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If there is a chocolate deal then my name is written ALL over it. I don't know if you have seen LEKKCO on the shelves at Kroger but if you haven't you should be looking because this product is yummy. LEKKCO is a premium dark chocolate spread, using real Belgian chocolate and all-natural ingredients. The company's 50-year old exclusive recipe blends the highest quality Belgian dark chocolate, cocoa powder, beet sugar, vanilla, sustainably sourced palm oil, coconut and rapeseed oils to make the delicious chocolate spread.  Did you see that this is nut-free and only has 4 grams of sugar per serving? LEKKCO is perfect for breakfast, snack, creating and baking.  Check out the recipe library at for ideas and inspiration.  You'll be wanting to make them all.

LEKKCO is perfect on its own or can be used for spreading, drizzling, baking and dipping. LEKKCO captures the smooth, true chocolate taste of Belgian dark chocolate without any bitterness. LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread contains 30% less sugar than hazelnut spreads (that my daughter LOVES) and is a safe option for homes and schools with allergy restrictions. Guess who is making the switch starting today??

Right now we are seeing a $5.14 sale price on these jars at Kroger. You'll find them right near your peanut butter and jelly products so you won't miss them.  For this price, add one of each to your cart. BUT I have better news for you because LEKKCO is giving 25 of my readers a FREE Spread the LEKKCO Love care package which includes a variety of 12 jars of their all-natural flavors and a Spread the Love t-shirt. 

giveaway lekkco

LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread is offering 25 readers a chance to win a prize package that includes a variety of 12 jars of their all-natural flavors and a Spread the Love t-shirt!! To enter for a chance to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It's super easy, so don't let it intimidate you!  The ONLY mandatory entry is to Comment on this blog post. The comment MUST answer this question: “How do you plan to eat your LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread?”. All others will be disqualified. 

After you've completed that, you can score extra entries by following LEKKCO on Instagram and Facebook and then tagging a friend with the comment “I am Kroger Krazy”.  Good luck!


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U.S. shipping only. Winners will be drawn at random on 12/15/20 and announced in THIS post. I will also email winners (check your spam too!) directly. Winners have 48 hours to respond or will forfeit to runner up. Post and giveaway sponsored by LEKKCO. Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Kroger, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tik Tok.

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Shatel Huntley

December 16, 202011:04 pm

I picked up the salted caramel fudge Lekko and tried them in some vegan black bean brownies. It was yummy.

Annette Allen

December 14, 202007:39 am

I would eat my LEKKCO Spread on crackers or pretzels to get a mix of sweetness & saltiness, it would be a tasty treat for this momma.i would probably have to hide it from the kids so I could have this deliciousness after they go to bed.

L. H.

December 14, 202004:50 am

By the spoonful, duh! Or ideally I'd dunk some strawberries in there. But most likely I'll swirl it with a little peanut butter. Yum on top of yum! ;)

Ashley Sammons

December 14, 202012:05 am

I'd love to try this on toast and fruit!!

Tiffany Greene Elliott

December 13, 202011:32 pm

I would love to try it on bagels or toast!


December 13, 202006:51 pm

I plan to eat my Lekkco with in a sauce with bread pudding. Yummy.

Anna Pry

December 13, 202005:17 pm

I would spread it on pancakes to make a special treat for my kids on new years day


December 13, 202005:09 pm

I plan to eat it with a SPOON!!

Rhonda Swann

December 13, 202004:30 pm

I eat it on toast,bagels and fruit! Yum!

Cindy Smith

December 13, 202003:32 pm

Graham Crackers or apples

Carolyn Yarbrough

December 13, 202003:30 pm

I would try some in a Mug Cake - it sounds awesome!

Tammy Taylor

December 13, 202001:55 pm

I plan to inject LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread in a fresh glazed donut.

Jeremy Price

December 13, 202012:56 pm

Bagels, Graham crackers

Jennifer Johnson

December 13, 202012:53 pm

Plan to eat it on toast!

Shatel huntley

December 13, 202012:41 pm

I would love to use Lekkco in some of my alkaline cookies and brownies. Sounds very delicious and can’t wait to try the spread out.


December 13, 202012:34 pm

I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on cookies, fruit, and toast and maybe just straight out of the jar.


December 13, 202011:44 am

I cant wait to try different recipes with it! I just know that they are going to make the holidays a lot happier!

Stephanie Perkins

December 12, 202009:29 am

My kids love it on toast!

Lisa Johnson

December 11, 202010:07 pm

I would use it in the pecan pie recipe that uses another cocoa spread. I think this dark chocolate spread would give it a more rich taste to it.

Lisa Wilson

December 11, 202003:55 pm

I will eat it on a pecan waffle....Yum!!!

Kristina Grey

December 11, 202002:53 pm

I will eat it on a bagel or with a banana, but my kids will eat it by the spoonful.

Mary E. Kilpatrick

December 11, 202001:08 pm

I will eat a spoon full then try a dollap in my favorite cookie recipe!


December 11, 202010:11 am

Probably make a pb & chocolate sandwich :)

Scott Shodahl

December 11, 202008:03 am

I will put it on crepes, waffles and pancakes.


December 10, 202010:35 am

On a bagel.

