It’s Time to Redeem Your Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus!

As a reminder, you earned this bonus by shopping at Kroger between November 18 – December 1.

  • Spend $200-$299, get 20% OFF Apparel & Home purchase
  • Spend $400 or more, get 40% OFF Apparel & Home purchase

Check the bottom of your receipt to see how much you earned. Spending total is cumulative of all your purchases during this period.

From December 10 – December 13 you can redeem your earned bonus to save BIG on Apparel & Home purchases including housewares, toys, decor and more! This is ON TOP of Kroger sale prices!! Your Savings Bonus has automatically been added to your Shopper’s Card. Maximum savings in store or with Kroger Pickup is $300! 

You can place an order through Kroger Pickup as well.  I picked mine up this morning and it was a breeze!!

Bonus MUST BE redeemed in ONE transaction. You may use it on MULTIPLE items up to $300 (after all discounts).

If you want to grab your MAXIMUM Savings, here is what you can spend in store (I did the math for you):

If you earned 20% off – you can spend $1500

If you earned 40% – you can spend $750

NOTE: This bonus cannot be redeemed on GROCERY purchases. 

We don’t have details on EVERY single item that is eligible for this bonus, so let’s share our finds, and ask & answer questions to help everyone ROCK Kroger in the next 4 days!! Here’s what we know it’s working on so far:

  • Home Decor
  • Small Appliances (example: Crockpot, Instant Pot, Hand Mixers, Coffee Makers, Electric Wine Opener, etc.)
  • Cookware, Bakeware, Pots and Pans, Flatware, Pyrex
  • Toys and Games!
  • Apparel (including shoes)


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December 15, 202002:13 pm

I never saw this promotion at the store like I normally do. I asked someone at the store who works there when it was and they said they weren't doing it this year. Now it's too late to spend my 40% off. Complete Bull Sh#t

Crystal Walton

December 15, 202008:19 am

Complete bull. I never saw my savings anywhere on my app or online. I never got the 40% off. Also, their Cash Back rewards program is complete bogus. You buy things but they never give you back the rewards. Kroger is full of crap. They don't respond to emails or answer questions on the phone. Completely worthless. Stay away. Go to Walmart or somewhere else.

Mike Zastrow

December 14, 202011:48 am

Did my Kroger Holiday Bonus shopping at a local Pick and Save. Had the 40% off to work with. 20 items all qualified. Digital Chefman 8qt Electric Multi Cooker. Reg $149.99 Wohoo $73.99 - 40% $29.60 Final $44,39 + Tax (all items taxable) Perex 8qt measuring cup with cover Final $11.99 2nd Pyrex 50% off 4qt w/lid 15x11 ($16.99-$8.50-40%) $5.09 Final Black and Decker Coffee Maker Final $17.99, Presto Fry Daddy Final $17.99, Kellie Flatware50 piece Final $28.79, 3 oversized throws Reg $19.99 - 40% $11.99 -ecpn($4.00), $7.99, -40%, $4.80 each, Pillow Pad Tablet Stand, $14.99 Final another 10 item including 4 toys (donated to Toys for Tots), 2 aprons, 2 Garland tinsel, GB packer jigsaw puzzle, 1 qt Penzoil. Spent $218 Saving $254. The Wohoo I find interesting as well as the throws(the ecpn) and the Pyrex(BOGO 50%) MY card was full otherwise I would have also grabbed a set of cookware, some isotoner gloves and slippers, and perhaps a calendar or so.

Nancy Binkley

December 13, 202011:55 am

can you use it online


December 12, 202010:32 am

Is it 40% off each item or off your total purchase?


December 12, 202009:50 am

If I did not look at my receipt can you see the discount anywhere on the Kroger site,


December 13, 202012:14 am

Yes, on the ap go to your purchases and click in show receipt, this will show your discount at the bottom.


December 11, 202006:38 pm

I’m still not sure how this work ? Do I add old items to my card and check out and it will upload on his own the 40% off ? Thanks


December 11, 202004:09 pm

Has anyone bought diapers, wipes, toiletries, etc and gotten the discount? Anything else unusual that you wouldn’t expect to get?


December 10, 202003:22 pm

Does anyone know if Lego is included in this deal?

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 11, 202006:12 am

I have purchased Legos in the past with this promo. I am planning on doing this time as well. They really should be.


December 10, 202001:58 pm

With 40% off you can spend $500 total after all sale prices are accounted for. On your receipt if it says “GM” (general merchandise) in between the item and price, the 40% off will be taken off. I was able to get the discount on kroger brand batteries. It also worked on clearance clothing!


December 11, 202009:51 am

If you spend $500 and get 40% off...that's only a savings of $200. The limit on savings is $300, so you can actually spend up to $750 after all sale prices if you have the 40% discount.

Elaina Marshall

December 10, 202001:27 pm

I did pretty well but I may scout out different stores next...I didn't know that some of them had Kitchen Aid items!

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 10, 202003:17 pm

Did you already use your discount or are you saving for the bigger store?


December 10, 202012:13 pm

Are pet food and pet toys included? What about batteries?


December 10, 202009:51 pm

Holly- Pet toys did not qualify for the discount at my store. Hope this helps!

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 10, 202003:17 pm

I hope someone can answer you on pet toys but I know batteries are included.

Rochelle (from Texas)

December 10, 202011:50 am

Thanks for the explanation! Answered my questions! Going tomorrow with my 40% off - can't wait!

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 10, 202003:16 pm

This is one of my most favorite promos! Have fun with it!


December 10, 202011:49 am

I bought $150 of Carhartt items and was able to use my 40%, 30% (found on weekly add) and they handed me a $20 Smith's GC (promotion by the Carhartt thing). It was about $40 when I was done. I also bought a Tailgate Traeger which was on sale and got the 40% off. Amazing!

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

December 10, 202003:16 pm

This is SO good. Great score!