FREE Crest Toothpaste with Kroger Mega Event!!

This Kroger Mega Event (that just started today 12/2) is not disappointing so far.  We have a brand new $4.00/2 Kroger Digital Coupon for Crest Premium Toothpastes. That means we are going to get more fore FREE. If you still have your 11/22 PG inserts, you can use until 12/5 to get more for free. I feel like I keep saying FREE and I'm cool with it.  Get your coupon downloaded.

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December 4, 202006:39 am

That is great


December 2, 202009:10 pm

I picked up two tubes of Crest today and the computer system took the $4 ecoupon off one tube and the Mega Event $1 discount off of the other - so I ended up paying 98 cents for 2 tubes of Crest. I'm happy with that but was wondering if that is happening in all Krogers or just in our area?


December 4, 202009:51 am

I had that exact same thing happen with mine yesterday! I just read someone else had that happen with the Treseme deal as well. Just take your receipt up to CS and they will refund you the $1. This has happened before to me in mega sale using digital coupons. It show how many participating item you bought on bottom of receipt with a <+ , so they just count up how many "mega event savings $1.00-" there are in your list of items, and it shows if you were shorted or not. Hope that helps!


December 8, 202005:06 pm

My Treseme deal from last week worked fine. The system deducted the coupon value as well as the mege savings for both of them. I did toothpaste deal with digital coupon and mega savings many times before, and this was the first time I had the problem. Doubt if they changed something.


December 4, 202008:53 pm

Great to know! Thank you, Jane! :)


December 11, 202005:56 pm

They denied me the dollar back bc I guess this is the new policy if you don't spend enough (meaning NO OVERAGE!) She handed me the dollar and said just this one time but not in the future. I felt like a criminal! Beware with digital high value coupons! Paper coupon still seem to be working properly at this time.