Barry Berk

December 9, 202010:17 pm

LEKKCO spread on banana slices - yum


December 9, 202009:47 pm

I will put it on my favorite animal crackers while I'm at work. I think it will help me power through those 12 hour shifts. So awesome to find an alternative to peanut butter which my body has decided after a few decades of having my PB&J every day it no longer can handle the peanut butter. So it's a win-win for me!


December 9, 202007:54 pm

on toast

Sarah Brinkman

December 9, 202007:09 pm

Chocolate croissants!!!

Jessica Marck

December 9, 202011:00 am

I can't wait to use LEKKCO to make breakfast pastries!

Adriane Mcgraw

December 9, 202010:58 am

I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on waffles!

Beth Armstrong

December 9, 202001:12 am

I plan to use this Lekkco spread to make a filled-cookie recipe my Mom made. YUM!


December 8, 202010:46 pm

Cream cheese strawberry Lekkco stuffed French toast


December 8, 202005:18 pm

I was saddened to realize Hershey's took its spread off the shelf. Now I'm sooooo excited to find another chocolate spread to eat with pretzels. Thank you.


December 8, 202002:29 pm

I am excited to try this! Since I am trying to watch my calories and my sugar intake, I plan to grab a spoonful of this when I get a craving to satisfy my sweet tooth and not spoil my hard work for the day. :)


December 8, 202009:59 am

I will bake them into some croissants to make a chocolate filled croissant.


December 8, 202007:32 am

I will eat Lekkco 1 spoonful at a time straight from the jar. About 1 a day. LOL


December 8, 202002:52 am

On dave’s whole wheat toast. Plus honey.

Teresa Fernandez

December 8, 202002:17 am

I will use LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on my toast with breakfast or on pancakes. I can use it for hot chocolate and fruit dip.

Tom Sack

December 8, 202012:17 am

I will use it will fresh fruit slices, as a snack, and as a special treat. It sounds delicious!

Christina M

December 7, 202010:22 pm

I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on croissants ❤

Cindy C

December 7, 202009:54 pm

I think the spread would be good on anything and everything!! What comes to mind immediately is to spread it on a warm croissant---YUM!!

Eleisha Coley

December 7, 202009:20 pm

On a slice of pound cake with black cherry preserves


December 7, 202008:51 pm

Love getting special deals!!

Desireeh Ngirairikl

December 7, 202008:51 pm

On toast, waffles, bananas, and almost everything

Samantha Kelley

December 7, 202006:09 pm

It Will be great on some toast but I will fill for sure be licking that butter knife!

christina cheadle

December 7, 202004:48 pm

I will use it to decorate cookies for family and friends, as a way to bring cheer or a simple smile to our loved ones faces.

Lisa Zoeller

December 7, 202004:34 pm

I will use it to decorate cookies or make a sandwich center to them. Thank you so much for the chance ❤

aaron r

December 7, 202003:58 pm

I would love it on some toasts cause it is so good and very tasty. I think the spread would be good on a lot of stuff.

Sara Meale

December 7, 202002:07 pm

I would put it on a waffle with bananas on top!


December 7, 202002:02 pm

I plan to make crepes with Lekkco Chocolate inside & cherry pie filing on top.

Deborah J Warwick

December 7, 202001:48 pm

It would not let me leave a comment, but I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on Graham crackers and/or animal crackers!

Diana Linder

December 7, 202001:43 pm

On Graham crackers shared with my grandson.


December 7, 202011:24 am

I will be having my Lekko Dark Chocolate Spread between two homemade shortbread cookies with a tall glass of ice cold milk!

Natalie B

December 7, 202010:33 am

I would like to say I would be civilized and eat it on toast, but let's be'll be eaten right out of the jar with either a spoon or fingers!

Betty Thomas

December 7, 202010:21 am

I plan to eat the Lekkco Belgian dark chocolate spread every morning. I will put a tablespoon or two in my oatmeal! I usually do this with cocoa powder, but the chocolate spread will be so much more rich!

Angela Boone

December 7, 202009:55 am

I would to try it by dipping apple slices in it!!!


December 7, 202009:37 am

Spread in between a stack of thin pancakes topped with my favorite strawberries and banana slices coated with the same spread...mmmm, chocolatiest breakfast paired with my almond milk .. yum

Lisa Burgey

December 7, 202009:23 am

Pretty sure I'd grab a spoon and eat it straight out of the jar.


December 7, 202009:20 am

I would be spreading it on toast!

Shayna Wozniak

December 7, 202009:02 am

I will be having this with some strawberries and blueberries

Mary Juszynski

December 7, 202008:56 am

Delicious on salty crunchy pretzels....yumm!

Linda Jenkins

December 7, 202008:48 am

This delicious chocolate spread on a salty cracker, yum!


December 7, 202008:37 am

Yum! I’m just going to get a spoon and dig in!

Marsha Pierce

December 7, 202007:02 am

I think it would be delicious on waffles!

Amy Mathis

December 7, 202004:25 am

I’d like to try it spread on French bread.


December 7, 202002:48 am

I’m will dip fresh apples into mine!


December 7, 202001:24 am

I plan to eat the LEKKCO chocolate spread on my bagels, graham crackers and on a spoon.


December 7, 202012:35 am

I would use it as a healthier alternative to Nutella on toast, waffles, and crepes.

Leslie Reams

December 6, 202011:59 pm

I haven't ever tried this product but I think it would be good on either graham crackers or fresh white bread.


December 6, 202011:31 pm

I will put it on bagels, toasts and eat them every day.

