I hope you have a trip planned to Kroger today. If not, this may make you want to go. We just got a $4.29 Ibotta Rebate for Sabra Hummus that is on sale for ONLY $3.00 at Kroger. That means you'll be one for FREE plus make $1.29. HURRY though because it's a short-lived rebate!!

Thanks, Jan!

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May 8, 202112:05 pm

I saw it in my account yesterday, it did not have an "expiration time" on it. By the time I got off of work a couple of hours later it was gone and it was now for only .50 off. Its not the first time Ibotta has pulled this kind of stunt. Not sure if this is do to Ibotta or Sabra but people should complain to both. I know it'll be a while before I buy Sabra again.


May 8, 202110:50 am

I’m not sure if I understand this but I’ll try


May 8, 202106:15 am



May 7, 202108:59 pm

Well, I checked at 3:00 today and it was not there! It's really aggravating to be told that some have it and some don't. I spend plenty for Ibotta.


May 8, 202102:07 pm

Annette, I am sure with all you spend for ibotta, you must already know the drill. Not everybody has the same offers. Many (or all) offers have a limit, and once that limit is reached, the deal ends. The better the deal, especially moneymakers of over $1 often go quickly. This was posted on numerous deal sites and ibotta forums early in the morning, so I am actually surprised it lasted as log as it did. I am okay missing out on this. I would much some lucky people rather get $1.29 moneymaker than everybody get a quarter or 50¢.


May 8, 202108:15 am

I was able to get this one, but lots of times there are offers for new products that aren't in my area or are sold out. It's disappointing, sure, but it's good to keep it in perspective and not let missing out on 10 ounces of bean dip ruin my mood. I've stood in lines to get food in the Soviet Union in the 80's, and been in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina when the stores were just closed. We forget sometimes how lucky we are to live in a time and place where we can go to a store and the things we need are available. I remind myself not to take that for granted if I miss out on a deal (or I'm in a checkout lane that takes ten minutes).


May 8, 202101:54 pm

That doesn't mean people shouldn't hold a company accountable when it is wrong. This is easy enough for Ibotta to fix. Remove the $4.29 coupon once a set number of users clicked it. Don't act like a crook by taking it off someone's list after he/she has already clicked it or changing the dollar amount when the $4.29 one is already on someone's list.


May 8, 202108:32 pm

Mary, we all know deals sometimes end early. This is a rebate. ibotta Rebates are post-purchase. Coupons are at purchase. Loading an ibotta rebate is more similar to adding something to your cart. You intend to buy it, but you haven't yet. While it languishes in that 'cart', the inventory (threshold limit of offers) could empty. If you actually scanned the item in-store and it matched, and you got home and attempted to redeem it, they pretty much always pay you. This is precisely why the #1 rule with ibotta is 'always scan at the store to ensure availability and match'. If you really get fed up with ibotta, you could exclusively use FETCH and you can get a guarantee of $0.025 per receipt. I also missed this, but I have earned thousands of dollars using ibotta, so I try to think of all the savings they have given, and not the one that got away.


May 23, 202112:31 am

Using ibotta has provided more gains than losses over time but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. And yes, I have read about people loading the coupons right at the stores and those coupons disappeared after checkout. Odds are low for that to happen but ibotta can get rid of that from happening entirely.


May 9, 202101:27 pm

Well said. I'm thankful for all the great Ibotta offers that I've been able to redeem, and I'm happy for those that have been successful in getting the ones I've missed.


May 8, 202101:23 pm

you are so very right about how blessed :) we are in this country! we shouldn't sweat the small stuff nor take it for granted. :)


May 8, 202112:59 pm

This is so true! Thanks for taking the time to remind us how blessed we are.


May 7, 202108:58 pm

Well, not all Ibotta accounts have Sabra for $4. I have a $1 off coupon. Wow, that's really annoying!

Christine Palmer

May 7, 202107:20 pm

I only find a .50 Ibotta rebate.


May 7, 202107:33 pm

It ended around 3 or 4 PM Eastern time


May 7, 202107:36 pm

Oops! Hit enter accidentally. I checked around 3:40 PM and when I clicked on the banner it took me to a blank screen. When I searched, it also gave me the 50¢.