We have a few scenarios below for you to look through on how to use your AWESOME Febreze insert coupon that is a B1G1! There is also a GREAT $3.00/2 Febreze Kroger Digital as well (*best coupon to use if your store allows)! We'll pay as low as $0.49 for these products!

*I know that many of you are finding that digital coupons aren't working with your mega sale items so I wanted to give you scenarios with and without. Watch THIS VIDEO for more details!

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Viparat S Perez

February 2, 202111:05 am

I did this deal yesterday. The $3 ecoupon came off but one didn’t get $1 off wyb 5, so I ended up pay $.99 each instead of $.49 each.


February 2, 202109:56 pm

Not sure if you read through the whole post but make sure you watch myt video (link in the post above) where I explained this.


February 2, 202104:06 pm

Recent changes are really frustrating me, especially with the MQ requiring multiple items. Kroger doesn't just take an amount off in general; it has to be attached to an item. It also won't split the amount among the multiples. So it needs to take off the $3, but Kroger policy is to not give you more than what the item costs. It also appears they apply DQ first now before the B5S5, so when it take the $299 or $3 (whichever it did for you) off of the one item, there was no cost remaining to take the $1 B5S5 off. This can be a problem now if you only get 5 items and one of them had a coupon such as this one. It would render you to only 4 qualifying items. (I had the same thing happen with Pringles mega this week; $1 DQ WYB4 - It took the $1 DQ off of one at the $1.99 price first, leaving it at 99¢, so it could not take off the $1 for B5S5. The $1 B5S5 came off the other three. Basically it was a waste of a coupon.)