Shannon Luft

December 6, 202011:17 pm

I plan to eat LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on soft tortilla shells

Wendel Wickland

December 6, 202011:13 pm

You have to have it on Scandinavian rye crisp flat bread. The salty rye with th rich taste o sweet chocolate will forever be a calling you can't resist.

Tracy A

December 6, 202011:12 pm

Apples and ritz baked crackers

Sue Spence

December 6, 202010:59 pm

I plan to use for dipping and baking.


December 6, 202010:29 pm

On my waffles with whipping cream.

Dayna B

December 6, 202010:19 pm

I plan to use it in cookies. Yum!

Alison Jones

December 6, 202010:19 pm

I plan to try Lekkco Chocolate spread on apple slices as a healthy dessert!

Kristin Holmes

December 6, 202009:40 pm

On waffles, apples, and use it for baking!

Natasha C

December 6, 202009:30 pm

I will eat it by the spoon and add it into my coffee!

Roxanne DeBord

December 6, 202009:08 pm

I would Spread this on toast and also use this to make our gingerbread village! This looks so delicious and my son has so many allergies that this would be perfect for him!

Pamela Frady

December 6, 202009:03 pm

I will put it on brownies, cookies and sweet bread !!


December 6, 202008:52 pm

I'm going to spread it on Christmas cookies for the cookie exchange I do with my disabled clients.


December 6, 202008:48 pm

I would eat it by the spoon and try my hand at a cheesecake with dark chocolate swirls.

Sue M Ulbrich

December 6, 202008:46 pm

I would spread this great sounding spread on apple chunks with cinnamon.

T Hill

December 6, 202008:43 pm

Chocolate spread! Yum! I'd eat with apples and strawberries!!!!

Michelle Jan

December 6, 202008:41 pm

I plan on eating it right off the big spoonful that I'll scoop out of the jar each day!


December 6, 202008:28 pm

I LOVE chocolate. Would love to try these chocolate spreads with graham crackers, peanut butter cookies, pretzels....You name it! Everything's better with chocolate.

Anna Kingsley

December 6, 202008:26 pm

On pancakes and apples!!


December 6, 202008:18 pm

On bagels and waffles!

Kay Brinkley

December 6, 202008:16 pm



December 6, 202008:12 pm

With ice cream!


December 6, 202007:33 pm

With a large spoon!!!!!

Teig Cline

December 6, 202007:24 pm

LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread would be so great on PANCAKES! YUMMY! I can taste it right now.


December 6, 202006:24 pm

I would melt some and put on ice cream and sprinkle nuts over the top! The caramel one sounds interesting!

Darcy Reagle

December 6, 202005:04 pm

As a mix in to my protein oats

Sondra Faul

December 6, 202004:15 pm

02:39 PM i plan to eat the LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on graham crackers The crunch and chocolate go together so well. Yum

Mark Neaves

December 6, 202002:43 pm

I would love to use this in cookies or on crackers or pretzels.. my kids would love this!!!

jerry f

December 6, 202002:39 pm

i plan to eat the LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on toasted bread.

Carolyn Yarbrough

December 6, 202001:48 pm

I plan on eating the LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread by way of a Christmas shortbread cookie!

Sue McClease

December 6, 202001:46 pm

Shoot ! I'm gonna eat with a spoon

Victoria Norman

December 6, 202001:30 pm

I plan on eating my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on toast. YUM!


December 6, 202001:24 pm

There are so many yummy things I plan to eat this! Let’s start with bagels, graham crackers and sugar cookies. Yum!!!


December 6, 202001:13 pm

I would eat this on apples, strawberries, and WAFFLES!


December 6, 202001:09 pm

This would be so good on bananas or pretzels.


December 6, 202012:53 pm

On a piece of toast or a banana.

Jeffrey Lammers

December 6, 202012:52 pm

I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread smeared on a piece of homemade sourdough bread!

Bethany Goff

December 6, 202012:41 pm

A better question would be, how will I NOT eat this chocolate spread! Lol I will eat it straight from the jar, on toast, maybe spread in à crescent roll and baked, on a shortbread cookie, with graham crackers....the list could go on and on


December 6, 202012:34 pm

On berries, I always eat hazelnut spread on strawberries, blueberries or grapes. So thats what I would use it with.

Belinda Flowers

December 6, 202012:29 pm

I plan to eat Lekkco right from the jar! Ok, maybe with p butter on a sandwich! Love chocolate!


December 6, 202012:23 pm

Never heard of LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread until now! Sounds yummy for toast, apples and graham crackers!


December 6, 202011:52 am

I will eat this on ice cream


December 6, 202011:52 am

Looks like I'm too late to enter the Kroger Krazy LEKKCO giveaway. Sure hope there is some left to buy at my local Kroger. Thanks bunches! Best, Joan


December 6, 202011:47 am

How do you plan to eat your LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread? I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on brownies, cookies, granola bars, cakes, and pancakes! I hope I win! Thank you!

Arden Goodman

December 6, 202011:22 am

I can't wait to try it on ice cream sundaes!

Jane Martin

December 6, 202011:18 am

I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on toast or on my ice cream or straight from the spoon to my mouth.

Jacqueline Alsobrook

December 6, 202011:14 am

Just looked at recipes so now I'm eating with a spoon and making cookies!!!


