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Do Kroger Digital Coupons work with Kroger Mega Events?

If you have been having issues with Kroger Digital Coupons not working with Kroger Mega Event items, please watch this video.

Some of us are experiencing a change in the way Kroger Digital Coupons attach to items. I explain more in the video, but basically if a coupon value is greater than the item, it will not give you the mega savings on that item. For example, if an item is $0.99 and there’s a Digital Coupon for $1.00/4, it wants to attach to just the FIRST item. Because $1 is greater than $0.99, the coupon DOES work but the mega savings won’t come off that one item because the system reads it as dipping below zero.

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Please note that this change is for SOME regions only. Please let us know what Kroger region you are and what you’ve experienced.

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August 22, 202112:02 am

Indy area here. This happened to me again this week (last time was Pringles and toothpaste). Kellogg's cereal, $1.79 with mega event, had coupon for $1 off 2 boxes. App says coupon was used but I still paid $1.79 for both boxes and had 11 mega event items. I miss the days where both applied. Is there a way to fix?


August 22, 202112:11 am

May I also add that the coupon and mega event were both listed on receipt bit price was still $1.79. The coupon is now in my "used" coupon section even though it wasn't applied. ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️


February 5, 202103:57 pm

Happened to me last week in the Nashville, TN market. Bought 2 boxes of Cheerios which had a mega event price of $1.49 each, plus I had a digital coupon of $1.50 off 2 boxes of Cheerios. My net price should have been $1.48 for both boxes (1.49 + 1.49 - 1.50). However, my net price turned out to be $2.48 (2.49 + 1.49 - 1.50). That makes me feel as though I was ripped off. I followed their rules for buying 5 or more items, yet I was denied getting the $1.00 off for one of those items just because I used a digital coupon. Kroger needs to update their coupon policy on their website if this is how the Mega Events work with coupons. It previously didn't work this way in Nashville area.


February 5, 202101:16 pm

I live in Omaha Nebraska and it happened to me on the Febreeze Sprays and the Kotex pads. The mega event savings weren't taken off each one. This has happened to me before and I was always refunded the money. This time, I spoke to an Assistant Manager who wouldn't refund me the money. She said a coupon cant be applied to an item that was less than the price of the item.


February 3, 202111:39 am

I knew I wasn't crazy I could not figure out what was going on. I got ripped on 5 bucks on pringles and the bic razors. Haven't couponed in a while and will probably be done now after this!


February 3, 202108:24 am

I work for Kroger in Indianapolis and Ive been having the same issues. I took it to customer service which I used to work for as well, and they told me because one of the coupons already made it 99 cents, it negated the mega event savings. It was on the Bic soleil razors, the pringles, and the toothpaste. I had to get my money back but they werent sure why it was doing that. They are giving me a hard time about it which makes me angry. So should we just contact customer care from now on? Has anyone else contacted them and had it fixed? Just curious cause I am tired of having to go to the service desk for them to argue with me about a glitch that has always worked previously..

melanie keck

February 2, 202103:02 pm

I am in the west. Our receipts have changed in the last couple of weeks. they do not look the same and its becoming hard to tell if all the discounts have applied. (I always check over my receipts before I leave the store and am finding it hard to be sure) Another thing: I have heard from a helpful employee that if you are using a kroger app on your phone, if you have the employee scan the bar code associated with your card from your phone you have better luck with all the digital coupons than if you just use your number attached to your card. I have found that this trick works to ensure I am not missing as many digital coupons. Ps. to find the bar code for my card I looked in my app on the right hand side and clicked the three stacked up lines (more) button. about halfway down the page I see " my fresh values reward card". Click on it and it shows you the barcode you can scan from your phone.

Stella D Montoya

February 2, 202111:59 am

Happened to me in Albuquerque NM on the Bic Soleil razors and the Febreze. They did give me my $1 back for each iteme with no hassles. Hope this gets fixed soon to avoid having to go to the service desk each time.


