, baking items, baby food and more.  I love the surprise of waking up to what’s next!

A ho-ho-ho lotta holiday deals are just around the corner and now’s your chance to opt in to receive daily email and text message reminders so you won’t miss a single one. All you have to do to get started is…

Text 12MERRY to 99894 to opt in to receive 12 Merry Days of Deals reminders.

You’ll need to download the daily coupon from your computer or mobile device and use it in store each day. You can use this by going in store or placing a Kroger Pickup Order. It’s really that easy. Download coupon, head in for your item and you’re done and on your way.  I love stocking stuffers for my daughter so I hope to be able to fill her stocking with a few things during these 12 days.  Candy and gift cards? How can I go wrong?!?

These deals start on Wednesday, December 9th and will end on Sunday, December 20th.  I’ll be back each day to let you know what you can expect so get those text reminders set up today so you don’t miss out.  These one day deals make the days fun. It’s honestly a super favorite of mine!

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Debbie Harenski

December 13, 202007:36 pm

I want in.

Conne Dillon

December 13, 202012:16 pm

Signed up

Christine Grundeman

December 12, 202010:41 am

I signed up and haven't received anything yet?

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 16, 202005:59 am

Did you happen to type in Y or YES to make sure you're receiving?


December 11, 202011:53 pm

I signed up for this and i never got my text.message alert. I hallen to see today in my coupon group that it atarted. Not very happy i missed it


December 11, 202005:00 pm

Never received any texts

Cheri Morelli

December 11, 202007:36 am

I signed up for the text but I’m not getting them. Is there any way to get it working. I missed the first two days?? Cheri

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 16, 202005:59 am

Be sure and reply Y or YES when the initial text came in.


December 10, 202003:00 pm

I have signed up twice. Received an initial text stating I was signed up but not to submit Y to confirm. Have yet to receive a deal through text and it’s now day 2 of the deals.

Joan Fravel

December 9, 202008:17 pm

I signed up from the Kroger site and via text message earlier this week and never got a deal today and it is December 9 supposed to be the first day and it is 8:12 p.m.

Sabra Mullins

December 10, 202010:41 am

The same thing happened to me. I retexted and am waiting to see if that works.

Barbara Snyder

December 9, 202008:10 pm

I do not have a cell phone.

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 16, 202006:00 am

I am sharing all the deals here on the blog as well so you won't miss out!

Stephanie Anderson

December 9, 202007:17 pm

I did not get a Text of my 12 merrry Christmas deal either and I responded

Rose Daugherty

December 9, 202004:16 pm

Why r we not getting the alerts?


December 9, 202007:01 pm

Rose, did you confirm with a Y or YES? If not, you may need to start all over by replying STOP. Then text the 12MERRY again. Then confirm with a Y. Let me know if that works!


December 9, 202010:50 am

The texting worked for me. I received a response saying Congratulations and I would receive notification 12/9 - 12/20 and I am still waiting on the deal.


December 9, 202003:20 pm

Ditto Valerie! I received the response saying that I would receive the notifications as well and I have not received anything yet. smh


December 9, 202004:20 pm

I signed up and was notified that I’d be getting notifications. Received nothing yet.

Darleen Nuckols

December 8, 202004:54 pm

How do you get the savings if you don't have a smart phone? Thanks


December 8, 202006:57 pm

Should be able to load the coupon each day to your account at on a computer or tablet.


December 8, 202006:58 pm

Lol ! Thought i was the only one without a smart phone.


December 9, 202001:21 pm

Milli, I don't even have a cell phone! lol


December 8, 202008:42 am

Is this available without texting?

Josephine Profaizer

December 7, 202009:49 pm

I have tried to opt in to the daily deals by texting 12MERRY, but my phone will not allow that text to go through. Can I opt in in some other way?


December 8, 202005:16 am

Kroger provided an email option as well. Here is the web page where you can enter you email address and/or mobile number:


December 7, 202010:44 pm

Josephine, that's weird. Are you texting to the number 99894?

susan janusheske

December 10, 202010:42 am

i dont belive kroger has this working i have yet to get a text and ive been doing everyyear katie did you get the 1st one


December 10, 202001:45 pm

I've been getting them this year... today is $3.95 off activation of a VISA/MC gift card. My only complaint is that when I click the link to get that offer, it doesn't list my Kroger affiliate (Food4Less) as an available optionN :(


December 9, 202007:37 am

Having the same problem this morning