December 6, 202011:14 am

I would use my Lekkco belgian dark chocolate spread to help make the ultimate quadruple dark chocolate brownies: double dark chocolate brownie mix, with shaved bar of 85% dark chocolate added to mix, and then the Lekkco added as a layer over the top of the brownies.

Samantha Garza

December 6, 202011:12 am

I plan to eat Lekkco by the spoonful! I'll probably eat it with pretzels and fruit as well.

Kathleen Griffin spreading it on a shortbread cookie

December 6, 202011:08 am

I will spread it on a shortbread cookie

Pam Felber

December 6, 202011:07 am

I plan on using Leckko Belgian dark chocolate spread on make a chocolate torten for Christmas. It is so yummy that the kids eat it out of the jar on just a spoon!!

Dawn Schaller

December 6, 202011:06 am

How do you plan to eat your LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread? I plan on eating it on ice cream and making peanut butter and Nekkco chocolate sandwiches.

Carol Iverson

December 6, 202010:52 am

I am going to use it on ice cream and put some in my hot cocoa. Yummy.


December 6, 202010:40 am

Right out of the jar with a spoon!!

Stephanie Wright

December 6, 202010:37 am

Yum! I plan on bringing it to my sister’s house (her son has nut allergies and she eats a low-sugar diet). We can add it to our hot chocolate board to spread on fruit and graham crackers!! Yum!!!


December 6, 202010:19 am

I would love to eat Lekkco on fruit! Yummy!


December 6, 202010:13 am

I plan on eating it secretly when my husband's not looking. *pats covid belly*

Kim Clark

December 6, 202010:13 am

I think that it would taste great on Wasa crispbread.

Laura H

December 6, 202002:50 am

I look forward to eating it on waffles and pancakes!


December 6, 202012:23 am

Will eat on my gluten free English muffin

Robert R

December 5, 202010:15 pm

As a dip for eating with Pretzels.

Nicole Lowery

December 5, 202008:11 pm

I would love to dip strawberries or bananas in it! It looks so good.

Patty Smelser

December 5, 202008:05 pm

This wll be used for snacks with either peanut butter, sliced apples, on toast, or will even try it on pancakes or waffles. We are a family that loves chocolate so there is no end to what they will come up with.

Martha Ann Reese

December 5, 202007:30 pm

I plan to eat LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on sugar cookies.


December 5, 202007:22 pm

Inside crepes with fresh fruit.

Merissa Remus

December 5, 202005:27 pm

I would enjoy it on fresh pastries.

Michelle H

December 5, 202005:17 pm

I’d enjoy it on toast or with fruit!


December 5, 202004:04 pm

I would love it in baked goods.

Angela Stonehocker

December 5, 202004:00 pm

I would eat it on fruit like bananas or strawberries!!

Audrey Lewis

December 5, 202003:38 pm

I would probably eat it just right out of the spoon. Sounds yummy!!!!!!!!


December 5, 202003:26 pm

I would eat it with strawberries and other fresh fruit. Yum!!

Rachel Bee

December 5, 202002:02 pm

I would eat it on a bagel or biscuit. Yum! ☻☺

J Birdwell

December 5, 202011:31 am

My favorite way is dipping pretzels right in the jar.

Jennifer barnson

December 5, 202011:27 am

My kids eat this for breakfast , lunch and dinner. They say it’s their portion is protein


December 5, 202010:31 am

I would love it on toast and fruit in the morning!

Brittany Erickson

December 5, 202009:20 am

I mostly plan to eat it with a spoon but this would also be lovely on little tea sandwiches with sliced strawberries and mint leaves!

Emily Maxwell

December 5, 202009:03 am

I’ll eat this on everything! Pancakes! Fruit! Just with a spoon!

Emily Maxwell

December 5, 202009:01 am

This looks amazing!

Lisa Hunker

December 5, 202008:19 am

I heard they have a carmel sea salt one, i plan on eating it with apples.

Amy M Haselbush

December 5, 202008:05 am

Scoop it right out of the jar with a pretzel and pop it in my mouth.

Loretta Flowers

December 5, 202004:06 am

I will most likely eat it right out of the jar or on low carb bread.

Theresa Elliott

December 5, 202003:45 am

I will put it on toast and take it to school with me to help me get through my teaching day.


December 5, 202002:06 am

Drizzle on. Cake


December 5, 202012:37 am

I would love it as a dessert topping or in baked goods.

Adrianna VanNieuwenhze

December 4, 202011:49 pm

By itself! Yum!

Cheryl Shelton

December 4, 202011:32 pm

I plan on eating Lekkco spread with a spoon straight out of the jar. Love that it only has 4 grams of sugar!

Rhonda Ireland

December 4, 202011:14 pm

I would love the chocolate spread on waffles.


December 4, 202010:41 pm

I would absolutely put Lekkco on toast and on apples for a yummy treat! So many ways to enjoy!


December 4, 202010:17 pm

On bread or by the spoon. Yum


December 4, 202009:53 pm

Pancakes or by the spoonful


December 4, 202009:22 pm

im going to dip mine with strawberries in the chocolate

Melissa Nazario

December 4, 202009:22 pm

How do you plan to eat your LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread? Ooooo on rice cakes and my kids on anything they can, you know kids!!


December 4, 202008:37 pm

I think I will try on toast or maybe apple slices

Michelle Martinez

December 4, 202008:35 pm

Love to put this on pancakes and apple slices.