February 2, 202110:47 am

Lancaster, Ohio Receipt has changed. :( Asked at service desk while getting the $1 I didn't get from the pringles and was told no it's the same. Funny that we all know it totally has.


February 1, 202110:38 pm

I live in Las Vegas NV. I had this happen the last buy5save5 sale with the Colgate, Crest, Friskies, Frito-Lay, etc. It varies sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When I noticed it the first time I called corporate and was told that they can not take coupons on Mega items it is either one or the other. Which I questioned and asked for her supervisor and she said the same thing. I looked at there coupon policy and it doesn't state that anywhere.

Janet Wong

February 2, 202110:06 pm

That's kind of shady on their part. Also, I feel like this happening is going to become the norm.

Janet Wong

February 1, 202109:37 pm

I knew that was happening already, but this has also happened with that $0.49 Suave Shampoo deal that was posted for this week. Our self checkout monitor was confused too and asked someone else, and they said mega savings and digital coupons can no longer be combined. Also, the shampoo didn't have overage. It still cost $0.49.

Vicki Perez

February 1, 202109:29 pm

Now I know. It happened to me today and I’m in Vegas.


February 1, 202109:11 pm

I've been having the same problem here in southcentral Indiana at Kroger and JayC our Kroger affiliate. A few months ago, I had a digital for $5/2 on items (toothpaste, I think) that were $2.99 after the mega sale, but it didn't take the $1 for the mega sale off of 1 of the items, even though they still weren't free. I went to the service desk and she gave me the $1 back. Even the ad showed the deal, but it didn't work. And I tried the Bic razor deal Saturday, but was still charged $0.99. I'm not going to be using digital coupons with the mega sale until they change this. They'll just lose out on selling those items.


February 1, 202108:51 pm

I am in the metro Atlanta area and this has been happening for the past year. I noticed when I used a coupon that made the item free it would cancel out the mega sale for that item. But it wouldn't do it every time. Sometimes the coupon and mega sale would apply. There was no rhyme or reason so I couldn't figure out why it would work sometimes and why it wouldn't work other times.

Natalia Johnson

February 1, 202108:34 pm

I'm in Dallas Texas and I had the same problem at Kroger this morning but with the febreze they're a $1.99 with the buy five say five and I tried to combine both dig coup $3 off of two for the small spaces and the air and the digital coupon would come off but not the mega event!! My transaction was two febreze air two small spaces and one suave men's. The cashiers had no idea what happened and I just asked them to avoid the transaction not happy with Kroger at all!!!


February 1, 202108:06 pm

I live in the Delta region. I have the new receipts. On the Bic Soleil razors it did not take off the mega discount when I used the $4 digital coupon. I also did not receive the 3x weekend fuel points. I did contact Kroger and they gave me the points. Thanks for all you do!


February 2, 202110:12 am

I had 31 mega items but only 27 came off Girl tried to tell me it had to be in 5’s!! Her manager gave me the additional 4 off. But they couldn’t figure out the gas points. I got 4 on gift cards, but neither Friday or Saturday got the 3x fuel points.


February 1, 202106:39 pm

Hi, I am in the SE region (Atlanta) and the Pringles worked fine - $1 eCpn off 1st can and also $1 Mega off 1st can, then $1 eCpn off next 3 cans. BTW, I have been racking up on the Bud Light Seltzers 12pk Variety & Remix - On sale $13.99, then $6 Kroger Cash Back 5x, then $1 Ibotta 3x = $6.99. They keep renewing & I have about 15 - 12pks in the garage right now.

Maria Cisco

February 1, 202105:35 pm

I am in Indianapolis, IN. My receipt looks like Columbus/Great Lakes. As you explained, the Pringles "savings" on my receipt was not what I expected from years past. Additionally, the BIC Solis razors that normally would have been FREE, ended up being $0.99. The Mega Event $1 off not applied so the item was $0.99. The Sauve Men's Shampoo and Sauve Kid's Shampoo deal did not work for one of the items when I bought 2, one with a Kroger Digital coupon and one with a paper coupon. I am noticing when I buy 2 of the same item during the MEGA event and use 1 Kroger Digital Coupon for 1 and one paper coupon for the 2nd, I only receive 1 MEGA event dollar off instead of $1+$1.