Amanda C

December 4, 202008:06 pm

I'm going to smear it on a graham cracker and top with a roasted marshmallow for the ultimate smore!

sandy barton

December 4, 202007:19 pm

can't wait to try this on fruit, marshmallows, or icecream.


December 4, 202007:02 pm

I plan on eating LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread with a good piece of low carb toast with sliced banana for breakfast. Yum!

Jennifer Leichter

December 4, 202006:49 pm

I would try the Lekkco dark chocolate spread in crepes. Sounds good!

Tris Decker

December 4, 202006:43 pm

I plan to eat my LEKKCO on warm fresh homemade bread.

Shelby Good-Bergamo

December 4, 202006:12 pm

I plan on using LEKKCO spread for my diabetic husbands treats-he loves nutella and cannot have it cue to the sugar content

Jill Lindsey

December 4, 202005:49 pm

Would use spread on apples, celery, and so much more!!!


December 4, 202005:42 pm

My daughter loves this on her sandwiches with peanut butter


December 4, 202005:41 pm

I plan to eat it with apple slices.

Ash Babbitt

December 4, 202005:37 pm

On a spoon, straight from the jar

Julie Estanek

December 4, 202005:10 pm

I plan to eat it on toast!!

Cindy Alexakos

December 4, 202004:47 pm

I plan to eat the yummy chocolate off a spooning private when my family is not watching. At some point, I may put it on an apple. Probably will just be off a spoon.

Tom Knapp

December 4, 202004:45 pm

On Graham crackers...multiple times

Lisa Jordan

December 4, 202004:38 pm

on a banana

Jenni Albert

December 4, 202004:28 pm

Eat it with a spoon!


December 4, 202004:21 pm

on rice cakes!


December 4, 202004:15 pm

on toast!

Amy Hedgecraft

December 4, 202004:14 pm

On graham crackers for the grandkids snacks.

Laura Krutko

December 4, 202003:47 pm

on crossiants

Regina Rowland

December 4, 202003:39 pm

I pancakes.

Nicole LaMarche

December 4, 202003:25 pm

I will eat it on toast and with fruit.

K Hirdning

December 4, 202003:19 pm

I would eat it with fruit.

Achsah Williams

December 4, 202003:15 pm

I’ll eat it with toast or strawberries!

Leanne Scott

December 4, 202003:09 pm

I would love to try it with fruit and also on bread. My kids love chocolate spreads but I love that this one has less sugar!

Jennifer Bahan-Harris

December 4, 202003:01 pm

I would eat this on a boat, i would eat this in a moat, i would eat this on shortbread, but I would not eat this standing on my head.

Jody Aiello Carriker

December 4, 202002:58 pm

Id love to try this for my husband who is diabetic and I can't keep him away from chocolate butter. Loved your comment on the sugar.

Mary S

December 4, 202002:47 pm

I would use this for making s’mores and serving with fruit - strawberries, bananas

Carla Miller

December 4, 202002:40 pm

I would eat this when making s’mores. Oh yum!!!

Angela Reagan

December 4, 202002:25 pm

I plan on eating with Strawberries! Warm in microwave and dip strawberries in it. Instant Chocolate Coveted Strawberries!

Jody L

December 4, 202002:18 pm

I would eat this on toast.

Diana Barker

December 4, 202002:10 pm

I love straight out of the jar, spread on bread or on a short bread cookie

T Fales

December 4, 202002:09 pm

I love the look of the chocolate spread filled cookies. I hope I can find a recipe for those!

Tracy Bottoms

December 4, 202002:01 pm

With a spoon straight out of the jar! Or with strawberries!

Anna Walters

December 4, 202001:59 pm

We plan to eat lekkco on apple slices, banana and of course on freshly toast sourdough!!! Yummm!

Jennifer Wells

December 4, 202001:59 pm

I plan to eat my LEKKCO dark Belgian chocolate spread on waffles, pancakes, bananas, and on strawberries. I can’t wait to try it out ❤️

Suz in OH

December 4, 202001:59 pm

Would love to try this product spread on a graham cracker!


December 4, 202001:58 pm

I plan on having a spoonful a day to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Selene Earley

December 4, 202001:56 pm

Sounds delicious and Healthy. I would try on toast for sure.


December 4, 202001:56 pm

I plan on eating it on pretzels and straight outta the jar!

Angela Nelson

December 4, 202001:56 pm

I'm planning on eating my Lekkco on toast . Yummy

Cassie Sanderson

December 4, 202001:55 pm

I plan on eating Leukko spread on my holiday baking as well as use it for my younger daughter on a sandwich/apple for her lunches.

katie Copenhaver

December 4, 202001:54 pm

I plan to eat my LEKKCO on a bagel!

Sarah Scalise

December 4, 202001:53 pm

I plan to use this new product on my toast in the AM.


December 3, 202011:39 pm


Christy Bush

December 3, 202010:56 pm

I plan to eat my Leuko smeared liberally on slices of Pink Lady apple slices!

Cheryl Modica

December 3, 202010:33 pm

I plan to eat my spread on rice cakes . I love rice cakes and this will be my favorite. I also plan to try it on apples. I love to bake bread and will try it on a freshly baked loaf of bread.


December 3, 202009:33 pm

I would eat it on a banana or apple or with graham crackers or simply with a spoon straight out of the jar! Sounds delicious!

Sadie B

December 3, 202009:00 pm

I am going to try this on toast and in sandwiches!


December 3, 202007:22 pm

I plan to eat this on a waffle or inside some crepes


December 3, 202007:20 pm

I am Kroger Krazy! Stephanie Cooke

Julie Mullenax

December 3, 202006:37 pm

Straight out of the jar


December 3, 202005:04 pm

I plan to eat my LEKKCO on pretzels!


December 3, 202002:51 pm

I am kroger krazy would use lekkcto on fruits crackers toast and baking

Brenda Haines

December 3, 202001:56 pm

I would start by using it on fruit and cheesecake. Yum!

Cheryl McCalister

December 3, 202001:51 pm

I will eat LEKKCO on fruit! Apples, bananas, any fruit!

Rosa G

December 3, 202012:45 pm

I’m going to spread in my banana


December 3, 202012:03 pm

On a spoon of course! Or maybe toast!


December 3, 202011:11 am

I would spread lekkco on apples

Belinda M

December 3, 202009:54 am

I plan to eat this with a really big spoon. :D (Would also like to make buckeyes with it.\)

Cindy Scott

December 3, 202009:29 am

Sounds amazing!! Can't wait to try it

Brenda Miner

December 3, 202008:45 am

I love to use Nutella when baking

Chantell Metelko

December 3, 202008:21 am

By the spoonful!

Manda Shreve

December 3, 202007:40 am

I'd eat this right out of the jar cause it looks crumbtastic! Haha

Connie Gutierrez

December 3, 202004:41 am

I would eat it on toast, waffles & pancakes. I would use it in baking, would fill cupcakes & use in cakes.

Allison Carbajal

December 2, 202010:44 pm

I would eat it by the spoonful! And also on toast or bagel in the morning!

Faye Cantrell

December 2, 202010:23 pm

I plan on eating mine on toast for breakfast. I also like to eat it just off the spoon!!

Stephanie Pineda

December 2, 202008:54 pm

Is there a right way to eat LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread? Maybe I’ll just use my finger..maybe I’ll resist and use a spoon eating straight from the jar. Sounds like a great addition to any charcuterie board especially for the holidays!


December 2, 202008:41 pm

I would eat the Lekkco with a SPOON !!!!


December 2, 202008:22 pm

I would love to put this on a cut up apple!

Natalie J Vandenberghe

December 2, 202008:18 pm

I'd eat this LEKKCO Dark Chocolate Spread straight from the jar (using a spoon, of course) I might try it on Graham crackers, too. I bet it's delicious.

Milca Concepcion Perez

December 2, 202008:15 pm

“How do you plan to eat your LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread? I plan on eating it on a freshly made crepé with strawberries. Yummy!

Kaitlyn Peterson

December 2, 202008:11 pm

I plan to eat on toast.

Terri Hoerth

December 2, 202007:54 pm

“How do you plan to eat your LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread?” Right out of the jar with a BIG spoon


December 2, 202007:41 pm

i'm putting this on shortbread cookies!


December 2, 202007:37 pm

“How do you plan to eat your LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread?” I'd bake a fresh loaf of homemade bread, put a little butter on there, and then top it with this delicious looking LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread!


December 2, 202006:35 pm

I would use the LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread as frosting on a cake.


December 2, 202006:34 pm

I plan to eat this on toast for breakfast!

Lauren Markham

December 2, 202005:47 pm

I plan on eating this with toasted English muffins and a sliced banana on top. It could be dessert or breakfast! It looks so good

Faith Krawczuk

December 2, 202005:46 pm

I think it would be delicious in some of my Christmas cookies. Dipping pretzels into it be great too. Salty and sweet...yum!

Lorrie Klaserner

December 2, 202005:40 pm

I plan on enjoying my dark Belgian chocolate spread very slowly indulging with my glass of wine after a looong workweek.

amy linderman

December 2, 202005:30 pm

i would use it in my orange flavored sandwich type christmas cookies

Sheli Boyle

December 2, 202005:14 pm

I would use the dark chocolate Leckko to dip Kettle Chips. The sweet and salty combo is amazing. Also great with banana slices.

Alida Willmore

December 2, 202004:51 pm

I plan to spred it on a croissant or a crepe. It sounds absolutely delicious!

Cindy Holcomb

December 2, 202003:01 pm

I would eat LEKKCO drizzled over popcorn with pecans. Sounds delicious.

Cindy Holcomb

December 2, 202002:58 pm

I would drizzle it over popcorn. That sounds delicious. Yum.

Patricia Harvey

December 2, 202002:52 pm

I would eat it on my peanut butter sandwich.

Reagan Holmes

December 2, 202002:25 pm

I've never heard of LEKKO but I would probably dip anything into it that to distract myself from the witching hour before dinner :)

Lacey Rogers

December 2, 202002:23 pm

I plan to eat it by slicing bananas and covering them with it and freezing them for chocolate covered bananas or to make a ganache for on top of cupcakes!

Jennifer Whitaker

December 2, 202002:04 pm

I would eat it with pretzels! Yum!

Julie M

December 2, 202001:48 pm

I would probably just eat it off of a spoon.

Danielle Schmitt

December 2, 202001:40 pm

I'd like to eat it with fresh strawberries


December 2, 202001:25 pm

Don't have any preference, will try on it a toast, pan cake or eat it raw with a spoon.