February 1, 202103:42 pm

Here in michigan this happens all the time. Anytime u have coupons like $4 off 2 toothpaste. When the tooth paste is 1.99 on the mega event or even 2.49 . They dont give u the mega event price. Charge u regular price on one item and mega price on the second item with the coupon.


February 1, 202103:31 pm

In Wichita, KS (Dillons) the receipts have changed to resemble the Great Lakes area receipt shown above, and this scenario of coupons not coming off correctly has been happening for a couple of months. When I asked at customer service they blame it on COVID. Huh??? I guess the computers got the virus.


February 1, 202103:14 pm

Im in midsouth region (knoxville, tn), and my coupons havent come off for about 2 years. Basically, if the digital drops the price of an item below $1, then the mega wont come off on that one item that the digital attached to. Its that way in the scenario you described like $1/2, $1/4, etc. But also its that way off $1/1 also. For example, the digital coupon brings an item to 99¢, the mega wont work. Previously like prior to 3 years ago, it worked and just gave 1¢ overage, and would give a huge error if your subtotal was 0.00, (if people were just buying the freebies), so you had to grab another item to cancel out overage for it to not error out. I guess they got sick of the ones who didn't grab an extra item to cancel out the overage, because it would stall the registers till someone cleared the error out. They had to call a supervisor when it happened and everyone waiting in line would be pissed off. It happened once for me, and after that, i knew to grab another item so that wouldn't happen, but eventually they made it like it is now, that it just wont take $1 off if the price after coupon is less than $1, even when its not a free item, because the coupon attaches $1 off one item rather than 25¢ off each. So if the item is $1.99 and you have $1 dig q, and $1 for the mega, it wont/cant take $2 off of $1.99, so it will just take the $1 dig q and no $1 for the mega.


February 1, 202103:02 pm

I try to use printable coupons first - especially during the first week of a Mega Sale. I find that digitals seem to be hit/miss the first week of a Mega. However, they tend to apply in the second week. My guess is that enough people complain in the first week that corrections are made in the system. I will note, however, that the system didn't accept my $1/4 printed Pringles coupon last week. However, the Kroger employee overrode the system for me and applied the coupon.

Rena Ball

February 1, 202109:06 pm

I had that problem with $1 off Suave lotion coupons from the Unilver coupon insert too on Saturday, even though it wouldn't make the item free. The guy at the self-checkout put them through though. I've tried to use paper coupons instead with the mega sale too.


February 1, 202102:49 pm

This has been happening in the N KY area for months!

Penny Noyes

February 1, 202102:45 pm

I’m in Maumelle AR, Little Rock AR area. My register receipts last couple weeks so confusing. It list the e-coupon to the left sometimes and the far right others. Sometimes my e-coupons don’t work at all. The Febreze air freshener rings up incorrectly $2.99 for the “Ocean” scent and $1.99, the right price for others. Hard to figure out if I’m getting the mega deal on others. Ugh....


February 1, 202102:43 pm

I am in The Houston area. Bought the Bic disposable razor. Did not get the mega price. It took the $4 off the non sale price of $4.99.


February 1, 202101:54 pm

I'm in the Louisville region and had this happen on one of the chip deals. Not a Mega sale, but one of the Buy 3 for $1.99 chip/pretzel deals. I got the 3 and then had a coupon for $1 off 2 Snyder's. The coupon caused it to only take the appropriate amount off of 1 of the pretzels and then the other two only had the coupon applied. Hope that makes sense.


February 1, 202110:42 pm

That happened to me to with Ruffles and Tostitos. I lost out on like $2.00

Ann Murrell

February 1, 202101:53 pm

How do I use the coupons do I have to print them