December 2, 202012:44 pm

I plan on eating my Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on toast

Diane G

December 2, 202012:44 pm

I will use as a dip for fruit and cookies. This would be great for the holidays!

kim reilly

December 2, 202012:37 pm

on a bagel with peanut butter!

Andrea Whisman

December 2, 202012:19 pm

I plan to try it on toast!


December 2, 202012:18 pm

I would put a spoonful in my coffee!


December 2, 202012:17 pm

Is eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon wrong? ;)

Beth Dyakon

December 2, 202012:13 pm

I plan to spread my LEKKCO on toast with bananas, yum

Alison Mirra

December 2, 202012:12 pm

I plan to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon while hidden in the pantry


December 2, 202012:12 pm

I will try it on toast! Also I would donate the other jars to the Support Our Soldiers group that I help so they can enjoy it too!


December 2, 202012:11 pm

I'd eat it on toast or Graham crackers....or honestly probably straight from a spoon!


December 2, 202012:06 pm

I'd like to use it on toast,cookies and fruit dip.

Michela Hernandez

December 2, 202012:00 pm

I plan on using it on Italian Christmas cake and croissants.

karen r.

December 2, 202011:58 am

I plan to eat Lekkco on some ezekiel bread. So delicious!

Naimah Zeriouh

December 2, 202011:51 am

I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on parathas!

Tiffany Marable

December 2, 202011:50 am

I eat it on saltines, the salty sweet combo is perfect

Andrea Pietras

December 2, 202011:48 am

I plan to use it for toasted sandwiches and for dipping fruit!

Osayamen Ozigagu

December 2, 202011:43 am

I would eat it on toast and pancakes.

Sara Vergara

December 2, 202011:40 am

I would eat on toast!

Maranda M

December 2, 202011:06 am

I would love to try it on waffles!

Susanne Schilhab

December 2, 202010:59 am

I would eat it with fruit.

Amy Whitehead

December 2, 202010:51 am

I plan to eat my LEKKCO right out of the jar, Yum!

Kayla Starrett

December 2, 202009:54 am

I’m planning on eating mine with some toast!


December 2, 202008:44 am

I would use it on hot buttered toasted with fresh banana slices

Linda L

December 2, 202008:40 am

I want to use Lekkco Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread to make the most delicious Christmas cookis!

Carla Kautz

December 2, 202007:47 am

I plan to eat my LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on pancakes and warm bagels!!

Linda H

December 2, 202006:56 am

I would use LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on toast and dip fruit. My kids would eat it as a sandwich.

Pam H

December 2, 202005:11 am

I plan to eat LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on pancakes, on toast, and in a spoon. And I would love to try to make some cookies with this either in the cookie or in the frosting. Yummy!!

Mel Nance

December 2, 202004:56 am

I would like to spread Lekkco on our homemade waffles!


December 2, 202001:51 am

I would spread it on warm croissants.


December 2, 202001:01 am

eat on pancakes

Eva V

December 2, 202012:43 am

Sounds delicious! Thx for the chance. I would eat it with a spoon or drizzle over graham crackers and fruit.

Bobbi lyden

December 2, 202012:22 am

With a spoon?!?! Yummy!

Kristen Eby

December 2, 202012:15 am

I would put it on toast!


December 2, 202012:11 am

I’ll use it on fruit!!

debbie S.

December 1, 202011:36 pm

I will use it on my favorite homemade bread from our local bakery. I will also use it with fresh fruit slices.

Lorelle Boxler

December 1, 202010:32 pm

I would love to try to dip strawberries in. I've never had it so would be fun to try some new recipes with it. Might be good to dip pretzel rods in it and cover with sprinkles for christmas.

Kristi Couch

December 1, 202010:19 pm

I’d love to try it on bananas, clementines, and apples!

Linda Kirby

December 1, 202010:03 pm

I plan to eat the chocolate right out of the jar!


December 1, 202009:33 pm

I plan to eat it straight from the jar! On an occasion, I might put it on my banana. Thanks!


December 1, 202009:24 pm

I'd love to try this with Graham crackers and fresh raspberries...or just by the spoonful!

Brian Berger

December 1, 202009:23 pm

I would creat s’mores with graham crackers and marshmallow fluff.


December 1, 202009:17 pm

I have not tried it yet so I would love to check how it tastes with everything that I usually love: strawberries, sliced apples, bananas etc


December 1, 202009:16 pm

Heated and spread inside of a croissant.

juanita robinson

December 1, 202008:54 pm

spread LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate on a Christmas cookie baked by my 9 yr old granddaughter

Bonnie Witte

December 1, 202008:51 pm

I'd love to try this chocolate spread! Graham crackers or pretzels are a sure bet for this spread, sweet and salty.


December 1, 202008:37 pm

I would spread it on waffles!


December 1, 202008:36 pm

I'd probably eat it right out of the jar the first time. I'd also try it on apple slices and with pretzels.

Christie Scholl

December 1, 202008:33 pm

Dip apples!

nancy cole

December 1, 202008:12 pm


Melissa Gonyea

December 1, 202008:08 pm

I will dip pretzels in it. I will also make banana peanut butter sandwich bites and cover them with this chocolate spread.


December 1, 202008:02 pm

By the spoon or on a waffle!


December 1, 202007:59 pm

I would first eat it on a spoon, just to savor the dark chocolate flavor, then I would try it on honeycrisp apple slices!

Alexandra van Oeteren

December 1, 202007:50 pm

I plan to bake Belgian waffles from Liege and spread Lekkco all over it!


December 1, 202006:20 pm

On graham crackers!

Stephanie Gregory

December 1, 202006:16 pm

I want to try this on an English muffin or bagel first. I think next I would spread it on a rice cake.


December 1, 202006:10 pm

I would dip apple slices and bananas in eat, eat it with pancakes and on toast. The options are endless :)


December 1, 202006:04 pm

With the Belgian of waffle

Jennifer Capannari

December 1, 202005:40 pm

This would be so good on graham crackers or in s'mores

Sarah Meagrow

December 1, 202005:17 pm

I would use this as a fruit spread for the holidays!


December 1, 202005:16 pm

I would eat Lekkco Belgian dark chocolate spread on a spoon, very slowly, savoring every lick!

Allison Wells

December 1, 202004:59 pm

I would love to use the LEKKCO Belgian Dark Chocolate Spread on pretzels, on toast, on Christmas cookies, on pecans, on cheesecake, on everything!

Colleen M

December 1, 202004:36 pm

Thank you for the opportunity to be a winner. I would drizzle this on bananas, strawberries, or on pancakes. It would be really good on graham crackers too!

Lisa Ehren

December 1, 202004:04 pm

We love eat on oatmeal banana peanut butter..or in toast like out ja. Yummy

Katherine Valdiviezo

December 1, 202004:03 pm

I’m planning to hide it on my secret place and then eat it with toast bread, pretzels and bananas! If my husband finds it, it will be gone in two days! So no risk.

Lisa Ehren

December 1, 202004:02 pm

We love family favorite love win entered

Courtney C

December 1, 202003:46 pm

I would eat this with strawberries! Or baked into cookies. Yum!

Kim Skousen

December 1, 202003:03 pm

I would keep the jar secretly in my office drawer, and dip a small spoon whenever I'm needing an energy jolt!


December 1, 202003:00 pm

I'm going to make a breakfast pastry situation, maybe crepes! yum!


December 1, 202002:37 pm

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Can't wait to try!


December 4, 202001:48 pm

Would definitely try on toast!


December 1, 202002:32 pm

Great to eat by baking center filled cookies with these. Yum!


December 1, 202002:30 pm

I plan to eat it on my pancakes topped with strawberries and syrup!


December 1, 202002:28 pm

This would be so good on bananas and toast!

Nancy Kesler

December 1, 202002:24 pm

Just in time for the Holidays put it on waffles with fruit yum!

Amber Broughton

December 1, 202001:24 pm

Something tells me this would be great on a slice of pound cake!

Jennifer Davison

December 1, 202001:21 pm

I plan to put it on Graham crackers!


December 1, 202001:18 pm

I would eat it with delicious crisp apple slices. Yum!


December 1, 202001:14 pm

My best friend LOVES dark chocolate. I would gift this to her in her Christmas stocking or for her Birthday in January

Allison Gordon

December 1, 202012:54 pm

I would eat mine dipped on banana slices. Sounds so good!


December 1, 202012:39 pm

Spread on toast

Jennifer K

December 1, 202011:06 am

I would dip pretzels into it.


December 1, 202010:50 am

I'd love a big dollop on my morning oatmeal - yum! Thanks for this fun giveaway.

Sue Wilkins

December 1, 202010:23 am

I would eat this on toast.


December 1, 202010:23 am

I would love to try it just by itself!

Leilani Fruean

December 1, 202010:19 am

There’s only one way to eat this DELICIOUSNESS, by sharing it with friends and family! Perfect timing for our holiday family baking. Will use it in all our holiday giveaway treats to our local first responders as well as the families we sing to when we go caroling! Happy Holidays to you all @krogercrazy!!


December 1, 202010:19 am

Baked in a crescent roll.. one of the kids favorites!

Patricia Goff

December 1, 202010:18 am

I would have to bake it in something. I am not a fan of dark chocolate but I grew up with Belgian chocolate in Germany when we were stationed there (as a child and again as a wife).

Sara C

December 1, 202010:15 am

I would definitely make cookies with the LEKKCO.

Tracey Bridges

December 1, 202010:10 am

I make Christmas candy each year, some of which I dip in melted chocolate. I'd love to try this product for dipping. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jacqueline Alsobrook

December 1, 202010:09 am

I have to eat it with just a spoon and then probably spread it on graham crackers.


December 1, 202010:06 am

I would eat it on graham crackers!

Michelle Richardson

December 1, 202010:06 am

I’d use it to make dessert including hot chocolate cookies and chocolate banana bread.

Sally B

December 1, 202010:04 am

I'm going to try it as a pretzel dip!

Ashley G

December 1, 202010:01 am

I plan to try this spread on apples!

Tracy Millner

December 1, 202009:55 am

Love to try on pancakes!


December 1, 202009:55 am

I would eat it on toast!

Ann Monene

December 1, 202009:55 am

I would love to try dipping apples into the Lekkco! Sounds delicious!

Jaime Metcalf

December 1, 202009:51 am

I plan on eating it with a spoon!!

Melissa Hallam

December 1, 202009:51 am

I eat it on a spoon.

Sarah Moss

December 1, 202009:44 am

I'd love to try it in cookies.